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Hook. Line. Sinker. Excellent post. Must read whether you are a fan, player, or ignoramus. I actually almost stood up from my office chair and exclaimed, "Hallelujah!"

Time for the obtuse views of soccer to end. Start understanding the game instead of opening your mouth.

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The following is a guest post from my good friend and soccer mentor/guru, Matt Robertiello. Matt is an accountant living in Brooklyn, NY who had the pleasure of spending two years as my roommate in Ph...
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Thanks Michael! The reason I encouraged Matt to get this post out is because this wasn't an issue of the author not enjoying soccer or even not understanding was just shameless slander and wasn't supported by anything. I'm glad we've got more people that can help make sure this narrow-minded view changes and get more people involved in the world's sport!
No problem +Brett Snyder.

I would love for this article, and hopefully part 2, to be shared and read as much as possible. Your friend is "dead-on" with completely "de-bunking" the narrow minds that so many people share.

Glad we share more than SEO as a commonality. :-)
I took the WSJ article as a tongue-in-cheek play on the topic by a Soccer Dad. Outrage is a waste OT time. Gloating is more fun! As Grant Wahl noted on Twitter today, two friends in NYC couldn't find a bar to watch NBA playoffs, only Chelsea v Bayern
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