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HostGator Coupon Code for 50% Off

I just got this email from HostGator- they are having a 50% off sale today. You can't beat that!  Coupon Code: TAX2014

#hosting #webhostingservices  
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Change Your Website Passwords TODAY.

A newly identified bug named the Heartbleed Bug has made nearly 70% of all websites on the Internet insecure — over 600 million.

The Heartbleed Bug makes the secret keys that encrypt your online data vulnerable to theft. An attacker can easily steal your usernames and passwords, instant messages, emails, business documents and communication from servers with this vulnerability.

The Heartbleed Bug has existed since March 14, 2012. Attackers who exploit it leave zero trace. That means that any website owner affected by this bug has no idea what data may have been compromised since then, or if any data was compromised at all. All that they can do is patch the bug immediately, communicate with customers and take measures to reset their systems.

We strongly encourage you to change your password. Everywhere.

Beware of websites that are popping up to "check" for the vulnerability. You may be inviting theft of your data.

Where to read more about Heartbleed: : This contains FAQs with (mostly) simple answers.

CNET: 'Heartbleed' bug undoes Web encryption, reveals Yahoo passwords

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I don't believe anything that corporations say +Ginny Lacey Gorman and +Janis Borgueta. They have an obligation to their stockholders and nobody else. If they can plead ignorance, that's what they'll always do.
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Does Spelling And Grammar Affect SEO?

It does and it should. In the photo below, by misspelling "hole", the butcher turned this _ +Andrew Zimmern _ delicacy into an ordinary "whole" pork roast. He or she is also missing a couple commas in there. Commas can really make the difference! :-)

Make sure your message is clear and focused when you are writing a page that you want to optimize to be found by Google. ( #SEO ). Or when you are packing a pork roast for that matter. If it confuses humans, it will confuse Google; I guarantee it.

#seotips #foodporn  
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LOL. Very creative tie-in.
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Michael George

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Ellis Aveta
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Michael George

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This is a great Chinese restaurant in Tempe. It's not authentic- at all- and that's what makes it great. It's campy. This is the kind of place where you go to get egg drop soup and egg foo young. This is the kind of place they ate at in "The Christmas Story." The placemat says I'm a pig. 
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+Michael George  You're a man after my own heart
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Michael George

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Which Passwords Should I Change for Heartbleed?

There are conflicting views on this. Things of this nature tend to be like peeling an onion, and we won't know the true impact for months. So I personally recommend (and this is what I'm doing): change all of your passwords once per week, for the next few weeks or so- until we know the true impact. Better safe than sorry.


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This is why I use 2 factor authentication where possible (e.g., Google, Facebook, Twitter).
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Michael George

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Sharing because it's outrageous...

...and because it's +Alanda J. Calmus's Fortieth Birthday! 
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You mean when my house burns down from it +Fred Carver.
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Michael George

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A Long
So cool! +Michael George 
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Michael George

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Trying a New Look

My website's been down for a couple of days, while I try a new look. I made a tongue-in-cheek slider with a floating "guru", but the thing I like the most is the American flag in the background. (Scroll down, center of the page.) I'm still tinkering with it... I probably have another four or five days of work, but I decided to put it up anyway. Most of my visitors land on the front page- which is finished- or one specific internal page, which is also finished.

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Very nice design +Michael George!
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Google Semantic Search - Still in Early Beta

No Google; I did not mean that!

I find so many of these odd "semantic search" results. I take screenshots when I have time. Hopefully, this will help the Google team understand that "sails" go with "schooners" and not so much "snails." This is semantic search in action folks!

It's's like Google knows what I am thinking! Hope it gave you a laugh. This one was found- not by me- but by an anonymous Reddit user.

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Fo sho!
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    I used to be an SEO Guru, but then I became an "SEO expert". But to Google, it's all just semantics. That reminds me, recently, I've declared myself a Semantic SEO Expert and a "Google Authorship Authority". Why not?
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    Systems Analyst, 1996 - 1998
    Worked in the Ergonomics lab and analyzed injury data for "repetitive task" injuries. Being a riveter is not good for one's shoulders, it turns out. Worked with some brilliant minds and loved the high-security environment. It made shopping for items on ebay all the more thrilling.
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    Drove more traffic to real estate agent's websites; made them more money...which made AZWM more money, which made me more money. It sounds like it's all about money, but it wasn't. It was all about the love of real estate. True story.
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    I used to be a chef. Too many restaurants to list here. Ask me how to cook something.
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I claim to be a search engine expert, but lots of people claim to be SEO experts, don't they? It doesn't mean much to simply proclaim it. Before you hire an SEO consultant, you might want to ask them where they rank and why.

I like motorcycles, snowboarding, flying kites, hockey, cooking, blogging, and Scrabble. I prefer dogs to cats, but I love all animals, especially Red Wings fans.

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I make an excellent duck confit.
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    An unfortunate circumstance kept me from finishing. I hope to retire soon and continue working towards my DrPhil. (That's how they say PhD in Europe! Did you know that? Me neither.)
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    Studied Management Information Systems and Political Science / Pre-Law. Was very lucky to get a full ride from the ATiB program. "Applied Technology in Business." I claim to understand search engines (which are databases) and my degree is in Information Systems a.k.a. "Systems/Database Analysis." When you hire an SEO, if you'll consider education- (as you would with almost any hire)- you'll want to hire somebody with a systems and/or a programming background. When it comes to SEO, don't buy the pitch. Hire and interview as you would anyone else. What makes you a good SEO? Are you doing work for my competition? Do you understand htaccess commands? What about speed? Is WordPress really the best solution for me? What about Paris Hilton? What happened to her?
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