Dark Matter FALSIFIED again... and again!

Today's report:

(Do Milky Way's Companions Spell Trouble for Dark Matter?)

(The VPOS: a vast polar structure of satellite galaxies, globular clusters and streams around the Milky Way)

(The Vast Polar Structure around the Milky Way )
The Vast Polar Structure around the Milky Way

From today's press release:

"Our model appears to rule out the presence of dark matter in the universe, threatening a central pillar of current cosmological theory. We see this as the beginning of a paradigm shift, one that will ultimately lead us to a new understanding of the universe we inhabit."


Report from a week or so ago:

(Serious Blow to Dark Matter Theories? -- New study finds mysterious lack of dark matter in Sun’s neighbourhood)

(Kinematical and chemical vertical structure of the Galactic thick disk.
II. A lack of dark matter in the solar neighborhood)

From last week's press release:

“The amount of mass that we derive matches very well with what we see — stars, dust and gas — in the region around the Sun,” says team leader Christian Moni Bidin (Departamento de Astronomía, Universidad de Concepción, Chile). “But this leaves no room for the extra material — dark matter — that we were expecting. Our calculations show that it should have shown up very clearly in our measurements. But it was just not there!”

“Despite the new results, the Milky Way certainly rotates much faster than the visible matter alone can account for. So, if dark matter is not present where we expected it, a new solution for the missing mass problem must be found. Our results contradict the currently accepted models. The mystery of dark matter has just become even more mysterious."


And then there's this from back in the day (2010):

(Dark matter claims thrown into doubt by new data)

Xenon 100 observations find no candidate DM detections, despite being more sensitive than DAMA & CDMS-II.

Though fellow researchers got their knickers in a twist about it...

(Dark matter 'no result' comes under fire)

Sure, the Xenon 100 report was after only an initial 11 day run. But still, 0 detection candidates is 0 detection candidates. Wonder how long it's been running now? :)

Found my own answer:

(Dark Matter Results from 100 Live Days of XENON100 Data)

And the survey says...!

"In 100.9 live days of data, acquired between January and June 2010, no evidence for dark matter is found."

So, basically the same result as the 11-day initial run...

Quelle surprise!
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