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There are people on G+ who are worth following for a variety of reasons, most (all?) of those I follow are incredibly photographers.  Among them are +Mike Spinak who inspires ever wildlife picture I take and +Robin Griggs Wood who just plain inspires me.  For example just today she made me aware of +Birds4All / #birds4all  and +Backyard Birding Monday #BackyardbirdingMonday when she posted her awesome little hummer.  Mike, Robin, this is an homage to you two, thank you so much!
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A wonderful capture and I think your objects of inspiration will be happy with your image:))
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A week or two ago Portland Fire was having fun just outside of Good Sam in Portland.  Fortunately I had a camera on me.
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I have fun either way Elena, I think this was a power line issue rather than a fire.
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Keep Portland Weird (not a stretch)
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Since I was revisiting some pictures from Chicago...
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sounds like a plan +Lauri Novak , thank you
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It's all about the hat, silly!

Yesterday while wandering around Oregon City we ducked into this awesome hat store on 7th to seek refuge from a moment of light drizzle.  Sandra, the proprietress was a hoot and even gave me a chocolate toffee candy :-).  Thank you!

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+Wesly Smith, I think it goes both ways.  +E.E. Giorgi, tutti vorremmo un capello cosi, tu sei una delle poche che lo potrebbe portare.
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Cat toys are back in season.
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Experience is what you get when you don't get what you wanted.

+Jake Johnson takes the time to help a group of us out with an assignment he doles out twice a month.  The goal is to help us push our limits in pursuit of goals we shared at the beginning of the year.  Last month he had us pick a saying and illustrate it.

This is the picture I came up with.  After we'd chatted for a while about life on the road Larry allowed me to get this shot of him and his partner.  I thus gained experience AND got what I wanted.  There's nothing technically interesting about the picture, I converted it to B&W in LR5, applied the stock LR lens correction and manually went a bit further on the vertical perspective as at 24mm the diverging lines were distracting, lowered the green, blue, and aqua levels, and added a bit of grain and clarity to convey some of the grimy feel the location had.
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Every time I wander through +Gene Bowker's images I find a different absolute favorite, today this is what I got, it makes me long for kinder weather.

The reason I'm sharing this beauty is to remind you that Gene has again posted his list of active photographers here on G+.  I'm again honored and humbled to be included in the company of some of the the most original and inspiring photographers I can imagine.  He's sorted us by first name into 5 circles:






Every time Gene does this I spend many a wonderful night visiting people I've never heard of and adding new gems to my stream.  I hope you do the same.

Thank you for your efforts big guy!
Fall 2011 at Mabry Mill, Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia

Shot yesterday.. had to crop in to get rid of the people in the shot... they kept wanting to lean out of the windows in the mill.

Shot on #Canon 7D with the 20-35mm f2.8L lens.

#PlusPhotoExtract #POTD
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Thanks for the great post +Michael Galassi glad folks get use out of the circles =)
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+Graham Knights posted an awesome shot taken from a few meters to the left of this one, I thought I'd share my take because (to me) it brought a similar feeling of smallness.  Thank you Graham for bringing back memories of very good times.  I clearly need to return to the Windy City ASAP.
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Very cool shot! There's such great architecture in Chicago, we didn't have much time to explore when we were there - definitely look forward to making a return as well.
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No Mail For Carlos Avalos

I believe that the same gentleman who maintains this mailbox for the US Army Corps of Engineers is in charge of the levees along the Mississippi.
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I'm a software engineer, an EMT, and a volunteer fire-fighter. I love taking pictures.

That birthday I publish...  Yeah, not mine, my credit union uses my birthday to identify me.  I chose that of one of my heroes as my social birthday since it's only off by a couple of weeks (well, I wasn't born in 1914 but...).
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