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Michael Hazen

Items, Relics, & Artifacts  - 
thanks to +Dak Ultimak my Crawl! 1-8 arrived today. sweet, sweet content. 
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Michael Hazen

Session Reports  - 
Sunday we finished Doom of the Savage Kings. ANd then the jealous Jarl sent them off to the Cave of Secrets. 

The session with doom was pretty brief as they only had to beard the hound in its lair. There were three 1st levels plus 4 0-levels involved. The 0-levels dug right in under the inspiration of the experienced characters. The hound shook the spear off once but was eventually held by a combination of the spear and the rather strong halfling throttling it it with the hair. THe 0 levels were throwing random junk at it (1d3 damage) and one took a round to hunt down a good, solid femur to use as a club. 

and then got the killing blow with the club. THis caused it to be infused with the Hounds ichor and become a magic weapon. as a 0-level. 

Warrior: "Hey kid, lemme see that"
0-level: "Screw you! this is my bone!"
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If I told you everything I know it would probably amount to something slightly more than nothing.
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Michael Hazen

DCC-specific Discussion  - 
Ive been informed that our Pathfinder group will be short handed again this sunday. So Im running DCC. they are close to finishing The Hound and I am entertaining suggestions for new material. Modules, mainly because my prep time is very limited. 
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well that was an expensive night. After going to all the links and whatnot I came out about a c-note poorer. But with a wealth of material to adventure with
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Michael Hazen

Session Reports  - 
The Pathfinder game we usually run on sundays was cancelled again due to illness, so I whipped out my DCC and continued those players we had onward from the ending of Sailors on a starless sea. 

When the last session ended the party had scrambled aboard the ship as the ziggurat was crashing into the underground sea. I must have done a good job describing the danger because the PCs hauled ass straight to the ship and ignored lots of coinage laying about as well as replacement weapons. A Lawful character dragged along the Chaos Lord armor but as soon as he recognized its obvious alignment and the implications of using it, he tossed it overboard; to the horror of the chaotic PCs

The interlude was a description of the sea draining into a tunnel that the destruction had opened, taking the ship with a toilet flushing...or the intro to Land of the lost. 

The PCs slowly, painfully awakened to find themselves laying in the mud on the bank of the river in Doom of The Savage Kings. 

THe party chose to hide in the bushes and watch the unfolding drama as the young lady was left as sacrifice at the standing stones. THis caused them to meet and defeat the first incarnation of the Hound. Best moment - Dwarf hands the inkeepers daughter a pickaxe so she can help fight the hound. The girl promptly flees down the road, pick in hand. 

from ther the PCs largely drove the story without much help from me, other than dropping rumors "Oh the inkeepers daughter you say? well lets talk to him" "There is a witch? I bet she knows whats up"

so without encountering the Jarl and only a brief overnight stay in town, the PCs headed out for the burial mound. Even though I offered them ample opportunity to get garden variety dungeoneering supplies: torches, ropes, etc. They only opted to get a flint and steel, one flask of oil and a rope and grapple. 

the rope plus river plus many bad rolls led to a lot of hijinks crossing the river. And a lot of wasted resources (heh)

at the tomb the water spirit beat them up even though they found the bundles of offerings - they had no one in the group whom I could drop any hints about sacrifice to. and they didnt look anywhere but the door. Sadly they didnt run down the tunnel so the spirit could wash them into the pit. Boo. 

(side note: unless you make a concerted effort to do so, sketching an overhead view of the business end of the burial mound will look like a dick. every. time. I am twelve)

the party surveyed the  pit and didnt like it one bit. a PC managed to snag a dooray down the hall with the grapple but the thief while poking about for secret pit controls, slipped and slid down the pit funnel. SHe managed to catch herself at the lip...but missed badly when the rope was lowered to her. 

One PC down
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Nice writeup! I'm just getting ready to run DoSK and seeing how some scenes went in your group is very handy.
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Michael Hazen

DCC-specific Discussion  - 
So the planets have aligned and I've burned enough luck to manage running a DCC session today. 

The group i just about to board the ship in Sailors on a Starless Sea. After that, I hope to get them started on Doom of the Savage Kings. (they are cast upon the bank of the river near the standing stones and are awakened by the sound of the rabble)

The group will be a few XP into first level by the time they come to on the river. There may be a few 0-levels mixed in as well. (there may be a couple newb players. Why shouldnt they experience the joy and horror of the funnel? at least a little bit)

So, toss me a few ideas how you handled getting the info about the Hound into play? How did your Jarl behave? How about those thief dudes in the village? 

The dungeon mechanics are pretty straightforward. I just like to hear some ideas about getting the party interested in the Fens and maybe messing about with the various locals

I'm pretty sure this will become the base of Ops for the crew in the upcoming sporadic sessions
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It really makes the game a blast for everyone
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Michael Hazen

Rulings & House-rules  - 
Even though this weeks game has been canceled after player attrition reduced the pathfinder game in favor of DCC and then again to no players at all...I have decreed that next week we will play DCC anyhow. 

So Mote it be. 

I'm ginning up some 1st level level characters to backfill any players who werent around for the funnel. It also helps me dig into the rules more

I see this:
"The player rolls on table 5-2 for every spell he learns, and 
the effects are specific to that spell."

I assume this means that first level wizards must do this for each of the beginning spells as well?

Its seems simple and obvious but Ive been wrong before
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The Face in the Frost alternates whimsey and horror in a unique way...

+Taylor Frank is exactly right about mysterious casting.
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Michael Hazen

How I'm using Appendix N in DCC  - 
burrowing into my backlog of books to read and I realize I havent read most of the Appendix N stuff. Other than the barsoom novels, conan, fafhrd and one hawkmoon...I'm a bit behind. THe flipside is that I get to read this stuff for the first time, something I am jealous of when others are trying Conan or something for the first time. 

WHere should I start? Cugel's Saga? Reread the Hawkmoon and and then more?
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Highly recommended fantasy from the late 70s that wasn't listed in Appendix N but clearly belongs there: Tanith Lee's Tales From the Flat Earth. Particularly "Night's Master" and "Death's Master". Fantastic reads chock full of strange, wicked stuff.
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Michael Hazen

Running Advice and Converting Ideas  - 
I'm looking through last nights PDF binge (modules, crawls, accessory books) and considering the next adventure for the players. THey are about to exit the tomb in Doom of the ancient kings. THey are equipped and ready to take on the hound. 

The trick here is that they managed to not meet the jarl face to face. 

I have court of chaos and watcher below as likely candidates...defeating the hound and the Chaos Lord effigy in Sailors could bring them to the attention of THe Court. But perhaps the Jarl has a pressing question to be answered by the cave of oracles in Watcher below...

I'm leaning toward Watcher because it looks like the easier prep, I dig the curse, and I am promised laser harpies.    

laser harpies

I havent skimmed the run of Crawl zines yet though. and I also have the Treasure vaults of zabadad, god seed awakens, tales of the fallen empire to consider....

so much to do. so little time
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+Colin Brodd ...I am finishing up the Emerald Enchanter tonight, and it has been a lot of fun...
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Michael Hazen

DCC-specific Discussion  - 
One thing I really enjoyed  while playing DCC was being able to kick back in a big comfortable easy chair without a game table as a GM

And now one of my players suggested it as a road trip game. And that is totally doable. 
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+Christopher Henry If you haven't already, check this out:
It works super well, and it's free. 
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Michael Hazen

Session Reports  - 
"i sniff the hole" - newbie player not long after learning of dwarves gold sniffing ability
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Dwarven Glory Hole Mine?
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Michael Hazen

Mighty Deeds/Combat  - 
Sayyy...this cat looks familiar..
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Rust from True Detective?
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Michael Hazen

My DCC campaign plans  - 
Well I was prepping to run DCC sunday. But then, in one way or another, sportsball interfered. And I am left hanging. 

I was reading through the last part of Sailors on a Starless Sea. And I realized my favorite thing about it: the hook into the next adventure. 

Yes I love the whole "Zoinks! what have we gotten ourselves into?!"feel of it. But the best part is being able to spit the survivors out anywhere I want to. 
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I shipwrecked them on to the Isle of the Unknown. 
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