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Michael Eisbrener

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I have unlocked the code on who buys, who stays and who plays!
Simple System. Real People. Real Income!
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Michael Eisbrener

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We have the Formula, the real deal product, 87% second month reorder rate, 82% at one year, the plan with the lowest qualification and the highest payout in the industry.
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Michael Eisbrener

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One of the most controversial stories in the Bible is also one of the strangest. Jesus is the true king, the “anointed one” in the royal line of David, but very few know it—not until in Matthew 16:...
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Michael Eisbrener

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Vote for the FedEx #AirandGround #NFL Players of the Week! Fans pick the winners, so go vote!
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Michael Eisbrener

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Excellent!! "It is never too late to have a happy childhood!"  I agree 1000%. The stories we tell ourselves, keep in existence with the 'tribe' around us, make all the differnece.  Want to change? Move somewhere else, let go of all your current attractions and constraints... Yes, where ever you go there you are but... who you are there is not who you were before... if you are awake.

Michael Eisbrener

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Envy is ignorance and imitation is suicide.  Competition has a place. I compete against my yesterday self at times.  I am interested in masterminding with those who have a vision similar to mine.  The people I am looking for are looking for me.  Thank you James for making this clear for those who can hear. To being Notorious!

Michael Eisbrener

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Create an Income from Home! Everything you need to start generating income from home...we have. Simple system. Real people. Real income! Work on your terms and your schedule. Industry-leading company with unparalleled support. No previous experience necessary. A proven turn-key business is what ...
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Michael Eisbrener

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87% second month reorder rate and it falls off to 82% at one year... Unheard of.. Industry average 31% second month. never had so much fun.
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Michael Eisbrener

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Using an enhanced hybrid affiliate pay plan that offers serious ongoing education for everyone interested in health, wealth and an extraordinary life. The membership provides more marketing tools than most people will ever use. The company has 16+ years debt free and is A+ rated by the BBB. Commissions vary from 80 to 100% paid weekly to instantly direct.
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Michael Eisbrener

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Spending more time looking for the few has made this more fun! AND more successful for everyone participating.
If you never want to cold call or call anyone for any reason and still earn serious income. You have found the path to financial prosperity.
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Michael Eisbrener

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I can guarantee you'll earn $200-$500/mo profit in the next 2-12 weeks. 
Discover how to have a TEAM of Professional Sales People Do ALL the Selling for You! All you do is introduce us and take the orders!
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dear Michael I try many times but I can't achieve my goal .can you help me.
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Michael Eisbrener

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there is a lot to see when you turn off the music/sound.
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Professional Network Marketer
Willing to fail as often as it takes to succeed.
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The opposite of courage in our society is not cowardice, it is conformity. - Rollo May

I grew up in Minnesota and spent a dozen years in New England working aboard  three USN submarines.  Returning to Minnesota I worked in the insurance and finance industry until an offer too good to turn down appeared in  telecommunications. I visited California 2001 and soon visited Colombia, South America. Paradise Found!

I first began working network marketing companies twenty years ago. The tax savings alone gave me hundreds of extra dollars every month. I became a master of scripted sales and it was worth the training.

Ten years ago I purchased tens of thousands of leads a day sorting through them looking for gold. I read everyone's ideas, took all the courses and read all the books. 5 years later I stopped buying leads and learned adwords to find prospects.  No better or any cheaper than purchased leads. 

Offering people an opportunity, no matter how it is structured, is a sales script. I began studying successful networkers in earnest late in 2007. Much is written and condensed and easily available today using any search engine. I began looking at the individuals themselves, the autobiography being much different than the biography.

Call me for the road map to residual income anyone can do working 8-15 hours a week where in 10 years, 10 months or 10 weeks you can have all. My Email works too.  Look over my links and I will keep your comments if they make a difference.  Being yourself and being the best you, you can be, must be one of your first priorities.
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If money is your problem, money won’t solve your problem. Ask me what will.
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