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Added photos to Best Mountain Photo Contest | August 2012 | by Mountain Photos Theme Page.

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White moth, black silk.

A ridge of Dhaulagiri, en route to the base camp and French Pass.

#photography #nepal #FineArtPls

My new entry for the Mountain Photo Contest organized by +Mountain Photos / +Baki Karacay.

Also for #bwlandscapewednesday, curated by +Francesco Gallarotti, #wideopenwednesday, curated by +Shawn Clover, #oneprimewednesday, curated by +Alfie Goodrich, and #winterwednesday, curated by +Antoine Berger and +Logan Miller.

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Peace gone to pieces.

This is the courtyard of the Great Mosque in Aleppo. I find it hard to imagine that the city is now a war zone - these photos were taken a little less than three years ago, when Aleppo was going about its business as a centre of trade and commerce, just as it has always done. Nothing seemed to suggest that the soundtrack of the city would change from car horns and chatter to gun fire and explosions anytime soon, or ever.

Over here in Europe, we've had an extended period of peace, and it has sunk in. It is simply unimaginable that tanks would roll down the streets and snipers take aim from the rooftops. But the fate that has befallen Aleppo tells us that we don't cherish peace enough. Peace has become a matter of course, faded into the background to the point of invisibility.

That's a good thing. Historically, though, it is also an oddity. We are not immune to disruptive events, even of the scale of an Arab Spring. Rembember the fall of the Berlin Wall? No one really saw that coming, and it has changed the continent, and to some extent the world.

Peace is a privilege which, for us, is removed from view by being everywhere around us. It's part of the fabric of our lives, for everyone living here, every single day. It's notoriously difficult to be conciously aware of such a basic, ubiquitous influence, and even more difficult to cherish it. Yet we should.

That said, this is exactly the kind of problem most Syrians would love to have right now.

#photography #syria #sacredsunday #zensunday #FineArtPls

For +SacredSunday™, curated by +Manfred Berndtgen, +Robyn Morrison, +Margaret Tompkins and +Sherrie von Sternberg, and +Zen Sunday, curated by +Charlotte Therese Björnström, +Simon Kitcher and +Nathan Wirth.

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Hikers in the Jungle.

I met these kids in a mountain forest in West Sikkim, while they were walking down into the valley for school. Hats off to them, it's a long hike.

For +PortraitTuesday, curated by +Laura Balc, #candidmoodtuesday, curated by +Paul Scott, #two4tuesday, curated by +Mary C Legg, and +#TwoTimesTuesday, curated by +Robert McMillan.

#photography #india #twotimestuesday #FineArtPls

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Italy vs Spain

I'd say it's still a draw at this stage ;)

Left side: Cabo de Gata, Andalusia, Spain. Right side: Caprera, Archipelago La Maddalena, Italy.

(I'm off now, in a hurry :)

For +Beach Sunday, curated by +Ross Campbell,  #squaresunday, curated by +Matt Soave, and +Zen Sunday, curated by +Charlotte Therese Björnström, +Simon Kitcher and +Nathan Wirth.

#photography #italy #spain #beachsunday #FineArtPls

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Her Majesty.

The north face of Dhaulagiri I, seen from the deserted base camp in winter. This was probably the coldest place I've been to in my life. Perhaps that's the reason why I had it all to myself :)

For #mountainmonday, curated by +Michael Russell, +Leading Lines Monday, curated by  +Pam Chalkley, +Jakob Nilsson and +CJ Sros, +Monochrome Monday, curated by +Charles Lupica, +Hans Berendsen, +Jerry Johnson, +Manuel Votta, +Steve Barge and +nurcan azaz, #beautifulmundanemonday, curated by  +Shaun Gibson, #naturemonday, curated by +Rolf Hicker and +Kate Church.

And for #manlymondays, curated by +Alan Shapiro, +Kjetil Greger Pedersen, +Mark Rodriguez, +Barry Blanchard and +Dave Daniels, because it really was cold :)

#photography #nepal #monochromemonday #leadinglinesmonday #FineArtPls

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#photography #nepal #ruralsaturday #saturdaynightlight #FineArtPls

Sunsets. They are so difficult to photograph because they so easily go down the road of kitsch and cliché. The grandeur of nature doesn't always translate into an equally impressive photograph.

Anyway, let me try. Here's my sunset moment for #sunsetsaturday . The last rays of light hit the slopes of Gurja Himal, a peak near the Dhaulagiri range in a remote part of Nepal.

For #sunsetsaturday , curated by +Dennis Hoffbuhr, #inspirationalsaturday , curated by +Charlotte Therese Björnström, +Khrystiane Friedli and +Mylah Nazario, +#RuralSaturday, curated by +Mario Cerroni, and +SaturdayNightLight, curated by +Dirk Heindoerfer. 

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#photography #nyc #sacredsunday #zensunday #FineArtPls

It started with a kiss.

The wisdom of the East - or more precisely, the East Coast. Shot in the Mahayana Buddhist Temple, Chinatown, New York. I should add that this is my take on the scene and not an exercise in realism. His golden skin has paled quite a bit during an excursion to Photoshop.

For +SacredSunday™, curated by +Charles Lupica, +Manfred Berndtgen, +Robyn Morrison, +Margaret Tompkins and +Sherrie von Sternberg, #sentimentalsunday, curated by +Louisa Catharine Forsyth, and +Zen Sunday, curated by +Charlotte Therese Björnström, +Simon Kitcher and +Nathan Wirth. 

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#photography #italy #whitewednesday #wideanglewednesday #widewednesdaypanorama #FineArtPls

There's just one colour, and it's white.

Late afternoon sun at Punta Tegge, La Maddalena, Italy.

For #bwlandscapewednesday, curated by +Francesco Gallarotti, #oneprimewednesday, curated by +Alfie Goodrich, #wetwednesday, curated by +Susanne Schweiger, +White Wednesday, curated by +Synnøve Zynne Tilrem, +Wide Angle Wednesday, curated by +Asif Patel, +WideWednesdayPanorama, curated by +Ken McMahon and +Lucille Galleli, and #bwfineartle, curated by +Joel Tjintjelaar.

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#photography #italy #ministractmonday #monochromemonday #FineArtPls

Keeping it high-key.

Beach at Cala Andreani, Caprera island. Archipelago of La Maddalena, Italy.

For #minimalmonday , curated by +Olivier Du Tré, +Ministract Monday, curated by +Tom McLaughlan, +Monochrome Monday, curated by +Charles Lupica, +Hans Berendsen, +Jerry Johnson, +Manuel Votta and +Steve Barge, #beautifulmundanemonday , curated by +Shaun Gibson, #naturemonday , curated by +Rolf Hicker and +Kate Church, and #bwfineartle , curated by by +Joel Tjintjelaar. (Sorry for the immediate repost, the first one didn't go public.)
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