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Pure, distilled awesomeness.
Pure, distilled awesomeness.

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A little geek physics humour ...

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Go home G+, you're drunk. SRSLY, why is this "recommended" for me? Obviously the G+ algorithm still doesn't get me ...

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Okay, so quick political post. I'll keep it quick - this is mostly a philosophical discussion, actually, regarding the recent missile bombardment by the US of the Syrian airfield. I wanna sorta distil this down to just the facts.

1. So okay, we have evidence that a horrific chemical weapons attack was used on civilians in Syria. This is so mind-bogglingly awful that I almost have no words.

2. Based on historical evidence, we have reason to believe it was perpetrated by the Syrian government (aka Assad regime). From what I've seen, we have no other hard evidence.

3. The Syrian government has a several-year-old agreement with Russia to destroy all of their chemical weapons.

4. The US has an agreement with Russia about no direct military action that would endanger Russian or US troops (or something like that, feel free to correct me here).

So based on all of this, the US has decided (well, the current administration, anyway) that the wisest plan of action was to strike the airfield where they believe the chemical attack came from.

But ... I have some issues with all of this. First off, I thought the US promotes the idea of the Rule of Law. Doesn't this action, where people were killed, pose as an example of acting outside the law? I don't understand. I haven't seen hard evidence that the chemical attack came from where they say it did, and by the people they say did it.

I mean, what if they said I did something awful in Canada, does that mean the US can send a drone and shoot me? Whether it's deserved or not, in my mind, is actually irrelevant.

So, one argument has to do with the absolute civil fustercluck going on in Syria, such that we have to question as to whether the country has enough of its own sovereignty to enforce any laws there might be there. Clearly the populace doesn't have the same power over the government as we ostensibly do here in the West. Of course, the fact that it's the government of that country who is allegedly responsible for the act makes it all the more complicated from a diplomacy perspective.

So, to add to all of this, there is the rising tensions between Russia and the US over this type of action. One has to ask ones self if this really was the wisest plan of action. Don't get me wrong, I think the Assad regime has enough against it to warrant its total obliteration, but my opinion doesn't count, does it?

Anyhoo ... so our prime minister came out first saying there would be an investigation and all the proper channels would be followed, yadda yadda, which was probably mostly just a pre-formulated standard response, but at least it seemed like the right things to do. Then a few hours later, he comes out in full support of the American missile attack.

I just ... I'm just not following how all of this is the right thing to do.

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Rochelle Ireland - Landlocked

Rochelle's album Landlocked is finally showing up on digital retail websites! This is a momentous occasion! It's the first time we've put together the whole package, and officially released it. She'll have to set up an official release party, but for any of my awesome G+ peeps who've been wondering where we are at, here is some tangible evidence!

It should show up on iTunes and Google Play soon, as well as Spotify and a few others. If you are an iTunes user, do me a favour and see if it's up there yet. And of course, if you have a streaming subscription service, please let me know if it shows up for you.

Obviously in a perfect world, everyone would be as excited as we are and go crazy listening to the tracks, LOL. We are releasing House Divided as the first single off the album. You can preview it already on Amazon.

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For the love of Pete, get this guy out of politics! He's an embarrassment to Canadians.

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Gluten Free

Self-diagnosis of gluten sensitivity and the resulting removal of gluten from your diet can be potentially harmful to undiagnosed celiacs. The only way to test for the intolerance is through studying diet, which doctors can’t do if you’ve already removed gluten from it. Also, without proper diagnosis, undiagnosed celiacs are less likely to stick to the strict diet they need, risking their health, damage to their gut, and increasing their risk of some types of cancer.

#foodforthought #science #health

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I encourage all my fellow Canadians to take a quick look at this page, and then vote!

Via +Cass Morrison

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Public Service Announcement
For my Chrome-using GPlus peeps

As George says, don't fall for it!!
Another social attack targeting Chrome

If a website prompts you to download a font to see it properly, don't do it. Close your browser tab and stay off that page. The site actually downloads a malicious software package that installs ransomware.

Your default Chrome browser can display any normal web page. Even if you lack a particular font, a web page should display a related common font that you do have.

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Don't get me wrong, I've downloaded my fair share of pirated music. But these days, once I know I like something, I always buy it to support the artist. And I also have a Google Play Music family account.

I get it if you just can't afford a coffee either. I was there once. Spend wisely. Just remember, these people work very hard for the products you use every day.

If you're worried about giving money to the sketchy racket that is Big Music (RIAA, music labels, etc), go to the artist's website and look for other ways to support them.
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