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Cathédrale de Chartres
Medieval Catholic church in the French countryside. Some fo the best examples of outstanding stained glass in the world, expressing the best of both Romanesque and Gothic architecture.
In the carvings of its walls, you can see the contributions of nearly all aspects of medieval society, demonstrating the prominence the church played in the fabric of the community.
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Michael Ellis

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I'm resharing this because projects are SOOOO like this....
h/t +Pam Adger for sharing.
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Michael Ellis

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Google made a movie out of my day yesterday in Paris.
Make sure you watch the video segment it included ! :)

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Oh no, I definitely do not want to dance. Embarrassing myself comes easily to me. I don't need to seek out fresh opportunities to do so.
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Michael Ellis

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Excellent article (in English) about how native speakers can communicate effectively with others who wish to learn English.

I have spent years refining my skills in this area and the article captures very nicely what things we must consciously do to use the English language well with non-native speakers --- making it easier for both sides in a conversation.
Schöner Artikel zum Thema sprachenübergreifende Zusammenarbeit
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Autocorrect is not always your friend
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Kathy D
Google Voice has gotten me into trouble more than once... I finally quit using it.
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Michael Ellis

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Seinfeld is not REALLY a show about nothing
I never had heard a detailed description about Seinfeld's thoughts and the background in composing his show. But this analysis is really interesting and I thought you might enjoy it too.

Seinfeld is probably the funniest show on television since the I Love Lucy show
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It's more of a different humor. I have a hard time getting into scripted entertainment cos it all seems like the same script to me
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Michael Ellis

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Just another day in Paris.....
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Kathy D
Nice!! Do wish they'd revamp the music.. :))
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Michael Ellis

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Hôtel de Ville Paris
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Michael Ellis

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French National Day - La Fête Nationale

Today was the French commemoration of their revolution that overthew the monarchy in 1789. We in the US usually refer to it as "Bastille Day", but that name is a bit offensive to the French, since the sentiment is representative of much more than the prison of that day. Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette left power in that struggle. The French Revolution and the ideas of philosophers in France around that time (Voltaire, De Tocqueville) substantively affected the leaders of our country as they organized our new republic with our Constitution (signed in 1787).

Some of us stayed home and watched the magnificent military parade on TV (la défilé militaire). Others of us took advantage of the free admission price at the Louvre.

Tonight, we're going on a dinner cruise on the Seine and then watching the fireworks. It's a good day in Paris today.......
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Messaged you on Hangouts. If S.M.S. is better: 727-859-7171
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Michael Ellis

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Using international characters on a Chromebook

Since I've been in Germany for 14 months, and now France for a month, I have always searched for an answer to the problems of typing on my keyboard on the Chromebook and getting the special characters needed for the two languages which are not on my standard US keyboard. Using the German keyboard layout worked fine in Germany, once I got used to it. But in France, I had no idea what a French keyboard looked like, so I struggled a great deal to find the right key combinations to get the accented characters I needed for my class. The linked article explains how to install and use the US International Keyboard layout on your chromebook to make the accented French characters very accessible, without having to constantly change to unfamiliar keyboards. This solved my French problem, but has the added advantage of supporting the German special characters as well.

P.S. I made this picture on Google Drawing, then published it to the web. After I hit POST, I hope to see that everything worked and you all can easily access things as I intended.

[EDIT - the link to the article that explains all of this:]
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+Angelo Torquati I have that add-on and you're right - it's very effective. But it often happens that I'm typing in things OTHER than a Google Doc (such as email) and need the speedy access of touch-typing that I'm good at, once I learn where the keystrokes are.
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Michael Ellis

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Vacations are so hectic, I don't have time to sort out photos.
But Google did a nice movie for me to whet your appetite. (Versailles, France)
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You & Google... Fantastic job! Super.
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Michael Ellis

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A little funny for our community..... works in all the languages!
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+ Michael Ellis ~ all is well. thank you for posting me.
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Location is nice, directly next to the ubahn . Room was great, very clean and comfortable. The room door kept sticking open which caused some near miss embarassing moments when staff came to check why door was ajar. Still experience was quite nice.
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Wir waren da mit unserem Chor. Ich habe eine Maß Bier und Bauerngröstl bestellt. Wie immer alles war sehr lecker.
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5 reviews
Room is in great shape. Very comfortable and clean. Really attractive lobby. Breakfast was mediocre, the only drawback.
Public - 4 months ago
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I lived in a furnished rental apartment in San Francisco that had a great Hamra sofa and chaise with ottoman as the primary living room furniture. I LOVED THAT PIECE. I am now furnishing a place in NYC and would really like to find one like that one (it was a rust colored leather, no buttons, smooth and soft). IKEA was the source of the one my landlord had, but apparently they don't carry them any more. Do you still make them? Where could a buy one now?
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago