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Operation PREBO 2017 / 24/11-2017 CP: 01:00 25/11-2017

TL;DR: 3 Countries, 3 Fields - Lots of Green, lots of fun

Plan: North Germany needed to be fielded over, again, so let’s plan. Oh, Denmark wants to field as well. And Sweden too. Well, let’s join forces and build together. November 25th, the 01:00 CP looked just right, so let’s get started.


With many new players on board the teams got to their starting points over the evening. Some adjustments to accommodate for some new blockers from small islands that appeared during the day had to be made resulting in teams to travel several hours to their destination.
Cleaning went smoother than expected, the shared north link went up on schedule, nearly everything else went fine as well. Nearly. One small blocker remained: In the woods east of Hamburg, where a team just didn’t have enough network coverage to remove it. The field planner, uo39827, lives close by and decided to jump in his car and try his luck, but didn’t get far, before a small deer jumped in front of his car, stopping him and leaving him stranded on an empty road (the driver is ok, car and deer not so). Meanwhile the original team continued to try and got lucky. Last blocker gone. Fields up. 9 layers at checkpoint with aprox 17mio MU, 4 more layers after CP.

One day in the late summer some Enlightened agents from NR03-GOLF-05 and NR03-GOLF-06 sat in a chat and talked. One of them said something like "I'm bored, let's make some big fields!" and immediately the plans took off. The goal was to cover as many of the large cities in the cells as possible, ie Aarhus, Kolding and Odense. The plan was laid, and shortly after agents from Sweden and Germany offered the opportunity to make fields at the same time as us in a big co-op.

On the day itself agents were already in action from early morning - mostly in a lot of coordinated decoy operations with links and fields that we knew the smurfs could not resist so that we could make them do some of the clearing work for us. Outside Esbjerg we also made 10 smaller fields which were not in the way of the fields, as a decoy so the smurfs thought it was what we were doing. The rest of the clearance during the evening went right after the plan, but at 23:40 nerves began to spread: A blue link between Jutland and Zealand had to be taken out or the operation would be cancelled, and the original plan was that it would be taken down at 23:30. Several agents kept a close eye on Intel, but the link remained. Fortunately, there was a quick response that the agent was on his way! The link was taken out at 0:08 which was perfect timing after all.

Most of the night a smurf had linked in a area that did not directly put the operation at risk, but whose game pattern raised concerns about whether the smurf later would put a link across the corridor. An agent made a deliberate link to counteract this, and we are quite sure that was the right decision. As soon as Germany helped take down our last hindering link, the green link was removed and the first Danish link, from Esbjerg to Langeland, came up at 00:10 as agreed. At 00:15 Sweden placed their first field (around 1,2 mio MU) and that was our go-signal for the Danish fields. First Danish field got up, around 700k MU and lots of celebrating in voice channels. From here our only battle was with the clock to get all fields up before cp. At the same time as we put our layers we could see on Intel how the layers in Sweden and Germany also came up one by one.
The celebration would take no end when we reached the cp at 1:00 and all 23 Danish fields were up for a total of above 16 mio MU.


When Tolv12an in the middle of the autumn joined the planning group for a field above Jutland and northen Germany he immediately saw the possibility to an adjacent field. He made a plan with start from Simrishamn in Skåne that included 10 layers.

The clearance of blocker links and fields were started in a small scale during the week. On Friday night there was only a few remaining blocker links that knowingly had been saved.

Worse was it in the north western part above Skåne in Halland. Where two Skåne agents had to clear a path through three heavy smurf populated cities. After many kilometers, visits of smurfs and double clearances the path was clear.

At 11:50 pm it was time for the remaining agents who were deployed around Skåne to do their work and take down the remaining blockers. The last blocker link from Själlands Odde above Samsö Belt was taken down 00:08. The game could begin!

The common baseline link for the swedes and danes was created as planed 00:10 am and the three fielders in Simrishamn could easily and methodically create link after link and was finished in good time before checkpoint.

A lot of green, plenty of joy and a lot of good cooperation between Denmark, Sweden and Germany! 10 layers and ~13 millions MU.


North Germany:

Orga: uo39827

Ops: Kujambel, mitsix, rz231, Teg0ng, Unifex, Weefreefang

Field Agents:

Aethalion, Akyl001, Altubelli, Amanitus, Anno1887, Asproasteri, benjy77, BlackPanker, BlueTcor, DerKroepel, DerLederer, dermoge, Detlev, drehpistolero, ebby85, Escete, Exilbremer, Fanko75, FantasyMyner, Februar, fledermaus101, Flintenweib, Frauvomstein, GammaFL, Gargamel36, grauman, gstoertabergeil, hajob, Hawkisnice, Heistergand, Hoschie, HtcDC, IIParaII, IonCanon, Istari82, JenThie, JJK0317, kingron01, kompensator, KOZter, LaLeLu, Lin91, LordMGR, mali2point0, Manorstation, MarS667,Mctortel, meuserf, MiaTwo, Mitsix, MrSmithFL, MrsRaylan, nordseebiest, Olbii, Ollibaer79, oneways, PoloDC, Pueppy89, quadeye, Quantenstorm, Racinguno, Raymann14,rockdaboot, rotengel, SaschaG, Schmetterling11, SgtRolf, Shiraxxx, SirMcDragon, Steilkueste, th1wob, TryNErr0r, trn73, TuSummer14, wingman77, Zenonius

Planner: DonPrebs and Holmis

Operator: Everyone in the field who brought laptops etc to assist each other

Fielders: Svigermor, Budda420DK, DonPrebs, Xacorath, Tejner, Clund, Jakobbe1 and clundjunior

Field agents and decoy fields: Holmis, Zpaze, HalteFanden, Fedania, Suberray and Wienerbassen, Tais007 (Sealand)

Skane Sweden:

Field planner: Tolv12an

OP: HeterJagInte

Orga: Juzisabus

FIeld agents: Astajavel, Astrosaur, Bootcolt, Dj8k, Krakinoz, MrLazarov, Natsvaermer, Nyxr, Paulyoh, Peahead, Skuggfaxe79, Svinto, Tais007, TheBigBadNora, TheStaris, Torpeden, UllaBella

Fielders: Juzisabus, Lazihex, NeoDeo
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