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Question For My French Speaking Friends

Let's briefly discuss mon cher versus ma chéri.

How does the gender of the speaker and the gender of the subject affect the statement? My understanding of masculin vs feminine French terms was never very good, and it has faded over the years.

My gut says that the subject affects both terms, thus I'd say ma chéri when speaking to/about my wife. But I have sufficient doubt to think maybe it should be mon as opposed to ma.

Also, is there a significant difference in meaning between cher and chéri?

Is this a strange question?
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+Brian Fields is correct in his comment. Same goes for ma femme (my wife) and mon mari (my husband).

Note that 'dear/darling' can be used as a noun or adjective:
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Michael Ireland

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I need a little Anti-Anxiety shark here at work today! Running a multi-billion-dollar plant can twist you up a little .... Thanks, AAS, (and +Mz Maau ) I needed that!
The concept of a shark whose purpose is to eat up all the silly anxiety ghost fishies makes me happy today.

cc: +Bruce Shark​ for the #SharkLove 💖
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Michael Ireland

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Holy Airpocalypse Batman
I knew pollution was bad in certain cities, but this is nuts!

In my opinion, whether or not there are talks going on about atmospheric conditions is irrelevant.  The fact is that there are millions of people, most notably children, who suffer with this horrendous smog.  This is what I would expect to see if there was a forest fire next door!
China probably doesn't want you looking at these photos right now, especially since the world is less than three weeks away from the much-anticipated UN climate change conference in Paris.
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+Michael Ireland Yeah takes scholars figuring out middle east history still with pyramids. Hopefully digital decay don't wipe out these dark ages off the backup. 
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Michael Ireland

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Hate Begets Hate
Remember that.
So I keep on seeing people say shit like "fuck 'em" and "bomb them all" and considering what just happened, I don't think this is the time for more violence 

On top of that, you're just throwing hate on top of hate. What do you expect to come out of it? Good? Two wrongs don't make a right.

Both sides have their crazies. Muslims have ISIS and Christians have the KKK, Westboro Baptist Church and that bitch from Kentucky

You can't say all Muslims are bad because of the crazies that is ISIS. If you do then you better follow up with all Christians are crazies because of the KKK, Westboro Baptist Church and that bitch from Kentucky.

I've been to the middle east and while I admit that while I was there, there were a lot of the crazies you're seeing now, there were good people there too.

Seriously, I joke around a lot and usually have a tolerance for some bullshit but things like that, I don't.

There are good people on both sides, remember that....

I'm sure Muslims are just as embarrassed of ISIS as Christians are of the KKK, Westboro Baptist Church and that bitch from Kentucky

Control your crazy and stop using events like the ones in Paris today to being racist
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I feel the same when people say, "all Muslims applaud massacres." It's just not true. At all. +Yonatan Zunger posted an absolutely fabulous essay recently about the crisis and the massive amount of misunderstanding around the world. It's not about religion. It's about power, starvation, and decades of drought (and a few other things).
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Michael Ireland

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Ultrasonic Device Surveillance
It's really cool technology, but it has a very sinister side

I'm not really one of those big conspiracy theorists, or privacy watchdog types, but cross tracking of devices using a method like this that is covert and intentionally going behind a user's back sorta crosses the line. I willingly give a wide array of data about myself to the vast interwebs, but I do so voluntarily. This method here is not voluntary, and I take exception to that.
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Michael Ireland

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This is horrendous! I assume most of mainstream media won't be covering this particular disaster, but seriously ... a dam burst and a huge onslaught of sludge obliterated towns, and spread toxic muck along hundreds of kilometres of water ways. Gross.
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+Michael Ireland​​ Rules from the media:
- Bad news make more than 3 times many readers than good news.
- The media interest for a (catastrophic) event decreases with the square of the distance between the readers and where the event took place.
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Michael Ireland

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A Little Optimism for Your Stream
We all need to read a little good news once in awhile

"Now, just months after her family was told she had incurable cancer, Layla is not only alive, but has no trace of leukaemia in her body."
Genetically edited immune cells are curing this little girl...
The first person in the world to receive a pioneering genetic therapy has shown a remarkable reversal of her cancer.
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Nyc 👍
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Michael Ireland

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7.0 Magnitude Earthquake hits Japan
The quake hit off Japan's southwest coast and triggered a small tsunami but no injuries or major damage have been reported
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Michael Ireland

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_ /|\ _
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The Awesome One, Eiron
This place is amazing! Their food is all quite good, and reasonably priced. Their live music events are always entertaining, and super cozy. The staff is really friendly and quickly recognizes return customers. And if you like local art, they have some absolutely gorgeous items from pottery to paintings and many things in between, all for sale at reasonable prices. I highly recommend their dinner-and-movie deal. It's excellent value and gives you a lovely Medicine Hat experience. If I have visitors coming to town, I always like to take them to Inspire.
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Absolutely fabulous! Very unique and appealing decor, and of course spectacular, high quality coffee & espresso. They often have really unique and tasty desserts, and even some really great lunch options. It's a great place to hang out with friends, or for a coffee date with someone special. And for those who play Google's GPS game Ingress, there is a popular portal on location. Oh, and the staff is friendly and competent, definitely part of the community. Don't forget to check when they have live music events going on!
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Great service, good pizza. The pizza sauce is a little too mild, but they put the right amount on, and all the toppings are good quality in the right amount. I have always had excellent service from these guys.
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Great spray park for the kids, lovely picnic benches, and great cycling and walking paths. This is one of The Hat's best ... Even despite having been heavily flooded a few times.
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TERRIBLE (that word doesn't do it justice) I took my wife and two of my kids for what _should_ have been a nice dinner on a weekday evening around 6:30 pm. We absolutely regret eating at Top's. We regretfully chose to eat at their $18 per-person "all you can eat buffet," but that wasn't the only thing that was bad ... there was more. The food _was_ horrid. Like, seriously ... horrid. It was really really really bad. Like, when I say bad, I mean, when I try to think about how bad it was, I can't because it defies comprehension ... they should have thrown it _all_ back into the dumpster in the alley. I wouldn't even feed that disgusting fare to a starving person for fear of putting them off food forever. Also, the service was abysmal (the place was only maybe 1/3 full, but they wanted to seat us by the front door? Really? Seriously? I had a glowing rainbow WTF sign floating above my head at that point), the iced-tea tasted old ... as if it was in an open jug in a refrigerator for a week. The service ... uh. There's that WTF sign again. It was so disorganized, I think we would have had better service from a herd of intoxicated cats. Pros: Plenty of tables were open. They had water to drink. Cons: 1. $18 for a buffet is pretty expensive. Even our 5 year old cost $18. 2. The potato salad on the buffet was rancid. 3. The mini-pizzas on the buffet were dry, bad, and there was only a couple of them. 4. There were no main-courses on the buffet. 5. The bean salad on the buffet was obviously just Costco bulk bean salad. 6. There were only the dregs of soup left in the soup pot. 7. Okay, this list could go on for a long time. 8. Did I say that my 5 year old cost $18? Yeah. Seriously. He ate one piece of dry crappy sorry-excuse for pizza. And a cherry tomato. And a tiny glass of iced tea. $18. Yeah ... there's that flashing sign over my head again ... 9. The serving girls were distracted, obviously improperly trained, and confused. 10. Other customers were using expletives and demanding the manager. Not a good sign. You may be asking why we stayed, and suffered through. It was a case of "watching a train wreck," in a sense. We couldn't take our eyes of just how bad everything was ... it was beyond comprehension! I kept thinking that maybe some Big Redeem might occur. But nope. I still have that glowing WTF sign. We will NEVER EVER EVER eat there again. I mean it. You're better off going to ... anywhere! Heck, maybe swing around back to their dumpster ... guaranteed to be cheaper, and probably just as good. You have been warned.
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Amazing gardens, wonderful old trees, and lovely greenspace. This is an old park, but it's been well manicured. It's probably one of the best little hidden gems for people who just want to relax and read a book, or want to get some lovely wedding photos. It has a certain romance about it, despite being quite small. The only detractor is its proximity to a busy road.
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Super friendly evangelical church, with _tons_ of young families. This is a great church for people who don't really like stuffy old churches but want an authentic and inclusive fellowship experience. These folks are not ostentatious, and they return everything back to the community through all sorts of neat programs. You can choose your level of involvement ... You are not obligated to volunteer for anything, but you'll find yourself _wanting_ to work shoulder-to-shoulder with these truly amazing people. Plus, their worship music is almost always really entertaining and without any kind of ego. If you're into music (especially if you want to participate), then this is really the place for you.
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