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If you think the U.S. House of Representatives is polarized, here's the data to prove it. Lots of good stuff in the article, and in the study the article is reporting on, but if you're just going to look at the picture, the grey lines represent bipartisan action--a Republican voting in agreement with a Democrat, or vice versa.

Note that up until Reagan (1981-1989), there actually was quite a lot of cooperation. During Reagan's administration, there was still cooperation, but it faded, and starting with George H.W. Bush, there has been essentially no cooperation except in some years by one or two representatives.
Here's our guest post with The Centrist Project, a great ally and a group you should check out.
Incentives in the primary are a problem we’re already aware of. Candidates have to “run to the extremes” to pick up the hard-core base that votes reliably, donates lots of money, and is highly socially influential. If we look at who’s surgeing in the presidential primaries right now, it’s no surprise. So primaries bias the general election to have more extreme candidates. As voters flee the increasingly-polarized parties to be Independents, the m...
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Which ones? Some are the "Blue Dog" Democrats. Most of them have now lost to Republicans, despite their voting with Republicans.
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Statistical Rain
Today is, statistically, the rainiest day of the year in Seattle. So far this month, we've had more than double the usual amount of rainfall. And yet, it's a cool but very sunny day.

Image: "Here comes rain again" by Juni from Kyoto, Japan - Flickr. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons -
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Jay Add
At the airport but it is a beautiful day.
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Oh, I didn't do anything to mark my Ingress anniversary today. Oh well. :(
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+Michael J. Coffey Most likely the same bastard that gets them to re-add the nodes.
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These must be popular. I think I've run into several people wearing them already...
A Commercial Parody for Alternative Viewpoint-Cancelling Headphones
A commercial parody by We The Internet offers Alternative Viewpoint-Cancelling Headphones for anyone who wants to drown out the opinions of people they don’t agree with. via reddit
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I need a pair. You can get me this for Christmas the December Holiday.
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Hmmm.  It seems the new Google+ redesign removes "Events," "Hangouts," and "Pages" the left hand menu.  I suppose that's fine since you can get to Hangouts at, and you can get to your pages through the identity switcher at the top-right.  Not sure about events.

On the plus side, there's an option for reverting back to a one-column format as default, something I always liked from the early days.  

Also note that if you want to read circle-only streams, you'll have to turn that on in your settings as well.

Finally, if you haven't gotten the new format, you can turn it on by doing the following (quoting +Alejandro Patrone):

To give it a try now go do this: "In Settings, under Manage other apps & activity, click "Manage Google+ activity". Then click on the search bar."
Introducing a fully redesigned Google+ that puts Communities and Collections front and center

This is big. HUGE. The biggest change Google+ has gone through yet.

Now focused around interests (Communities and Collections), the new Google+ is much simpler.

The new Google+ also makes it easier to post, search, connect, and keep up with great content in a fully redesigned home stream. 

You can preview the new Google+ on the web today by signing in and clicking “Let’s go” when you see the prompt. (And since not every feature of Google+ has made its way into this new design, for now, you can toggle back to the classic Google+ with one click in the bottom left-hand corner.) In the coming days, Google’ll roll out updated apps for Android and iOS. 

Personally, haven't seen the new G+ yet. Have you?

Google announcement:


More marketing news:
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Yeah, I think some choke point is getting overwhelmed.  I was just discussing with someone that I could see a particular post by him as my personal profile, but that same public post was invisible to my business page.  I thought it was because the page was in the new format and my profile was set to the old, and the post was "public" but not in a collection (therefore hidden by the collection-centric new design).  Unfortunately, he pointed out that it was indeed in a collection.  So who knows?  It'll settle down in the next few days I'm sure.
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Those poor, poor bog dolphins.

(I have to say, though, I'm torn between just laughing at this, and trying to push it even further...)
A friend of mine shared this on Facebook, and several of his friends actually needed to ask if it was real or not.

We're basically doomed. Facebook has just made us more aware of the fact.
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I hope those cranberry farmers aren't doing this on porpoise.

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My great-grandfather, a Washington State senator at his seat in the chamber, discussing something with his daughter, serving as head page. This is probably the 1941 session.

#throwbackthursdays #genealogy 
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Hey we have something in common. My father was a Louisiana state senator!
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This is my life the last two days...figuring this stuff out...
OMG! What Happened To My Social Media? It Isn't Working Like It Used To!
You've just logged into your favorite social site, and now it's different. "Where did the button for X go?" "Hey, that doesn't take me to Y any more!" "What happened to the Z feature?" The panic begins to rise. You start thinking back to whether you did anything different to cause this problem. "Did I click on something I wasn't supposed to by accident?"

Relax! Social media sites change. Sometimes it's a tiny thing, and sometimes it's a big thing. Sometimes you get notification that a change is coming, and other times you don't. That's just how it is.

But take this moment to savor the opportunity...

Full article:

#smallbusiness #socialmedia
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I agree, +Jaye Sudar​. I'm sure things will get tightened up as time goes on.
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Luftpost! Deutsche Post! Always fun to get international mail, eh, +Clansi Rogers​?
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I was so thrown by the handwriting for a minute, then remembered I sent it to the post office with +Lachlan Rogers to address and send.
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My favorite fictional character:  Sherlock Holmes

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In the world of the Clifton Strengths Finder, my signature themes are:
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The purpose of my life is to think, teach, question assumptions, learn, and play.

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I've come here a number of times and recommend the combination--tibs, the spicy lentils, and whatever other vegetable strikes your fancy. It seems like a little hole in the wall, but the owners are very friendly, and it feels almost like they're feeding you at their kitchen table. (Plus, they have a range of spices, packages of injera, and other interesting items for sale to live up to the "grocery" part of the name.)
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Floating Leaves is perhaps the best place in the U.S. to find top-notch Taiwan wulong teas. The owner cultivates relationships with tea farmers and experts throughout Taiwan, and regularly has competition-winning teas available. However, even beginning tea drinkers are welcome to come in and learn about what makes each tea special... often by sitting around the tea table with regulars and discussing different samples.
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