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This is incredible: there is a fake ICSB 2012.  Talk about charlatans with no conscience.
ICSB 2012 - International Conference on Systems Biology
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I'm not sure about ICSB (though he did trademark SBML). I looked up the domain and is registered to someone in Azerbaijan (!). It looks like they've been pulling this bullshit for years – there's a ICSB 2011 and 2010, though I can't find a 2009, so maybe they started in 2010.
Closer from home to me, but I guess that the fact I don't know any of the members of the Committee should raise a warning ;)

BTW I'm afraid your post will help them get higher in search engines' results...
Ah ah, this is the XXXIII International Conference on Systems Biology. Started in 1979! I guess it pre-dates ICSB... :D

I once submitted into a dodgy conference, and when I realized it was such, I contacted most of the scientific panel. Some of them didn't even know they were listed...

Now, I think we need to fight back a bit.

There is some contact information here:

Should we put some pressure ?
The fact that the state XXXIII conference is probably illegal.

I can probably write a formal letter to this Marco Raciti Castelli, which seems to be in Padua, same location of the (phone) contact information of the organization.
Hi Andrea. Yes, I would suggest writing to Castelli.  I just now wrote an email to James Nelson, who appears to be a real person who's really at New Mexico State U, asking him if he's associated with I'll report back what I learn.
Just got a reply from Nelson: "Yes, I'm a WASET volunteer and on the editorial board. JN".

Well, then. I will ask him for more details.
+Tau-Mu Yi I asked Hiroaki, and he says they did not register or trademark "ICSB".
Turns out that the ICSB 2012 organizers learned of them already last year, and mentioned it in an email exchange (but I guess it didn't register with me at the time), so this development with WASET is not really news.
We encountered these guys when we were organizing icsb2010.  Spoke to one of the boards members at the university of the west of scotland and it sounded like he'd agreed to be on the board without doing any research and he hadn't heard from them again. I seem to recall that in 2010 they'd chosen their dates so that the conference was a month before ours and that they were predominently targeting Asia and Africa, regions which are, admittedly, under represented at our ICSB.

They seem to have their own journal for the conference proceedings (described here: and journal here:
+Sylvain Soliman
yes i came across this while looking for fake WASET conferences!

But after 2 years of that post, waset has changed a lot
they are indexing their journals and search results leads directly to WASET 

But my question is does a WASET certificate is of any credential in Universities or its just an organization that gives some certificates.?
Personally I ignore this kind of stuff (journals or conferences from WASET or similar organisations) when reviewing an application.
I don't consider it a negative point either (we can all fall once for a scam) unless it is repeated.

May be I should be more strict and even consider such reference a drawback since that might be the only way to fight phony conferences/journals…
Not sure to what degree WASET is a scam.  It might just be a business that makes money by running conferences, without caring much about the science. 
Could you please tell if (International conference on cognitive linguistics)  is a fake conference or not. I amreally confused , what should i do. Should I submit in it or not..btw how to clarify whether a conference under waset is fake or not?
I don't personally trust any of the WASET conferences. 
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