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I saw wonton wrappers in the store yesterday, so I thought I would make them into ravioli. They turned out looking like wonton, but the insides are filled with pork, beef, Parmesan, and provolone. The sauce is fresh tomato with crispy fried salami, tons of garlic, and heavy cream. #foodphotography #italianfood  
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Hay michael..
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Google Local Reviews Just Got Better....maybe.

So Skynet is now allowing businesses to contest reviews. This has been necessary since Google started posting reviews. I've been waiting for this for years. But what about missing reviews? You can't contest a review that's mysteriously disappeared, and lots of people have had that problem. (I lost two legitimate ones myself.) If Google is going to publish reviews, then this is just responsible behavior. I'm kind of amazed.

#localseo #googleplus #localbusiness #googlereviews
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Ha ha
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Mobile-Friendly Websites

In 2012, I started converting all of my client's sites into responsive, mobile-friendly sites.

I wrote the article, below, in January of 2013.

Our clients are always ahead of the curve. In a few days, I'm going to explain why your mobile sites aren't truly mobile-friendly, even if Google says so.


From the post:

2. Be accessible to every living person and every device: Some people believe that this is already in effect, but I’ve not seen any direct evidence personally. But regardless of whether or not it’s currently affecting search engine rankings, it is logical to believe that websites which are accessible on every device would perform better in the SERPs. In other words, your website needs to adjust when it is visited by a mobile device.

#seotips #seoservices  
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To me, nothing is tummy-friendly +Lea Deo. But I worked as a butcher for a while, and I really couldn't tell what I was looking at here. Very weird.
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#tacos near my #phoenix home. There are many buildings in downtown Phoenix that have #murals. 
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yup thats it taking my harley this next wknd to take pics
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Help! Any server engineers out there?

Web Server Issue

My client has a website on Hostgator shared Linux hosting.

This is for a real estate website. She used to have a subdomain called "search-homes".

So the MLS (multiple listing service for homes), was hosted on the subdomain, like this: -- so the subdomain wasn't a subdomain in the traditional sense. It was a CNAME pointed to

However, I have moved everything to simply: (which now points to IDXbroker)

So I went in and created an actual subdomain called search-mls and I uploaded an htaccess file there. However, none of the redirects work. It never leaves the subdomain. All it gives are 500 server errors, and there is nothing wrong with my htaccess file.

So just to humor them, I gave up on that, deleted my htaccess, and attempted to use the redirection tool in #cpanel

I will put in 3 redirects and they all work fine. Once I add the 4th, that one and everyone after it, gets screwed up. The 4th, the 5th, the 6th...

The losers at #hostgator have kept me on hold for 4 hours at this point (starting last Monday), even though their server is not functioning correctly. Customer support hasn't responded to my ticket since Monday. +HostGator - you suck.

Is this really so hard? I've done it dozens of times before... What is hostgator's tech support not understanding? What is the missing puzzle piece?

Much thanks in advance for any help or advice you may offer. I'm pulling my hair out right now.

#hosting #hostingcompanies #hostgator +HostGator 
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+Michael George No worries man. It's nice that it's fixed now. Yeah, for some reasons social media gets them going like nothing else. A few months ago I had a completely different problem with my Aussie telco and after contacting them on social media, my wait time got reduced from ~5 days to 1 day & they waived off my half month's fee.
Just goes on to show you how the ones (customers) who don't ask for anything get nothing.
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Michael George

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When doctors have financial incentive to prescribe mind altering pharmaceuticals to 'cure' normal childlike behavior, we might have a problem.

Are your kids pharmaceutical free? Why or why not?

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+Michael George you must own more domains than godaddy!! pathetic, but funny all at the same time. Lawsuits and attorneys are another topic that makes me more than a little crazy.
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But if you create a social media account, and call yourself a Faith healer on Google plus, you'll get 30,000 followers who will actually believe you. Why? Because you have a Google plus account, that's why! Post some cat photos; post some articles that other people wrote- and you're in business my friend!

#socialmedia #socialmediamarketing #seo
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Today would be my beautiful wife's birthday. I saw this picture today and I realized that as she was getting sicker, I was letting myself go. I've aged so much since this photo. It's been 6.5 years and I'm not feeling any better about it. I love you Karen. I'm so sorry this happened.

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I'm Danielle I'm So very sorry I too lost my daughter's father u just have to take it day by day 
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If you do this, it's a way of broadcasting your stupid for the whole world to see.
"Repost! Thank you Hilary Clinton! Happy International Womens Day! ❤️ #rebelheart" -Madonna
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Oh and how do u get people to add u as u can see im not very smart when it comes to this so id really appreciate your help
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I love John Oliver 
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This cute girl, dressed for the celebration, just served me catfish with crawfish sauce and key lime pie. Happy Fat Tuesday! #fattuesday #mardigras +Baby Kays Cajun Kitchen
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Nice +Michael George looks like you are living the good life!
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Have him in circles
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    Worked in the Ergonomics lab and analyzed injury data for "repetitive task" injuries. Being a riveter is not good for one's shoulders, it turns out. Worked with some brilliant minds and loved the high-security environment. It made shopping for items on ebay all the more thrilling.
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