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Michael Ellis

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Wow, new CONTENT online for us all to enjoy.....

+Linda Pulver +Diane Ellis +Jeff Ellis 
Oh. If you are a history buff...
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Michael Ellis

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I support the Electoral College as the Founders designed it.
I have written this many times before, but this bears repeating.
Working its way across the country is a measure that will (legally in this instance) bypass the Constitution.  

I reiterate my position that bypassing the protection of the Electoral College eliminates the voice of everyone in the country who does not live in a major city (8 largest, approximately).   Let this go through and those outside the cities will lose their voice and likely never see another Presidential candidate swing through town to talk to the people.

The tip-off for my information started with Dick Morris, who I know is a lightning rod for many, so I have included a link to the original proposal.  You can decide for yourself.

The opposition
The proposal being considered:

An excellent editorial by George Will on the need for the Electoral College:

c: +Dan McDermott +David Dierksheide 
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+Michael Ellis This reminds me of a little film the satirical TV show extra 3 has made in 2008. Extra 3 - Das Wahlsystem der USA (German) It tried to explain how the entire election process for the presidential election works.

I also think that the swing states are a major reason why the electoral college might be not the best solution. Maybe a combination of popular vote and state vote could be fix some of this problems and maybe create some newer but less evil ones.

Those different elections laws for federal(!) elections are odd for me.
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Michael Ellis

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Great article by +Ron Miller of TechCrunch that I saw thanks to +Michael Krigsman .

My addition is that IBM has succeeded over many decades by doing what founder Thomas Watson always said it should do.  Everything else about the business can change, but the Basic Beliefs (Respect for the Individual, Superior Customer Service and the Pursuit of Excellence) will never change.

Technologies come and go.  As +Ron Miller points out, IBM is at its core an IT company.  But the changes it has undergone (before I started there in 1981 and after I left in 1988) have been because it held tight to those Basic Beliefs, even in the most tumultuous times in its industry.

I'm grateful today that I first learned business from that company - it has helped me maintain my businesses through some pretty tough years too.
IBM has seen its business models tossed asunder more than once in its long history and it's facing the same disruptive pressure most large tech companies are feeling today. It has responded with a full court press to the cloud. I spoke to Big Bang Disruption author Larry Downes, Digital Disruption author James McQuivey and enterprise consultant +Michael Krigsman about the challenges IBM and other companies face when they try to redefine themselves in a changing market.
We are in an age of disruption and this is even more pronounced for a large technology company like IBM, but Big Blue finds itself in the position of having..
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This Tibetan Monk invited me to have my photo taken with him.  I think he was fascinated by my white skin, honestly.  He was very nice, although we couldn't communicate in any way except hand gestures.  He greeted me with a smile and took my hand in a hearty handshake.

 He was there to pray for his wishes.  He granted me one of mine by demonstrating good will between very different people on earth.
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Xu Deng
Tibet,I am in Sichuan Province,not far away from Tibet.Tibet is very great and beautiful.
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Michael Ellis

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Praise be to IBM for inventing and sustaining the computer industry for the first 100 years.   Next up, whatever IBM invents next.
The IBM360 is 50 years young, today. It'll be in your datacenter for another 50 years.
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you are correct, Thomas, they have AIX and Linux available on the z servers (which are very grown up S360/S370 systems).  Along with the classic operating systems VM, MVS and another one I can't remember right now.....  
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Michael Ellis

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Hangouts can be dangerous and expensive and leave you hungry for breakfast....

This morning, I was just in a quick hangout with +Douglas Saylor  and +Irfan Farooqi .   I popped some bread in the toaster, hoping to have a quick breakfast and focus on the chat.
Unfortunately, the Hangout was really interesting, the toaster didn't pop up the toast, and two slices of bread were totally burnt to a crisp, the apartment completely filled with smoke.

I opened the front door, the back door and started waving the smoke out of the apartment.   Then the elevator arrived on the first floor and the doors opened.  The elevator filled with the smoke that was pouring out of the apartment.   Then the building fire alarm went off, locked the elevator in place.

SOOOOO, now I've met the fire crew from Engine # 3.  They were very nice.  I showed them to the basement, they found the fire panel, reset the alarm.  I showed them the burnt toast as proof.

Now the apartment is clear, the alarm is off, the neighbors have been calmed and returned to their own apartments, the apology email has been sent.

I'm now choosing where I'm going to breakfast.......

And since this is a post about Hangout technique, I'm copying +Ronnie Bincer and +martin shervington  .... :)
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+Ronnie Bincer LMAO! 
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Michael Ellis

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"To respond to aggressive provocation is not 'provocative' - indeed, unanswered it incentivizes [sic] continued Russian aggression."

Ukraine is our NATO ally and an obligation of the US to aid in defending its borders.   The situation is complicated, but what General Clark and Mr. Karber recommend is a prudent and rational plan that President Obama should act upon immediately.
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Michael Ellis

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My sister +Diane Ellis will really appreciate an Emperor who spends his imperial fortune trying to move a big rock into his front yard.

She complains about hers, but she didn't have to dig any wells or pump water out onto the ground so she could drag her big rock 1000's of miles (about 100 feet at a time) over the ice.   I think she's just complaining.  Imagine how much harder it was to be an emperor of the dynasty in ancient China......
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I feel his pain...the project that just bleeds money.  I have to rock looks better than his rock!
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1st day of #FiveDayQuest  
+Andreas Katifes got me started on one picture for each of 5 days.  Except I'm going to use pictures from the LAST 5 days, not the next..... :)   

Today (really today), I met this Tibetan Monk at the Lama Temple in Beijing.  He reached out to me and wanted me to take my photo with him.   My guide told me he is a visiting Monk, actually from Tibet.  His robes indicate (the yellow color) that he is from the same family as the Dalai Lama.

The Prayer Wheel he sits next to serves as inspiration for their Buddhist faith.   It is said that he must turn the prayer wheel 10,000 times during his lifetime to achieve fulfillment.
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+Xu Deng I was in China for 5 weeks.  Now I'm back in the US.   I really enjoyed China.  It was interesting, somewhat exotic, really different than anything I encountered in-depth before.  
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Michael Ellis

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I don't remember my physics classes that well, but I'm pretty certain I learned this in high school.

h/t: +Wolf Weber 
Just because...
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Hahaha....yes, I believe you are correct +Michael Ellis. Most boys learned the immense over-reaction girls can have in high school.!
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