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Michael J Hacking (Lifegiant)
500,000Viewers,'One Defining Moment', find out more..
500,000Viewers,'One Defining Moment', find out more..

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View to a New City Line. As MGM continues its construction of the Casino in Springfield, Mass, I utilized a now closed walk over bridge gate, to 'frame' the Citys tallest buildings, at least for now.
#CitySkyLine, #CasinoSpringfield, #Abstract, #Viewpoints, #Nikon,#Nikonphotography

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Bird photography is always one of the most difficult styles in the business. From just perfectly tack sharp, near perfect shots, to capturing that 1 unique pose, with some luck. This is maybe a combo of both, in any event, you view more great images on Nikon's Image Space, where enthusiasts, up and comers, and top rated Pro photographers display their photos. Nikon, I AM A CREATIVE, MichaelJHacking, ' Lifegiant', Nikon ProUser since 1989.

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Pilot's Portrait at Sunset with Profoto B1| Joe McNally Photo

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Great stuff
Leave room for wonder. (🙌🏼 Sara 🍑y)

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Living in a City, and my Studio surrounded by Commercial Buildings, (requiring numerous extra power, cable, etc, lines overhead), early on I began to feel like I had no opportunity, until I was back out on the road.
1000's of incredible cloud formations with bright sun beams slicing through, sunrises, SO MANY Moon Phases on the Horizon filling my viewfinder.....along with intrusive poles, wires, or heat Stacks, I was nearly ready to give up on attempting, 'spontaneous' photography. That was @ 2007 at this point, and believe me I was discouraged.
The story attached is great, and it is very similar to the breakthrough I also had, allowing me to embrace my surroundings and incredibly draw inspiration for my Documentary Film,(in production). My story is a bit more in depth, so I'll share that separately, but ultimately I learned nearly a Decade Ago one of the best lessons I think every photographer should embrace; 'A Photographer takes photos, An Artist MAKES photos', I think you get the idea.....enjoy! Lifegiant©2000-2016
#PhotoInspiration, #Photofocus, #BeBetter, #Lifegiant, #Topshooter701

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Skylines in South Carolina. I was just there covering UMass vs SC Football and had a chance to walk around downtown. The Architecture and Building Uniquity is stunning, and so then, ya go!! #Lifegiant,#Architecture, #Buildings, #SreetPhotogrphy, #topshooter701

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Good Workflow is a photographers most essential tool to efficient, secure, safe, image saving, indexing, editing, archiving. So the 1st and most essential, absolutely most important part of that process is cataloging. The entire multi step process, that is 'workflow' is the overall total key to true professional, image processing. So here are some excellent ways of the workflow, maybe you'll see a better or less tasking path within this video. Enjoy.
#workflow, #lightroom, #photographytips, #imagecataloging

Lightroom Organization & Workflow: Our Two Recommended Catalog Workflows

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The Rolling Stones covered Wild Horses, I've always enjoyed the version by, "TheSundays"

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I'm nearly inactive as I am battling a rare auto immune disease. I've undergone 5 hand surgeries as such gripping my equip., is impossible. My commitment to Animal rights Activism, is still my main philanthropy, be it sifting my image banks, archives, or iphoneography.
So here are a few hopefully enjoyable images, Peace, Cheers, and Help stop animal abuse/neglect. Lifegiant
#LazyDays, #DarkHorse, #NoNoImListening, #NotABully
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To not read this article would truly be a lost opportunity. To miss out on one of the World's most incredible Artisans, IMVHO, and her paintings would be a shame. In a time when true, deep inspiration is a hard sought commodity, 1 Artist and her work are an absolute goldmine. Please enjoy!!! #IncredibleArt, #Lifegiant

Self-Taught Artist Creates Mind-Blowingly Realistic Portraits of Wildlife | Oddity Central - Collecting Oddities
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