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So good I actually logged in to Google Plus to share it.

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Mainichi 2.0 approved! Download, rate, and send to your Japanese-studying friends.

Suddenly, I'm in the game industry again. Woo!

My Ludum Dare was a success. The game itself is not that great, but I learned a hell of a lot about Unity, and my next jam will be that much better.

Why do FB apps still get to ask to "post on your behalf?" We have SDKs now that let us explicitly do so on a per-post basis, there should be no such permission anymore. 

Sweet. FFXIV 2.0 apparently has Gold-class support from Wine, including on the Mac. Maybe I'll give it a shot again?

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84% of tablet web traffic share, that's crazy, that's a cartoon number. Embarrassing for their competitors. 

Immigration is a real chore. In other news, I'm still in SF for about three more weeks.

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In case you missed it the first time: I run an independent software consulting firm now.
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