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Also, be sure to give your forwarding address to Santa, so that your kids still get their gifts delivered on time. I mean, that's just common sense!

Is Selling My Home During The Holidays a Wise Move?
This is a question that lots of sellers will ask their Realtor?

The debate is often whether or not you should wait to sell your home until after the holidays are over or even until Spring.

What advice are you giving your clients? In the article I share why selling at the holidays really depends on each individuals circumstances.

If you are selling during the holidays take a look at some of the home selling tips here along with contributions from +Luke Skar and +RISMedia.

If you enjoy the article please consider sharing socially.

#realestate #realestatetips  
Should I sell my home during the holidays? This is a question on the minds of many home owners. See tips for selling a home during the holidays.
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Thanks for sharing +Michael George and for the timely advice!
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Michael George

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PPC for Realtors and Real Estate Agents

I've seen too many #realtors write posts about #ppc and they are usually filled with bad advice, to be honest. I don't know how to say it much nicer. But you absolutely can make money with PPC and calculate your ROI down to the penny. I wanted to write this post last January, and just got around to it. Sorry if anyone lost any money in the meantime. :-)

  #roi #realestatemarketing #realestate  
If you want to make money in real estate using PPC, please follow a few common sense rules; and calculate your ROI just like a real business!
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Michael George

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The typical crap I deal with on a daily basis. 
So it appears NetSol has a new business model, it's called hostage negotiations.

You see, in order to do anything with your account, you need to call customer support and speak to a customer representative who asks the answer to a secret question. here's the problem. Not everyone remembers their secret question. 

You can have all your login information including username and password, but without this phone call and the secret answer, you cannot do anything. 

Well, more specifically, you cannot transfer the domain, turn off the hosting, cancel any services, or edit public records. 

You CAN NOT access any of this though your +Network Solutions dashboard. 

I have a corporate account who has been with NetSol for 5 years. When the account was set up, it was a secretary that set up the account. She is no longer with the company. The company does not have a record of the secret question / answer, only passwords. They cannot access their account. 

I called on behalf of the customer and the customer support person from NetSol said, "This is why it is clearly stated in our TOS that you should not use fictitious answers to the secret questions"

So that's why I say, it's a hostage situation. 

Boo on you NetSol. Boo on you! 

#hosting   #customersupport  
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say hi for me
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Michael George

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The two competing #coneyisland places in #detroit. Lafayette and American. I prefer Lafayette, but Detroit is divided on the issue, clearly. Two wid' everything and a Coke, no Pepsi. Maybe throw a chili-cheese fries in there if it's 2am and you need to soak up some beer.

#michigan #puremichigan #saynicethings
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Michael George

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Google's Advanced Search

The regular Google basic search is for commoners!

It's so odd, but I can't find any posts in Google+ about this. But did you know Google has an advanced search? That's right folks. Skip the basic Google search- that's for sissies. If you want to be sure to find the information you need, go straight to advanced search.

#seo #googlesearch #google  
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Then maybe you could help me?sherri Lasseter 
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Michael George

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When doctors have financial incentive to prescribe mind altering pharmaceuticals to 'cure' normal childlike behavior, we might have a problem.

Are your kids pharmaceutical free? Why or why not?

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Not entirely true ..I was diagnosed with ADD in the third grade ( 1963) And they gave me Ritalin. My son has it , my sister has ADHD . Actually it's a outlying symptom of Asperger's Syndrome ....a form of high functioning Autism. 
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Michael George

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Just testing something out. This link to an article on market values in Glen Laurel (Clayton, NC), shows a dead link on the original, but I wonder if it will show an image when I re-share it? Has anyone had experience with #owly links breaking the image?

#internetmarketing #googleplus #googleplustips #googleplusphotos

The original post showing the broken image link:
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Evelyn will like to chat with you
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Michael George

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I wrote this for the Zillow Professional Blog a long time ago, but I thought it was worth a re-share. It's pretty simple technique for #wordpress   users to make the #userexperience a little more #userfriendly . Does it help #seo ? I think so, because it makes sense, but since when does anything make sense with Google?
Optimize Your WordPress Menus in 10 Minutes

When it comes to SEO, the first thing I do with a client is make sure the site is academically sound. Of course, I'm too busy to make my own site academically sound, but this is what I do for clients.

If you have a WordPress site, you can do this in about 10 minutes. Make your menus more useful to guests and-- in my opinion-- more useful to Google.

#seo #seotips #wordpress #realestatemarketing #searchengineoptimization  
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I will be watching +Michael George. Always find useful information in your posts.
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Michael George

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Population: 294

A Bloody Mary at the Leggs Inn, garnished with house-made #polish sausage. Honestly, it's the best smoked sausage I've ever had. This place is located near #petoskey and #harborsprings in a tiny town called Cross Village-- population of 294 people. The restaurant owner flies most of his staff in from Poland. My kind of town. The beautiful hunting-lodge style restaurant is located on #lakemichigan with cabins out back.

#puremichigan   #saynicethings #michigan
  #foodphotography #foodporn  
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You have no idea my friend. With a view of Lake Superior, and beautiful Polish college girls walking around making sure your every need is met.
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Michael George

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#detroit Fireworks were terrific on Monday night. I drove to the Canadian side #windsor #ontario and was able to see the familiar Detroit Skyline from a different angle. Great time. These photos were taken before it got dark. It was a lot better 45 minutes later...

  #4thofjuly #independenceday #fireworks #autoawesome  
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Michael George

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This is all the rage in #phoenix. Blow-dry bars... Is it popular in other states?
Buy a Blow-Dry Bar Franchise!

This seems like a lot of fun. As an entrepreneur myself, I love new fresh ideas like this. It’s wildly popular here in #phoenix #AZ. Stay tuned, I might be a salon owner one day soon! Check out the site if you’re interested in a blow dry bar franchise.
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Michael George

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I saw wonton wrappers in the store yesterday, so I thought I would make them into ravioli. They turned out looking like wonton, but the insides are filled with pork, beef, Parmesan, and provolone. The sauce is fresh tomato with crispy fried salami, tons of garlic, and heavy cream. #foodphotography #italianfood  
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Why didn't you just buy ravioli ?
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SEO and Sworn Enemy of SkyNet
I claim to be a search engine expert, but lots of people claim to be SEO experts, don't they? It doesn't mean much to simply proclaim it. Before you hire an SEO consultant, you might want to ask them where they rank and why.

I like motorcycles, snowboarding, flying kites, hockey, cooking, blogging, and Scrabble. I prefer dogs to cats, but I love all animals, especially Red Wings fans.

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I make an excellent duck confit.
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    An unfortunate circumstance kept me from finishing. I hope to retire soon and continue working towards my DrPhil. (That's how they say PhD in Europe! Did you know that? Me neither.)
  • Oakland University
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    Studied Management Information Systems and Political Science / Pre-Law. Was very lucky to get a full ride from the ATiB program. "Applied Technology in Business." I claim to understand search engines (which are databases) and my degree is in Information Systems a.k.a. "Systems/Database Analysis." When you hire an SEO, if you'll consider education- (as you would with almost any hire)- you'll want to hire somebody with a systems and/or a programming background. When it comes to SEO, don't buy the pitch. Hire and interview as you would anyone else. What makes you a good SEO? Are you doing work for my competition? Do you understand htaccess commands? What about speed? Is WordPress really the best solution for me? What about Paris Hilton? What happened to her?
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    I used to be an SEO Guru, but then I became an "SEO expert". But to Google, it's all just semantics. That reminds me, recently, I've declared myself a Semantic SEO Expert. You know, because other people are doing it. Declaring oneself an expert is commonplace- and almost expected- on social media!
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    Worked in the Ergonomics lab and analyzed injury data for "repetitive task" injuries. Being a riveter is not good for one's shoulders, it turns out. Worked with some brilliant minds and loved the high-security environment. It made shopping for items on ebay all the more thrilling.
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    Drove more traffic to real estate agent's websites; made them more money...which made AZWM more money, which made me more money. It sounds like it's all about money, but it wasn't. It was all about the love of real estate. True story.
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    I used to be a chef. Too many restaurants to list here. Ask me how to cook something.
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