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Michael Johnson
Fightin' Texas Aggie Technophile and Cosmophile...
Fightin' Texas Aggie Technophile and Cosmophile...

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Kinda cool

+Christine Johnson​

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Chrome extension doesn't work for me. Diagnostic tests give me errors shown in this image. I've tried everything mentioned in the FAQ to no avail. Anyone have any other ideas?

All the other tests are succeeding, and all tests pass when I run the diagnostic tests in the app on my phone.

Best alternative dev conference to Google I/O for a Java/Web/Android developer (in the U.S.)?

My employer is allowing me to attend one major dev conference this year. Since I've been unable to obtain a ticket to Google I/O for 5 years in a row now, I'm looking for the "next best thing". I'd like to find a conference with similar (open source and/or Google technology) discussions.

So far, I've been comparing Oracle's JavaOne and OpenWorld, Qcon SF, O'Reilly's OSCon, and a couple of others.

Anyone here have any experience with any of those or others they'd recommend?

Any chance the "disable fullscreen keyboard" setting could be made optional (in PureNexus Settings)? Having it forced disabled apparently prevents functionality within some apps, like the autofill feature for Enpass Password Manager.

Been awhile since I checked in here, but damn, Ags, we've got ourselves a basketball team this season!!!

Also, we should recruit more Aggies from TexAgs to this community. The staff moderation over there is getting out of hand. No one is allowed to say anything negative about our football program or give out any insider info without getting the hammer... 

Staff is banning people left and right on TexAgs. Anyone else following all the Rojo / Spavital / Spurrier / Sumlin drama over there? Seems like something (not quite sure what) is expected to happen today.

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Great example of why Jeff Bezos' "congratulatory" tweet to Elon Musk was extremely douchey
Blue Origin vs SpaceX trajectory and engine burns for their launch and landing. Both awesome feats, but what the Falcon 9 did is amazing.


Need some help. I have a 7.2ch receiver that I would like to use with a soundbar in front for front L/R/M, and then satellite speakers for the other 4 channels (and a separate sub, of course). But I can't seem to find a decent soundbar that simply takes 3 speaker wire channels like that. They all seem to be self-powered, take RCA/optical/aux/hdmi, control their own volume and inputs, etc. Am I just not looking in the right place?

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Hey gang! Since a lot of you have asked...I’m going to sign the shirts for 10 of you who buy in the next 24 hours (or have already done so). Because it’s Black Friday, they are 15% off today! :-)
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