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Funny to look back at the pre-season predictions. Nobody had the W's better than #3 in the West.
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Say hello to my little friend...

After playing several tube combo amps, I fell in love with the Vox. And yes I plan on playing a lot of Beatles on it.
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I only have a Pathfinder 10, which is a practice amp, but it works amazing.
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Matchless DC30 all the way... (If I could afford one, but I have the clone of it for now, Bugera BC30) Does rock, blues... has its own unique sound due to it having 2 different speakers. You would definitely need a large area, ain't no apartment amp.
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Auto awesome on the way to Tahoe today.
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Saw this while toy shopping, and at first I thought it was encouraging young girls to write their passwords down in a "locked" notebook...
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Well they could use it for that. Also, holy crap they still make these? I think they're even still using the same tag line from twentysome years ago. You'd think it would be an app by now.
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Michael Galpin

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Michael Galpin

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Bill & Ted still the best key for explaining Interstellar
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Have him in circles
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There, that's better... And room to grow!
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Isn't the Wampler Ego nice? I have one and love it.
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Michael Galpin

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This is why it's so hard for musicians to make any money...
Maybe its just me but shouldn't the price go down when you are having a sale? 
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Rack 'em up!
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Go out of town for a week and this tree goes from green to this...
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I thought the car was on fire. :)
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You were a good phone.
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Have him in circles
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