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Online real-time, all the time.
Online real-time, all the time.

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+Patricia Fletcher Happy Birthday! I hope you do something fun.

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See what's new with Storage Operations Manager from #HP Discover 2015 Las Vegas #ITOps

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Expert days with HP makes experts available to answer questions over a 24 hour period. You are pretty much assured you'll get responded too quickly.

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It is amazing how economic impact works.

Study: Facebook's economic impact was $227B last year 
Facebook had a $227 billion economic impact and created 4.5 million jobs worldwide last year, according to a Facebook-backed study by Deloitte & Touche. The study included in its count businesses with Facebook pages and mobile-application developers with apps or games on the social network. The Age (Melbourne, Australia)/Reuters (1/20)

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Why I wish I were SnapChat...
The recently reported $750,000 minimum investment for a one-day advertising push on Snapchat illustrates that social media advertising is set to command bigger portions of brand budgets

I'm working on social media for webinars B2B software. How many days prior to the webinar do you do blog posts and tweets?

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Marketers are in the midst of an arms race, and content is the ammunition of choice. But according to our latest research, brand-generated content is performing worse than ever before.

This is a pretty good report, which mostly shows less posting is more except in a few categories.
In our new report, The Content Marketing Paradox: Is More Content Really Better?, we analyzed 13 million pieces of content from 8,800 brands over 24 months. This led to some remarkable findings on:

Why brand-generated content is earning such low engagement
The best ways to overhaul ineffective content strategies
Why a few brands are getting the most ROI from their content with the least effort
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