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Michael Hazell (Techman)
Founder of Techman's World & Techtronix. Ubuntu & Cyanogen fanboy.
Founder of Techman's World & Techtronix. Ubuntu & Cyanogen fanboy.
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Are you folks willing to donate?

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It looks like some dialogs have some slight theming issues with them. Flud and IRCCloud for Android seem to have this issue.

However, it would be nice to see IRCCloud for Android get its own custom dark theme though since it doesn't have one built in. It has a lot of custom design elements so a special theme would be required 😎👍 

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I decided to go ahead and write a post on OnePlus' failures. Worked on this for a few days, actually. 3 sheets of loose-leaf paper, front and back.

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OnePlus' Insanity Week is on it's third day. I waited until I got home to post this; sorry for the delay.

Everyone cross your fingers that I win a device!
Day 3 of #OnePlus #InsanityWeek is here. Do you think you can win one of the 3 OnePlus Ones?

1. Share this message with the hashtag #OnePlus #InsanityWeek
2. Go insane!

Update: the Google form is no longer compulsory. All the entries in the form will be considered as others.

The contest for Day 3 starts now and will close on Thursday, October 16 at 12.00 pm GMT (6.00 am CST).

More info about this contest: 
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