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Me in Heidelberg as my new profile photo on G+.
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Nice town
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Michael Ellis

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A beautiful small city in southwestern Germany, Heidelberg is a world-famous tourist destination, not least for its amazing castle on the mountain above the town.

The city itself survived the ravages of World War II because, legend has it, the American military officer who was responsible for dispatching the bombers had attended school in Heidelberg and decided it was simply too beautiful to destroy.

I'm skeptical of the story, but you'll see from these pictures how someone could plausibly make up a tale like that.
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Passau is near the eastern border of Germany, so things are probably quite different there..   I am nearly on the western border, where the influx is much more directed traffic by the federal government.
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Michael Ellis

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Speaking the bright and beautiful English of Shakespeare

I posted a few days ago about discoveries that are being made at The Globe Theater in Shakespeare's plays by using the accents that were in use 400 years ago.   This video by the +British Council | LearnEnglish does an in-depth job demonstrating how the meaning in the words changes when the rhythm and sounds of Shakespeare's original voice come to the fore.
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Michael Ellis

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Tonight was the welcoming of our new colleague!

MJ and his family arrived from Atlanta to work with us here in Germany. The apartment was a big hit, even for the kids. And there was plenty of food to help them get comfortable.

When all their baggage is found by the airline and forwarded to Zaberfeld, hopefully the move in will eventually be smooth !
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Michael Ellis

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Preparing the apartment for our new colleague

All of us have helped friends move. Usually it's because we have a truck and they need a truck. But why not? That's what friends do for each other, right?

In this case, we have a new colleague coming from the US to work here in Germany. He's moving his entire family - wife and 3 kids - from Atlanta (Alpharetta, actually) to Zaberfeld, Germany. We found him this fantastic apartment in Schloss Sternenfels (a small castle in the town which has been converted inside to apartments). The other employees all looked through their things and brought together used but usable furniture, bedding, kitchen equipment, etc. and set up the apartment for MJ's arrival today.

This afternoon, most of us are driving in a caravan to Stuttgart to pick up the family at the airport and to welcome them and to ferry them to their new home!

I have never seen such a genuine welcome for a new employee. Great fun to be a part of it. 
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Kathy D
Sounds like your company is all about's nice to hear of things like this.
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Michael Ellis

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Shock in Wolfsburg - VW Company Town

The news here is chock full of speculation about the scandal surrounding Volkwagen.  Founded by order of Hitler in 1938, the 800 resident town has grown to 122,000+ inhabitants.

According to Wikipedia, "In 2013, Wolfsburg ranked as the richest city in Germany with per capita income of $128,000, due to its thriving auto industry.[2]"

One can only wonder what the future will bring to this company town.
The stories here merely demonstrate how nearly all employees of the giant concern are prohibited from and resistant to speaking on the record about the situation.
Im Abgasskandal bemüht sich Volkswagen, sein ramponiertes Image zu retten. Unterstützung erhält der Autobauer dabei von Kunden, berichtet unser Reporter Peter Dahl in Berlin.
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Michael Ellis

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Public Hangouts don't seem to be available any more, but I'll post the link public and see what comes of it.

Nobody selling anything here - just a place for casual conversation, if you want to.
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Michael Ellis

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Fascinating influence of the King James Bible on the English language

David Crystal, the same English language scholar about whom I posted a few days ago, gives a very interesting, yet scholarly review of the influence that the King James Bible has had on the English language.  It may be a bit long, but his examples are really clever and the conclusions he draws are captivating.
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Michael Ellis

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Homemade Red Pepper Aioli

I try to use everything I have in the kitchen and to make as much from scratch as I find practical. I like a typical German item, Red Peppers stuffed with cream cheese and packaged in oil (I think it's canola oil). So after the peppers are gone, I very often use the remaining oil for frying things.

Today, I had some spare time, so I tried my hand again at making a mayonnaise. Only two ingredients - one egg yolk and the oil. It has to be dripped in EXTREMELY slowly so that the oil emulsifies in the egg yolk. First time I did this experiement, I must have gone too fast because the mayonnaise was thin and runny.

As you can see in this photo, the mayo is nicely thick. It will keep about a week in the coldest part of the fridge, so I have some nice sandwiches ahead of me.
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Michael Ellis

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I spent last Saturday visiting Speyer, Germany

Established as an Imperial Cathedral in 1030, Conrad II built this then largest Christian church in the western world Imperial Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption and St Stephen.

It's a beautiful small city, quite walkable. Not destroyed by the ravages of two World Wars, Speyer displays churches from the Catholic heritage in Rome and various Lutheran branches of the Protestant church.
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I'm here until July so likely!
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Michael Ellis

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Erntedankgottesdienst (Thanksgiving church service)
at the Laurentiuskirche in Oberderdingen
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Like many places in the world, there is a fall festival celebrating the bounty of the harvest.   Thus the collection of fruits and vegetables in the church service.   A physical remembrance of the blessings God has bestowed upon the community by providing such an abundance.
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Michael Ellis

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HELP!  Using Threads and Messages classes in GMAIL Service to find Bad Emails

I sent a bulk email to about 1800 recipients a few days ago.   All of the bad email addresses (approximately 261) have returned their bounced email responses.  Naturally, the format of the various email responders is different.   Rather than go through each individual email response, I was hoping to pull those email responses into a spreadsheet, extract the failing email address from each one.  The responder emails are all under a specific label in the gmail account.

My end result should be a list of emails to which I sent my original note.  Every one of these emails failed.   I have to send that list of emails to our HQ so they can update their list and remove the bad emails.

Progess so far
I wrote a script which pulls the messages from threads in label "FAILED EMAIL DELIVERY".  Now I find a have several problems:
1)  I'm only getting 100 messages returned.  (I used logger to see that there are 4 threads, with 21, 100, 100, 1 messages).
2)  I don't understand the structure of threads, labels and messages, so I don't exactly know which 100 messages are being returned
3)  Extracting an email address using REGEX seems to be achievable, but I don't know exactly the Google REGEX format to match an Email address.  

Any help here would be greatly appreciated.
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I'll try to extract a few examples of what I get to see if some ideas come out.
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You could know me from so many different parts of my life:
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Here's how I manage my circles:
I used to have a rather complex process for managing my circles, adding everyone who circled me and then hoping against hope to find a way to classify them by their (mutual) interests.  I have since given up on that approach, since every day so many people follow me but never engage in any way with me.

So now, I just let those notifications pass by untouched.   Instead, I add people to my circles based on their engagement with me.  If I find someone who seems interesting based on their posts that I can see, they go in my "Interesting People" circle.   If we interact with each other in a compelling way, they''ll go in my "Try Outs" circle.  That's a notification circle so I don't miss anything they share, at least for a while.  Every few weeks, I review that circle and move those people their natural home in my interest circles.  
I generally share things publically.  I'm open to all discourse, civilized, interesting and passionate.  If you start out calling me homophobic or an idiot or any other slur based not on intelligence but just on your desire to squelch my free expression, we'll both be better off if we disconnect from each other.  G+ provides block for that reason.     I'm a nice guy and I try to be nice to everyone.  If I make a joke, it's a joke.  You can't get away with calling me a hater, just because you don't like my thoughts or my humor.  Remove me from your life and I'll remove you from mine.  We'll both be better off.  And if, in the course of my free expression here, I say something that I should have worded better, if you politely suggest another way to express myself or engage in meaningful conversation to persuade me to a different way of thinking - GREAT.  

1) Based on this, if you are in my Tryouts circle I try to move you out of the Tryouts to whatever interest group I have for that pursuit (examples, Food Lovers, Wine Lovers, Bicyclists, Exercise Lovers, Dog Lovers, German speakers, etc.... -- see below for complete list). 
2) Anyone who posts offensive things gets blocked. And by hatred, I mean ACTUAL hatred, not just differing views from mine. 
3) If you mostly post political opinions, that can get me excited and interested, whichever side you're on. BUT if you express your political views by simply saying you "hate" a group of candidates, you probably should review your choice of words. Hate is a really strong emotion and word. It should be reserved for things you REALLY hate, which for most decent people is not very much! And certainly not just the guy who's voting pattern in Congress is different than you'd like. If you want to engage in meaningful discussion of issues, I'm all for it, but please respect my opinion and my evaluation of facts and don't automatically deem me or my candidates or my party as stupid just because we disagree or conclude different things from the same set of facts.
4) Anyone who seems to just be trying to sell me on their special brand of SEO or social networking expertise gets ignored. There are SOOO many of them on here and frankly it's not only not an interest of mine, I just don't want my social networking time to be consumed by reading and skipping things that just don't interest me at all.

So in conclusion, please interact with me and let me know how we should connect on Google+!
So here's the circles list:
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Let me know?
Family, Friends, Following, Acquaintances, Google Hangouts, CouchSurfers and Coworkers are not OPT-IN circles. I add those based on my version of the truth......

Hello to All the SigEps in my circles on Google+ ! 
Be sure you also circle our OFFICIAL page:
Many of you are new arrivals because I just discovered you on Google+. If we haven't met, I'll give a brief introduction: I am a SigEp from Purdue (Indiana Alpha), 1984. I was President of my chapter and since then I've been a Chapter Counselor, Alumni Board Treasurer, President and Secretary. I served on the National Board as a student and was District Governor for Illinois. At the moment, I'm active on the AVC Boards for Purdue and for UC Berkeley (California Alpha).

I'm actively engaged in trying to build a circle in excess of 1000 SigEps on Google+ for the purpose of collaboration between Alumni, volunteers and undergraduates. This technology is in its infancy and is already proving to be immensely useful. 

Would you please help in a small way? I'm on a plateau at around 300 SigEps. Help me get over the 1000 mark (where the power of critical mass seems inevitable)! Take these small steps to help:
1) Add me to your circles so that I can see what you share that's of interest to you.
2) Send me a direct message on G+ and tell me who you are in SigEp (chapter, graduation year, ways you have participated in the past, how you're involved today or want to be involved)
3) Make a circle of SigEps you're connected to on Google+ and share that circle with me.

I'll send the occasional post your way when I discover something that I think will be particularly interesting to SigEps in general. As my SigEp circle grows, I expect we'll be able to use it to discover talents and skills that are available to be shared. 

I appreciate your consideration and joining in what will become a very powerful collaboration tool for the benefit of our undergraduate members and chapters !

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Mentored 28 young men on 2 trips to Greece, learning about ancient Greece and how it contributed to the values of western civilization and fraternalism. Anagrams of my name: Shall Mice Lie ? Male Ice Shill..... Lame Ice Shill
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I lived in a furnished rental apartment in San Francisco that had a great Hamra sofa and chaise with ottoman as the primary living room furniture. I LOVED THAT PIECE. I am now furnishing a place in NYC and would really like to find one like that one (it was a rust colored leather, no buttons, smooth and soft). IKEA was the source of the one my landlord had, but apparently they don't carry them any more. Do you still make them? Where could a buy one now?
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