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Google Analytics Freelancer
I'm a Google Analytics Freelancer, I help businesses around the globe track their websites and understand their customers better so they can conduct business more effectively.

See for more details.

I'm also a keen badminton player - I've been playing badminton regularly since my early teens, and at the moment I'm playing 2-3 times a week, mainly at Finsbury badminton club in central London.

Like badminton?  Check out my new badminton blog:
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Hi, I'm looking for a scalable way to ignore referrers and I'm stumped - would be grateful if someone can provide some inspiration.

My client provides websites with checkout to 50+ customers. Most of the purchase process takes place on the customer's domain (the custom domain), payment is processed on my client's domain (the checkout domain).

My client wants cross domain tracking in place so they can measure the conversion rate for the whole process.

The problem with cross domain tracking using Universal Analytics is each of these 50+ custom domains need to be added to the referral exclusion list, which will be painful to do manually.

So I'm wondering if there's anyway to solve the problem in an automated or scalable way.

As far as I can see the Management API doesn't allow you to update the referral exclusion list.

If I could add the old style addignoredref to the code then I could insert the document referrer into this automatically - but I don't think universal analytics supports this.

If there was a way to identify the current visit's source/medium on the custom domain then maybe that could be passed onto the checkout domain using utm parameters. However I don't know of a way to get the current source/medium with universal analytics.

Thanks for reading this far :) If you have a suggestion please let me know!
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Excellent. Glad to hear it worked out!
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Google have silently launched a great update to Acquisition Channels. Haven't found any mention of it online yet....

You can now create additional channel groupings and choose which one to use on the channels report.

Better still - they are retrospective and deletable, so you can now group and analyse your traffic in many different ways historically.


- Separate brand terms out into a separate channel, or groups keywords in other ways
- A single Paid traffic channel which combines all advertising together 
- Split different types of social or referral traffic into different channels e.g. forums

There's also a new option to create private channels so you can experiment with your own ideas without it confusing your client.

You can't share private channels. You can copy existing channels but you can't copy public to private or vice versa, making it a bit cumbersome to test modifications to your existing setup.

If you come up with any great uses for this then please post them :)
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Michael Hayes

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A house sits awkwardly in the middle of a newly built road in Wenling, Zhejiang province in China. An elderly couple refused to sign an agreement to allow their house to be demolished. They say that compensation offered is not enough to cover rebuilding costs. Photograph: China Daily/Reuters

More of Thursday's best #new  images as they come in selected by our head of #photography  here:
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Michael Hayes

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Every country is #1 at something.

What is yours number one at?

Bangladesh is for Power cuts. Mongolia is for Male Smokers. New Zealand is for Half Shell Mussels, South Africa is for Assaults, Algeria for Liquid Propane, Uraguay for Science for kids (!).

Nice infographic, makes you think.

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I've just been talking to a potential new client for a contractor role., and as it's a complex project, I would welcome advice from the Measurecamp community.

They're a media company with a portfolio of magazine brands amongst others, and are looking for:

1. A comScore expert they can hire for a few months to help fix their comScore tagging etc across their portfolio. This is not my area so I'm wondering if anyone can recommend anyone with this experience?

2. A way to use GA to track the number of unique visitors across their websites, to help them sell their advertising. This is the project I might take on for them.

Obviously GA cross domain tracking only works with links between separate domains. If most of their visitors are visiting their different sites independently (e.g. from separate google searches on separate days) then that's not sufficient. 

Off the top of my head these are the options I can think, I'd welcome your opinions on the pros and cons of these plus any alternatives:

a. Creating an iframe with GA tracking for a common domain on all the sites, and using this to measure overall numbers. 

b. Using universal analytics to store the client id data in a common storage place so it's accessible by any site within the portfolio (not 100% sure this is technically possible, let alone ethical).

c. Switching to a tracking solution which can use 3rd party cookies, such as Omniture.

d. Deciding that even with the above in place the numbers will never be accurate and therefore their goal of having a complete view of uniques across their portfolio is unrealistic - and recommending they focus on solving other analytics problems instead.

So I would welcome your thoughts on the above or alternatives.

Also, if you have prior experience with this kind of scenario, you are probably a better fit for the role than me. I'd be happy to discuss making a referral or forming a partnership.

An agency contacted me about the role originally so that complicates the situation but if you have the right experience I'm sure we can work out a way that everyone benefits!


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+Jente De Ridder hey thanks for this very useful resource directly helps with my issue
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Michael Hayes

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We are at an inflection point with mobile technology. At least for now this picture accurately captures the relationship between me and my iOS and Android devices!

How about you?

Source: +Manu Cornet  +
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Michael Hayes

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Great prank...
Just now seeing this photo prank, but I love it:
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I've been playing at FBC for about 6 years now, and have a lot of great friends there. We play at a competitive standard and take our matches seriously, yet the atmosphere is very friendly. We have a great time both on court and off, with at least 1 social per month, activities have included karaoke, go-karting, roller disco, karaoke, theatre, and karaoke. Yes, we like karaoke.
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Alex is a great guy and puts his all into his business. It's no wonder he has so many happy customers.
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Fun crowd and high quality badminton.
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Good food, great value!
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