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Re-Visiting the Archive

This is Little Zig Zag Creek in the Mt Hood National Forest.
Thanks to a great Photographer and all around swell guy +Gary Randall  for showing me where this creek was in 2012. 

Its a sweet little hike that ends at a waterfall with lots of oppertunities for different comps. This comp was a little off the beaten path.

I'm posting this shot because I'll be shutting down My Digital Alchimical Beast for packing to our new home in a few weeks.  I'll still be online but I'll be sharing more work from others than the new stuff I have shot. 

I hope to get back out there and shoot soon..
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Michael Hatten

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Nice addition to the G+ functions
Announcement from Google. See the complete guide at

Don't mind the meta title typo. That's what I get for using my phone to prep the post. Autocorrect struck again! It's updated, and should refresh with Google soon enough. 
Google Plus launches Collections, an all new way to deliver and digest more relevant content.
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Michael Hatten

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Where are you today and why are you NOT here?
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Wow, they put a lot of effort into the decorations!
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Michael Hatten

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When you need to know about the wildflower blooms. Check out this site.
VIEW WILDFLOWER REPORTS THAT HAVE BEEN SUBMITTED WITHIN THE PAST WEEK. Welcome to! Founded in April 2007, this site is a community resource for wildflower and photography enthusiasts to share information on where and when to visit Oregon's best wildflower spots.
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Michael Hatten

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So our built in microwave died last night.

Now I know what caveman feels like searching for fire.

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Is that what pans are used for?!
Those dusty metal things in the bottom cupboard?

+Wendy Chase tomato soup is yummy
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Michael Hatten

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Spring Greens!

I took a little road trip today out through the Gorge. I did end up on the BZ Corner-Glennwood Hwy in Washington. I found a wildlife refuge called Conboy Lake.  Lots of sweeping views of Mt Adams with old barns dotting the treed edges of the Meadow.. Interesting place I may have to visit there again as spring rolls on..

This shot however is quite iconic and has been shot a million times.  
Multnomah Falls Lodge and the Historic Hwy Bridge.. 
It ended up being a beautiful day toady. Sunny but cold in the eastwind the farther east you went..
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Michael Hatten

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Ohh Ya now I remember why I hate moving.

It was easier and cheaper whe we had nothing to move. 
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The unpacking is so much better than packing though. 
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Michael Hatten

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Meg and I are celebrating our offer being accepted on a house. 
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+Wendy Chase it's near the walnut grove area of Vancouver. 
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Michael Hatten

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Breakfast at Valerie's
In Vancouver.

Über yum!!!
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Michael Hatten

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Sweeping View

From the Columbia Hills Washington.  Across the Columbia River To Mt Hood and Mt Jefferson. 

Spring has arrived!

I took this shot about a week ago and the Balsam Root seemed to be bloomed out for the most part. I remember last year huge clumps of bushes with Balsam Root and Lupine for as far as the eye could see.

When I stopped by Rowena Crest that day I felt that area was just peaking.. 

Get out there and see the flowers before they are gone..

Also as a side note the Camas Flower Meadows at Bridal Veil was awash in purple and blue ..
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Those fields look as if they've been mowed with a low-cut mower. :-)) Beautiful tone of green. :-)
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Michael Hatten

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I have a question for all you Photographers out there.

I am thinking of going Creative Cloud for Photographers.
I am not a fan of subscription based software but if I want things to mesh together well I going to have to go that route.

Currently I use Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom 5.7 
with a bunch of Plugins from Topaz Labs, Noiseware, OnOne, etc:

My question for you all is what photo editing software do you use.

Feel free to tell me why you like it over the older versions outside of the Adobe RAW update.
14 votes  -  votes visible to Public
Creative Cloud for Photographers
Photoshop CS5 (or earlier)
Phoroshop Elements
Any other photo processing software
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even if you went back to a previous version of LR, you could re-import your images. Like Dennis says, if you used new features that might cause problems and those changes would not show up.  Not sure if you have the .xmp sidecar file that holds all the changes made to the raw image, if it would just read those changes when importing the photo again.
If you have a Mac there is a company that is creating a Photoshop like program, it's still in beta and free at the moment but they will charge when it's complete.  Here is the link if you want to check it out.
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Michael Hatten

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The day the sky fell
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Interesting formation 
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I am drawn to the outdoors because I feel most at peace in nature. I would love to do a book someday. Maybe with a focus on the environment.  

I believe nature photographers get a front row seat to observe climate change and its tangeable effects on the land. With their cameras at the ready to record the proof.

Reciently I've fallen in love with shooting Historical Architecture.


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