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That's a good move. Employees and job seekers should always be looking to learn new skills. 
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Why is it that even in Windows 10 you still can't select a bunch of files and make a folder containing them? #missingubuntu
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OK, so it looks like Mars One is a complete scam: 1/10th the number of applicants claimed, no physical assessment, and applicants are "encouraged" to both pay for a higher profile and donate 75% of appearance fees back to Mars One.
No money, no process, no explanation: An insider speaks out for the first time on the hopelessly flawed scheme to fly to…
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WSJ says the FCC left wiggle room in net neutrality, claiming that they don't want to rule right away on issues that are still up for debate, and decide on a case by case basis. The example given is that companies can still technically pay the data fees content served to customers (like if Amazon paid carriers to not count twitch streaming towards your data cap).

This is troubling to me. 
Agency releases 400 pages on rules, but also says many issues will be case-by-case
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Title II has exactly "zero" to say about data throughput or prioritization and data needs to have priority. The FCC says it may look at existing peering agreements under the opaque idea of fairness and force adjustments, except doing so is against the law. Under existing definitions by the FCC, DSL is broadband and yes, I know it has limitations, but it is more than adequate for a lot of applications, a 6mbps stream can handle multiple loads. I can measure failure by the fact that Wheeler said it himself, "We don't know where things go next." 
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Also, speaking as an Android Wear user: it's nice to have a capable smartwatch, but no one has yet to prove that it is in any way necessary
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Necessary not really, but I did make it feel usefull. My phone is my alarmclock (connected to a BT speaker). First alarm, my bedroom lights go on (Hue) and second alarm will dismiss when I put on my watch and turn it on. Which also triggers my coffee maker to start running. When I'm downstairs, I tell my watch to turn off all lights and coffee. Later on when I get home, I tell my watch to turn on coffee again, turn on my desktop pc and desktop lights. It will notify me when my pc is up and running  
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Poor insurance companies won't be able to sell insurance to driverless cars. So sad
How to set prices for casualty losses when the driver’s age and experience doesn’t matter?
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Have them in circles
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I wouldn't mind.
The Chromebook Pixel Giveaway - Get Inspired with this Light and Powerful Touchscreen Chromebook
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Finally! This just made my Android Wear much more useful. 
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Yes, please!
What do you do when you're a sci-fi star but your TV show has been dead for years? You spend a lot of time at conventions, and a pair of Firefly actors want to let fans know what it's like from...
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Apple keynote review: impressive hardware, more impressive marketing, even more impressive how deep into debt you have to go to buy it all.
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The Next Web - Global Technology News, Business and Culture |
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The DNA of a company can't be denied. Apple's next campus will be beautiful and smart, but closed and controlled. Meanwhile, Google is designing a campus that is open, adaptable, and able to evolve. 

Frankly, I can't wait to see both of them completed. 
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I'm a writer who is passionate about technology. I have been writing about mobile technology for close to three years, and I'm eager to grow in this business.
I'm an analytically-minded technology writer with experience in blogging and reporting on the entirety of the mobile computing ecosystem, including platforms, hardware, software, and trends.

I began my tech writing career three years ago with smaller websites, and quickly moved up to my current position at PhoneArena. I have added value to the organizations I represent with my ability to quickly turn news into stories, or synthesize multiple stories and trends and create a well thought out analysis with the aim of giving readers knowledge and not just information.

I am currently the Senior Reporter for the Security Media group at TechTarget, covering enterprise security news. 
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Interviewed by the BBC for an article on various Android app stores
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