Venture Capitalists like Yes Men and Group Think. VC's get so insulated in their hubris laden world's of confirmation bias and selective perception. You know this because they don't want discourse, no comments on their blog... they just want people to agree how smart they are.

This Andreeson guy?  He is obviously not an economist.

Isolated in a VC smart guy walled garden, & no real understanding of what it takes to make the engine of the greater economy run sustainably (beyond tech). Wild. It's all disruption!!!! Whooooo.

It's like the climate change denial types who say "No, let's just keep doing everything normal cuz it is going to work out".

Like it doesn't hurt to be slightly proactive about potential disaster?

It is fun to read about these VC types who think they can make vague speculations with random numbers that aren't cited by any means, and all of a sudden they got something important to say. Possibly ignoring the Oxford study & further Economist data.

But everything will be free and we will be future artists.

Are you seriously telling me he thinks that most of us have jobs that weren't around a hundred years ago? 8% of sf's work force is tech. So of that 92%, what didn't exist? Retail? Manufacturing? Service Industry? Construction? Transportation? Natural Resources? Energy?


This guy drives the bubble.
+Marc Andreessen: 'This probably a good time to say that I don't believe robots will eat all the jobs": 
THE ROBOT TWEETSTORMS by @PMARCA. One of the most interesting topics in modern times is the “robots eat all the jobs” thesis. It boils down to this: Computers can increasingly substitute for human labor, thus displacing jobs and creating unemployment. Your job, and every job, goes to a machine.
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