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You are what you pretend to be. There is no difference between a troll and an asshole.
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+Michael Heller​ can I get unbanned in the NBA basketball community it's the new year's come on I just wanna basketball. 😕
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Make the NBA great again?

It confuses me when people complain about Durant (or LeBron) joining a super team and claim the NBA was more competitive in some unknown olden time. When was this time of great competition without a limited number of dominant teams?

Was it back when when the Celtics won 11 out of 13 years? Maybe it was when it was either the Celtics or Lakers in the Finals every year? How about the 90s when Jordan's Bulls won 6 titles in 8 years, was that a "competitive" era? Or, was it the 2000s when a team had to have either Tim Duncan, Shaq and/or Kobe in order to win a title?

If anything, competition is by far better now, because as we saw, the ShaKobe Lakers imploded after 3 years; Duncan's Spurs have been in contention for years, but never strung together a dominant stretch; Miami's super team lost 2 out of 4 and dissolved; and, this year's Warriors which was expected to roll the league, almost lost to the Thunder and did lose to the Cavs.

Anything can happen. 
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Well, aren't they free agents who can sign wherever they want to?
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"The next time you read an iPhone review, keep all these biases in mind. The iPhone is the favored tech product of a vast swathe of our planet’s population, serving both utilitarian and aspirational purposes. It is the catalyst for and sole supporter of entire ancillary industries. It is the nexus where communication and commerce blend most easily, and it is the surest harbinger of the future that is to come. Any review that doesn’t account for all of these factors might be considered technically objective and ubiased, but it would also be frightfully uninformative."
If there's one constant on the consumer tech calendar, it's iPhone reviews day. Happening sometime between the announcement and the release of the latest iPhone, it manifests itself with glowing...
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I see it as an active "anti" bias because we then hold other products against an invalid benchmark. Through all the faults or "catch up" features of iOS 9, people gloss past them.

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are perfect examples. A form factor introduced by HTC three years ago, now we hold the A9 as a copy of the iPhone (albeit, HTC has bigger problems). 
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"And the collateral damage of that war — of Apple going after Google's revenue platform — is going to include the web, and in particular any small publisher on the web that can't invest in proprietary platform distribution, native advertising, and the type of media wining-and-dining it takes to secure favorable distribution deals on proprietary platforms. It is going to be a bloodbath of independent media."
So let's talk about ad blocking. You might think the conversation about ad blocking is about the user experience of news, but what we're really talking about is money and power in Silicon Valley....
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I kinda stopped checking their site, I just can't stand to all their issues 
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Inspirational Putin is the motivation you need
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Right on fellow Russian!!
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I've written a few pieces like this over the years. Not terribly sad that I won't be writing another one this year. 
Apple has… put out an invite! Smash the glass on the emergency alarm. Call out the national guard. Fire up the hot take machine. Or… get a grip. We've ...
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+N. W. Dood Ah, ok, sorry thought you had something interesting to say, but it's really just silly Apple hate. 
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Tim Duncan was the NBA for me.

In high school, I started hanging out with my friend, Kid, who was a huge basketball fan. My dad was more into baseball and boxing, so I only had a cursory knowledge of basketball. And, since I grew up a six hour drive from the closest NBA team (NYC, Boston, and Toronto were equidistant), I had no team allegiance instilled in me.

I knew I would be watching a lot of basketball, so I needed to pick a team. Kid was a big fan of Kevin Garnett. I had taken a liking to David Robinson because who wouldn't love a guy considered one of the best basketball players of all time who also happened to be a Lieutenant in the Navy and could play the piano and jazz sax? Unfortunately, the Admiral was on his way out, luckily there was this new guy named Tim Duncan.

At first, I started following Timmy simply because Spurs vs Wolves was a lot of fun in NBA live against Kid. But, Tim eventually taught me what basketball really is: it's a team sport.

I grew up in the age of ESPN and the Michael Jordan highlight reel, which gave way to the Kobe highlight reel. But, I always appreciated Duncan more. From the moment he came into the league, he was a guy that others wanted to play with. Despite this, there were a few years where Tim played with a pretty bad roster around him. But, he still dragged those bad teams into the playoffs, and even won a title with one of them (2003 where his best teammates were a 20-year old Tony Parker and Stephen Jackson.)

in his 19 year career, he never missed the playoffs and had a 71% winning percentage. Those number are unprecedented and Duncan is responsible as much as the Spurs organization because his greatness allowed the organization to be great and allowed Pop to become one of the best coaches of all time.

Duncan didn't grandstand. He never held the team hostage. Never complained about the front office or threaten to leave (he did almost leave once, but didn't and the story faded away, unlike similar situations from other superstars). He didn't care about the spotlight. He just cared about making his team the best and about winning. He just let his play on the court speak for him.

He was the perfect basketball player for me to unwittingly choose to follow. Now, I'm a die-hard NBA fan and Tim Duncan is no longer in the league. It's a sad time, but I can't help being grateful for the ride. 
A Letter From Tim
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So very right
It’s almost impossible to watch NBA national broadcasts these days without one of the announcers going on a rant about what’s wrong with the game today, but do you want to know what’s really wrong with it? That I can’t watch an ESPN game without hearing Jeff Van Gundy’s 1,083rd rant about fouls or Charles […]
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What the World Got Wrong About Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
A long, strange day with the least understood basketball star of all time.
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+Michael Heller I have been banned from my main account because some mods think I'm somebody I'm not.

This account - +Elimination Game LeBron, is my main account that's been banned from the NBA community. I did nothing wrong and I was wondering if there was anyway I could get back in on my main account?

I've made some pretty nice contributions to the community and I've been told by many that I've improved the community by giving them some insight and pretty good facts.

I average 15.27 favorites for each one of my post to your community and average 509.3 votes per poll I put up. I definitely did nothing wrong and I think me being banned from the community will subtract a good contributor. I'm probably a top 15 contributor to this community and I'm still growing.

Is there anyway I can come back on my main account? I would love to hear back from you. +Michael Heller 
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Michael Heller

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I wonder if airlines will allow iPad Pros, and still say an 11-inch Macbook Air can't be used because it's a laptop.

For that matter, how does a Lenovo Yoga work when flying? Is it only acceptable to use with the keyboard folded back?
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I'm not sure it's really that big a deal...
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But, new letters... They should just go all out comic sans and be done with it. 
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