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Streaming #Quiplash  LIVE in 45 minutes (7pm CST) at  Join and play!

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More Quiplash insanity LIVE NOW! Hop into my stream at and LET'S PLAY!!

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Live-streaming some Quiplash tonight for the first time ever on Twitch! Come join in the fun! 

Quiplash is ridiculously fun and it's free to play. The fun starts at 7pm CST. See you then?

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#ingress Field Report
Op: #Zwiebelturm 
Objective: Spreading the light for future Enlightened agents
Status: Success!

-- The St. Louis plan came together only in the last five days. The teams were only finalized this afternoon. Things weren’t looking to great until this afternoon when things surprisingly turned around.

An group of green blocking links quickly developed into an area of opportunity as a local Resistance agent unknowingly cleared 6-8 green blocking links on a random path in a park next to the target city. More agents became available in a time of need when it looked like we wouldn’t have enough help. Local agents making links (unaware of the op in progress) agreed to take down their own links to help us. Agents who didn’t have extra ADAs were willing to use them for the betterment of the op and for the sake of our team. One agent in particular was met by park rangers and police in his attempt to reach a difficult portal. Our Intel op found a last layer to make when we would have missed out otherwise. It all came together against the odds.

So much came together, not only in regards to the op, but the team as a whole and made something quite beautiful. It’s not often that something of this size is made in our city, but when it does, everyone looks towards the light, the light that we shine when we all come together and give our best. These agents did that, and I’m proud to call them friends.

ESTL Agents Involved

Agent lectrick
Agent pwingate
Agent ScherzoVivo
Agent chevsev
Agent piman3141
Agent TeamWeEe
Agent DoaBarrelRoll64
Agent SnorkelPinguino
Agent Gravkill
Agent Skandrannon

thanks to agent momstore of the resistance

”We are the future, we nourish, we grow"
+Niantic people #XMforAll  
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Enlightened!!! Anyone else here playing? #ingress

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Wow, this app update is really gorgeous. Good job Google plus for iOS team.

Wow, Android Ice Cream Sandwich is some pretty impressive stuff. Can definitely see how a dual core processor would come in handy though.

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Day off like a boss: set up Apache, MySQL, and PHP on home server. Begin self-hosted site. Learn basics of PHP. Design new site from scratch with XHTML and CSS. Here's the result (a work in progress):
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