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Michael Ellis

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I've been experimenting with a SigEp cocktail. So far, the colors are right. Taste is almost there.
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Oh, I LIKE the "Balanced Man" name.  I'm still working on this, I promise to use the name and give you credit !   And a "Red Door" might be another version (the layered version with grenadine on the bottom, and the purple concoction on top).
+Dan Nichols - I can't tell that.  If this works out, it'll be the newest secret we have in our secret society.......
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Michael Ellis

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Latest addition to the Churches of New York series.....

Soul Saving Station on 124th & Adam Clayton Powell.
Could the message be any clearer?

See the whole album here:
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Kathy D
+Michael Ellis haha..very true!
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Michael Ellis

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Great eating last night. Organic grass-fed ribeye steak, medium rare, red and green peppers and eggplant. A wonderful small Napa winery called Terra Vslentine
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That's why I mentioned you here,+Matt Browne. :-))
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Michael Ellis

German & Dutch  - 
For our community...... hoping to see a full-house tomorrow! 
When you receive the Event Invitation you must click Yes or Maybe to join the hangout when it begins.  


At the time of the Hangout, you may enter the hangout one of three ways:  click the "Join Hangout" button or  'Join Google+ Hangout' link or "Google+ Hangout" link to join.

ATTENTION: This is NOT a class. This is a free form conversation for people already learning German who have an intermediate or advanced level and want to practice with others.  Native Speakers are always welcome to join!

Come practice your German with us<br /><br />We expect native German speakers who will happily converse with you in German.

Everyone speaks, and listens.  Everyone helps everyone.  No mistakes are shunned, no one is embarrassed, everybody learns.

If you haven't already circled or followed our page, you may do it now in order to receive future hangout invitations.

This hangout is intended for INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED level German speakers

If your knowledge is on the BEGINNING level, you may join our Sunday hangouts.
German Practice Hangout - INTERMEDIATE and Up
Sat, February 28, 11:00 AM EST

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Michael Ellis

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+Craig Shipp - Here's wishing you a Very Happy Birthday today....

Hope you do something fun for your day!
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Thanks +Michael Ellis 
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Michael Ellis

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Here's a fascinating example of the migration of languages over time.....  in this case shown by CHESS
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Michael Ellis

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A discovery on PBS website.  AND they let me share it on Google+
Achieve bakery-level bread at home using a covered cast-iron pot.
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agreed, +Alex H Yong 
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Michael Ellis

commented on a post on Blogger.
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I've had a problem for a while that I haven't been able to solve and it looks like this will help.  My scenario is around testing business processes during the implementation of a new ERP software system in a manufacturing business.  
1)  Each business process is tested using a detailed script.  
2)  Each script consists of steps to be performed by a variety of key users.
3)  Key users perform their step in a particular script and record the results (resulting status from that step and any relevant screen captures)
4)  A status sheet in each Script tracks at a summary level the result of the script.
5)  An overall summary sheet (in a separate file) will contain the results from all the scripts to be tested.  This is the sheet where the on-demand pull of data from all the scripts should be available.  

Until now, my overall summary sheet has used =IMPORTRANGE() functions, one for each subsidiary test script, to pull in the results of the last testing round.   Since these functions update in semi-real time, the sheet should contain the most accurate results from all (50 or so) tests.   Unfortunately, the way it works in the real world, the formulas calculate repeatedly, with some of the cells showing "#VALUE" errors at different times.  Occasionally, they will update on their own and some that were in error before now show their correct values.  At no time do I get to have all 50 test script results in my overall summary sheet at the same time.  The subsidiary test script result sheets are NOT changing at this time.  An on-demand method to pull results from the sheets and assemble them in an array will most likely correct for this "bug/feature".  I'm going to give it a try.

Thanks to +Steve Webster for creating this script and the blog post.  Should be most helpful.  If you're interested in seeing more details of my situation, I'd be glad to share.
A better way to create a Master sheetBy Dito’s Steve Webster, Google Apps Script Top Contributor, 1/19/2012 Use CaseLet’s say you have a sales team where they update a spreadsheet with activity information. Each Sales Rep has...
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Please do update
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Michael Ellis

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Braised halibut, leeks, and home fries, a salad, Alsatian riesling

2nd great meal in as many days.  From start to finish, this meal was on the table in 25 minutes !   
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Michael Ellis

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My sister +Diane Ellis has a pirate fish

Her poor fish has been attacked by all the other fish in the tank.  They have eaten one eye and nibbled off all of his fins.   Sad story of the true nature of animals! 

She promises to post a photo of it, if she can ever catch it  in the tank!
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wwwww poor fishie :(
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Michael Ellis

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+Steve Young - I wonder how you feel about this entrance of Google into insurance?   Will your agents eventually be impacted in the Casualty branch also?
Google Auto Insurance: Are Agents 'Screwed'?

Auto Insurance Agents may be "screwed" by Google's entry into the market, according to William Burkley of W.R. Burkley Corp.

He sees Google's move into the insurance market as disruptive to traditional models and fully expects the Silicon Valley Chocolate Factory to leverage their Big Data and Tech prowess to upend the industry.

In their efforts to develop a self-driving car, Google has amassed a database and practical knowledge of traffic laws in the U.S. and Europe. Berkley forsees Google using this to offer a device, similar to Progressive, to adjust insurance rates upwards or downwards based on your real world driving habits, for example.

Car Insurance is an area where Search is a strong player, with Google positioned as the middle man for millions upon millions of queries. Soon they may not be the middle point leading to a destination: they may be the destination itself.

#GoogleCarInsurance #GoogleAutoInsurance #Disruption
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Michael Ellis

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+Pam Adger​ will want to visit this market.
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oh yes, definitely.  I bought a beer here today.  
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Hello to All the SigEps in my circles on Google+ ! 
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Many of you are new arrivals because I just discovered you on Google+. If we haven't met, I'll give a brief introduction: I am a SigEp from Purdue (Indiana Alpha), 1984. I was President of my chapter and since then I've been a Chapter Counselor, Alumni Board Treasurer, President and Secretary. I served on the National Board as a student and was District Governor for Illinois. At the moment, I'm active on the AVC Boards for Purdue and for UC Berkeley (California Alpha).

I'm actively engaged in trying to build a circle in excess of 1000 SigEps on Google+ for the purpose of collaboration between Alumni, volunteers and undergraduates. This technology is in its infancy and is already proving to be immensely useful. 

Would you please help in a small way? I'm on a plateau at around 300 SigEps. Help me get over the 1000 mark (where the power of critical mass seems inevitable)! Take these small steps to help:
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3) Make a circle of SigEps you're connected to on Google+ and share that circle with me.

I'll send the occasional post your way when I discover something that I think will be particularly interesting to SigEps in general. As my SigEp circle grows, I expect we'll be able to use it to discover talents and skills that are available to be shared. 

I appreciate your consideration and joining in what will become a very powerful collaboration tool for the benefit of our undergraduate members and chapters !

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Mentored 28 young men on 2 trips to Greece, learning about ancient Greece and how it contributed to the values of western civilization and fraternalism. Anagrams of my name: Shall Mice Lie ? Male Ice Shill..... Lame Ice Shill
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I lived in a furnished rental apartment in San Francisco that had a great Hamra sofa and chaise with ottoman as the primary living room furniture. I LOVED THAT PIECE. I am now furnishing a place in NYC and would really like to find one like that one (it was a rust colored leather, no buttons, smooth and soft). IKEA was the source of the one my landlord had, but apparently they don't carry them any more. Do you still make them? Where could a buy one now?
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