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Take a look back at some of the moments that defined our year. Watch the #YearInSearch
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Michael Gottesman

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Regardless of the minor inconvenience that 2-Factor (or 2-Step) Authentication can cause, it is well worth it fort the increased protection from being hacked.
Passwords are the weakest link in security. Two-step verification helps solve that. #ncsam #staysafe

Follow @GoogleforWork on Twitter for daily security tips throughout National Cyber Security Awareness month.
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Michael Gottesman

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Can't wait to get a look at the Moto X+1 and Moto360
Join Lauren Gellman, Director of Product Marketing, and Steve Sinclair, VP of Product Marketing, for a first look at the new portfolio of Moto products.  They will be answering your questions live this Friday at 1:30 PM CT. Mark your calendars and post your questions using #askmoto
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Moto. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
A First Look at the New Portfolio of Moto Products
Fri, September 5, 2014, 2:30 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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You will probably be able to see them earlier because at 1am everyone who went to the evmt today can share what they heard in Chicago.😄
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Michael Gottesman

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GMB question about Brand Pages for businesses with multiple locations:
A local bank with multiple branches has correctly claimed their GMB business listings. One of those is both a branch and their headquarters. They have not added any content to those pages. They also have a brand page which is where they have been posting and have linked to their YouTube page. Is there any benefit to still having that brand page or would they be better off moving what they can to the business listing for their headquarters?
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Thanks +Max Minzer. Great advice about the URL. There are 8 total locations but the individual pages don't have much authority compared to the homepage.

Like everyone else, I'm really having  a hard time getting any feel for Google's long-term strategy for GMB and G+... regardless, it certainly has been frustrating. At least it's nice to know that my recommendations have been in line with the general consensus. Thanks again.
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Michael Gottesman

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As part of all the changes related to Google shutting down unverified Google My Business listings, I now can't seem to find a way to get the CID/URL for the unverified pages. I have been making the assumption that if a business info box still shows up in search results then there would still be an unclaimed Google+ page that exists. I guess the first question is whether that assumption is still correct. Are the business info boxes generated directly from Google+ pages (claimed or not) or is it only coming from Maps?

If the page still exists, then the second question is how to find the CID for that page since Google seems to have hidden it very well, although I did find an exception.

I went through my client notes and all the URLs I had for unclaimed pages still work but I otherwise couldn't find a way to get the CID if I didn't already have it.

The exception I found is when there is a photo in the business info box. If you right click on the photo you can find the URL for the existing unclaimed Google+ page buried in the longer URL.

I'm not sure it matters if we can still find the CID but I would always send the link to the unclaimed pages to show clients or prospects since it was a relatively short URL. I also realize that many things are in transition so this call all change regardless.

Am I missing anything obvious? Any other feedback on the implications of these changes?
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+Andreas Vogt Thanks so much for that cidfinder link. It worked beautifully for the couple of companies I just tested.
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Michael Gottesman

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I'll be watching... Can't wait to see everything Google has planned... especially Android 5.0 and Android Wear
Google I/O 2014 starts tomorrow. Tune in at 9 am PT to watch the keynote live → #io14
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Michael Gottesman

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Starting to test Google Domains

It's 2014 and it seems obvious, but across laptops, tablets and mobile devices, a website is one of the first places people go to find information about a business. But amazingly, our research shows that 55% of small businesses still don't have one. 

So as we explore ways to help small businesses succeed online (through tools like Google My Business [] ), we thought it made sense to look more closely at the starting point of every business’s online presence - a website. And that starts with a domain name.

We’re beginning to invite a small number of people to kick the tires on Google Domains [], a domain registration service we’re in the process of building. Businesses will be able to search, find, purchase and transfer the best domain for their business - whether it’s .com, .biz, .org, or any of the wide range of new domains that are being released to the Web. 
Google Domains isn’t fully-featured yet, but we’re giving a small group of people the ability to buy and transfer domains through it and send feedback on their experience. (You currently need an invitation code to do so, sorry!) We want input on all the ways we can help make finding, buying, transferring and managing a domain a simple and transparent experience. We also want to make sure our customer support and infrastructure works flawlessly, and that we have the right additional services (like mobile website creation tools and hosting services from a range of providers, as well as domain management support). We're working with some of the top website building providers like +Shopify, +Squarespace, +Weebly, and  to help make that happen.

While we’re still building out all of the features, our goal is to make Google Domains more widely available soon. You can check out the first cut of what we’re working on at
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I'm a techie and problem-solver who is passionate about helping individuals and small businesses be more productive by using technology more effectively.
Having worked for online software and internet communications companies for more than a dozen years, I've seen the benefits of choosing the right software and implementing it effectively. My roles have included Sales, Marketing and Support but my focus has always been to align technology to the unique needs of each client and build solutions to meet their goals.

I launched BizTech Coaching to apply this same approach to help small businesses. When I start working with customers, many are simply overwhelmed by the rapidly evolving world of software and online marketing. My favorite part of my job is seeing the wave of relief as it all begins to make sense for them and they see the actual impact on their business.
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    I help small businesses reach more customers and be more productive by putting them in control of the technology that they use - From their online presence (Websites, Social Media, Business Directory Listings) - To their back-office software (CRMs, Email Marketing, Accounting) -
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Great place to stay when visiting Story Land. Extremely family-friendly!
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I had my first BWW experience and I was far from impressed. The service was pretty good and it was kid-friendly but the food was really mediocre at best. The chicken seemed processed and a little rubbery. I might go back to have a drink and watch a game but that's about it.
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I have been going to Newton Optica and Dr. Kolnik for many years and have always had an excellent experience. I appreciate his attention to detail and patience with answering any questions. I have also been impressed with their frequent investments in the latest technology to improve the experience and provide the best care possible.
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We stayed two night while visiting Canyonlands National Park and had a wonderful time. Crystal made us feel like family and they serve a delicious full breakfast in the mornings. The rooms were nicely decorated and very comfortable. If we're ever back in the area we would certainly stay again.
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I had never considered seeing a Chiropractor until I happened to meet Dr. Ezrin just after I strained my neck. I really didn't know what to expect but Dr. Ezrin made me feel very comfortable from the beginning. The office is nicely maintained and there is always good music on. I appreciated that he took the time to explain everything he was doing along with giving me a better understanding of how my body works so that I can be more aware of things like my posture. After just a few sessions, I was aware of a notable difference. He was able to quickly identify tender spots that I didn't ever realize existed. I had been living with some occasional back pain in the morning but that is no longer an issue. Dr. Ezrin has made me a complete believer in the value of routine chiropractic care and I regularly recommend his services to anyone who mentions that they are having pain in their back, neck, shoulder or even legs.
• • •
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