I see the problem now
The issue was not hidden
in so many words
But propped up against a tree
in such a way as to look like

That misses it as well
The description is the metaphor
Not just the one chosen
but the idea
of stretching one thing
to become

Even the format
part of the definition
A message in itself
Look how it uses words
and spaces
The lines make pauses
Their own meaning

The tendency
At this point usually
The turning away
Reach back into the known
Recover an image
Known since childhood
and comfortable

To stare too long
Equated with obsession
To hold to the light
considered a bit obtuse
We are urged to see the edges
find the common ground
Admit ignorance

However, the definition
Of Being is a Binary one
We only get to experience
One side of the coin
Then in the Now
Add oneself
to the Other

+++++++ have long been aware of what you mean
when you use the expression "Being".
We however, who used to think we understood it,
have become perplexed.
--Plato "Sophist" 244A
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