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Michael Harling
Expat author, sort of like Bill Bryson but without the best selling books and gobs of money.
Expat author, sort of like Bill Bryson but without the best selling books and gobs of money.

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Cyprus and the Lure of War
War is a strong tourist draw. That’s no surprise to me, I’ve toured many
a battle field, from Culloden, to Saratoga, to Gettysburg, the Somme and the
D-Day beaches. The one I visited today, however, is the most historically
recent, and therefore sparks more...

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Cyprus, Paphos and the DIY Hotel
We made it to our hotel. It’s a nice one, too—friendly staff, good food,
clean room, close to the beach. And it has an interesting, and appropriate,
motto: “Less like a hotel, more like home.” I say “appropriate” because when I went to put my clothes in the...

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I’m waiting to check my bags at the airport and it has just occurred to
me that I am paying a premium to fly due to my short stature. Think about it, I’m flying to Cyprus, and allowed to take a single bag
with me that weighs no more than 30 pounds. Now, I w...

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Merry Christmas
I thought I’d take this opportunity to break my blog-silence by
reporting a Santa Sighting: Santa spotted in Horsham Park Spotted in Horsham Park Christmas Eve morning, apparently taking time
out from his busy schedule to enjoy a stroll in the unseasonably ...

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Trump Means Trump
This is the second time in six
months that I have had to break tradition and talk about politics on my blog. I
apologize for this, and fervently hope it does not happen again. So here’s my take on the Trump
Triumph. I stayed up all night watching the

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November Already?
The trees, this year, are giving a decent color show. Nothing like New
England, but it’s as close as we can get. It’s also getting cold, but it’s a
nice, sharp, sunny cold, just like a New York autumn. That means it must be November, and I haven’t done a po...

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Lovin' Summer
It’s been a while since I’ve posted, so what the hell have I been up to? Has civilisation crumbled in Blighty since the Brexit vote? Am I too busy scrabbling around for scraps of Fish n’ Chips and sleeping in abandoned BHS dressing rooms to bother posting t...

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Life on the Lam
It’s difficult for people who live in the US to understand, and even
incomprehensible to expats from countries other than American, how one’s nation
of birth can treat a citizen like a criminal for the simple fact that they
chose to live in a different coun...

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To My American Friends
This is a humour blog. I know my sense of humour isn’t what
t used to be, but I still try to keep it entertaining and amusing. I never do
serious. I never do politics. But today I am making an exception, for these are
exceptional times. “What Happened?” Thi...

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The End of The Universe
No, this isn’t about the EU Referendum. If you want to read people’s thoughts on our decision to drop out of the world’s largest economic and financial community to set up a mom-and-pop store on a side-street, you can go almost anywhere else on the web. Bes...
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