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The Human Brain
And its infuriating paradoxes

This had me cackling maniacally.  I can identify with every single one of these scenarios.  Clearly our brains must be a nefarious invention of cruel and unusual punishment by some sinister and malevolent alien.

Via +Ulimmeh-Hannibal Ezekiel 
Our brain is a scumbag lol
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I am lucky in that I don't suffer from chapped lips very often; my wife on the other hand ... and one of my kids.  I think it might actually be related to the fact that they are quite allergic to both animals and grass.  I've never caught them rubbing their faces in the lawn, but maybe this is something I should watch out for ... ;)
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Michael Ireland

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Happy anniversary, +Tyler Palmer ! Say hi to Debbie for us :D
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Thank you!
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Michael Ireland

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Haha. This sounds like wisdom.

For my daughter +*****
For +Susan Lewis 
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Michael Ireland

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The Avro Canada CF-105 Arrow Mk 1
One of the leanest, meanest flying machines to grace the sky

To this day, it would give modern jets a run for their money in many categories!  It really was a true marvel in every sense of the word.

Most Canadians are at least superficially aware of Avro Arrow, but the rest of the world is probably unfamiliar with the mysterious demise of the program that developed one of the most technologically advanced jets to ever fly.  The fact is that the Avro Arrow annihilated the competition from every corner of the globe in almost every category.  It was faster, it was more nimble, it had more armament capability, longer range, faster take-off, and so on.  It was so amazing (and this isn't just "blowing smoke" as-it-were) that it was poised to revolutionize all aspects of air superiority.

But some political event shut it down.  The planes were fully proven, there were functioning models.  They were already a reality.  _Something_ rather mysterious occurred, whether it was government pressure from more powerful entities, or economic pressure from more powerful entities, who knows.  

On the upside, nearly all of the brilliant minds that were working on the project went on to work for other prominent aerospace organizations (including NASA), and they took their genius with them.  In the end, we've probably seen all of those technological advancements spread wide and far in the industry.  But I will always wonder ... what if it was never shut down?

The image below is a screenshot of the specifications taken from wikipedia here:

For those who would like more info, there is an amazing documentary/movie about it:

Full movie on YouTube: 
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+Michael Ireland
Well, Michael Ireland, Avro Canada had walked away from a top-secret aircraft program and the Canadian military then moved in to secure the facility. At some point an Orenda Iroquois engine and two Arrow ejection seats made their way to the U.K. but our military made sure that most everything else was destroyed. The orders came from Air Marshal Hugh Campbell, Chief of the Air Staff. That part isn't a mystery.
Most online sources regarding the Arrow program are inaccurate but there is some stuff that seems to agree with primary sources pretty well. See

Diefenbaker's comment about notice being given "last September" is only referring to official notice given by his goverment. Crawford Gordon, at the least, should have known about the coming cancellation long before September '58.

From the Montreal Star 23 October 1963, "Gen. Charles Foulkes, chairman of the chiefs of staff committee from 1951 to 1960, testified yesterday that the Liberal Government of Prime Minister St. Laurent decided in 1957 it would cancel the Arrow interceptor program as soon as it was returned to power in that year’s election."
Seeing as Crawford Gordon had been one of C.D. Howe's "dollar-a-year men" during WWII it is hard to imagine that he did not know about the Liberal Government's decision to cancel the Arrow in '57. Whether Gordon told Sir Roy Dobson about it is another matter and something we may never know for sure. That part really is a mystery.

The biggest mystery of all, however, is why succesive Canadian governments, liberal and conservative alike, have spent millions of our tax dollars promoting liberal fantasies as part of our "heritage". That doesn't seem right.
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Michael Ireland

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Childhood Memories
And now I get to teach my kids how to do this!

Seriously, mixing water colour paints (especially brown, olive, orange and yellow ochre with just a touch of purple and tan) is more than just an art ... it's a skill.  And oh boy do I ever have mad skillz.
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So love doing that stuff, yep
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Michael Ireland

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Postcards From the Sargasso Sea
By Rochelle Ireland

So I was recently yacking here on G+ with the always-awesome +Gizmo Sane about music and whatnot, and it reminded me of a really cool track my wife +Rochelle Ireland wrote around a simple descending bass line that I played with panache on an old classical guitar.  Uh, yeah, that's me in the awesome black socks.

The story here is that I don't know how to play the guitar.  I really don't.  I understand much of the math behind it, though, and I was explaining a basic scale on the bottm E string to Rochelle one evening (a few weeks before this vid was filmed) when she was spontaneously inspired as she is wont to do on occasion.  She just had me play it over and over, with a little bit of swing.  The resulting song is really quite something (my contribution notwithstanding).  I don't have the lyrics handy, but they're pretty easy to hear.

Postcards Feb 1 2012.mkv

Technical info:  

· Video recorded with an HTC Amaze cell phone propped up with scissor clamps on a chair standing on a table.
· Audio recorded with an H2 Zoom which was positioned below the camera in 2-channel stereo.  The ambiance you hear is purely the acoustics of our living room (vaulted ceilings and hard floors).
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Thanks +Gord Wait!  Rochelle has so many different genres, she really is super talented.
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Michael Ireland

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This really doesn't need any commentary from me.  These guys are bringing space exploration to the forefront of popular media again, and it's a happy sight :D
SpaceX-3 Dragon Cargo Ship Arrives at International Space Station 
The SpaceX Dragon cargo craft arrived at the International Space Station April 20, 2014 delivering almost 5,000 pounds of scientific experiments and supplies for the Expedition 39 crew. Dragon was launched atop the commercial company's Falcon 9 rocket April 18, 2014 from Space Launch Complex 40 at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Fla., on the third commercial resupply mission to the station for SpaceX.

After a two-day rendezvous to catch up to the orbital laboratory, Dragon was grappled by Expedition 39 Commander Koichi Wakata of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency and NASA Flight Engineer Rick Mastracchio and berthed to the Earth-facing port of the Harmony module using the station's Canadian-built robot Canadarm2, where it will remain until it departs the outpost on May 18, 2014 for a parachute-assisted return to Earth and a splashdown in the Pacific west of Baja, California.

+NASA's Kennedy Space Center 
+Johnson Space Center 
+Canadian Space Agency 
+Elon Musk 
+The Elon Musk Fan Club 
+Elon Musk My Hero 

#NASA #SpaceX #Space #Dragon #Spacecraft #Docking #ISS #International #CRS3 #Canadarm2 #Robotic #Commercial #Cargo #Astronaut #KoichiWakata #RickMastracchio #Flight #Engineer #Harmony #Spacesuit #Robonaut2 #Experiments #Science #Laboratory #Human #Exploration #Falcon #Rocket #CapeCanaveral #AirForce #Florida #JAXA
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He really is the right man for enabling missions to the International Space Station, too:  He's international himself!  A whole lot South African, a sprinkling of Canadian, and more recently American.  And who knows what his ancestry is!  Hehe :D
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Michael Ireland

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Heads Up, Cold Lake Alberta!
You might want to get your tickets early!

I can't believe #BCLive is coming to your fair city! Pretty awesome, no question.
Burton Cummings Live at Cold Lake Energy Centre on July 19, 2014.

Tickets: #BCLIVE  
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Michael Ireland

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My wife explains it pretty well.  We love our children dearly, but they really have to learn how to take the Garbage OUT.  I might have to start calling them "Sarah Cynthia Silvia Stout".
Garbage Take-out Fail
Publicly Shaming My Children

+Aislinn Ireland had a lot of garbage in her room. She needed to get rid of it. The picture of the garbage sitting by the toilet is where I found it. Apparently this is Aislnn's idea of "taking out the garbage". So, I asked +Torin Ireland to take out the garbage. It made it all the way to the back door. And that's where it stopped. It appears that the garbage doesn't like to get cold and keeps coming back inside. ;)
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Haha, yep. We are pretty flexible in our house with who does what, but usually I expect that when we ask for a task to be completed, it gets completed. the laziness of teenagers knows no bounds ...
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It really is amazing

I'd also like to add that job interviews might qualify as exams, because I am fairly certain I am not the only one who suddenly feels about as smart as a bag of hammers when asked, "can you tell us about a time when you were personally challenged by a co-worker?"


#brain   #truth   #examssuck  
The Human Brain
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This is true. The brain keeps working, but in warped speed...
You can add to the list "When a cop pulls you over" 
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