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Don't let the only hot air on #transporttuesday be the curators blowing smoke where it does not belong. Come share with +Gene Bowker +Joe Paul +Steve Boyko and myself +Michael Earley as we take off for another week of +TransportTuesday
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Thanks for the reminder - and I like that pic!
What a great shot - how did they let you get in there?
Nice balloon shot. They are always fun to go watch. Got to start digging for a transport photo for tomorrow.
thanks +Susana Segat the top is actually open while they inflate the balloon. They go inside to lay out the lines and fluff from that end to get the balloon started. It is quite a fun day, you should check one out one time. They do many take offs and landing in a day.
I've got a balloon flight in a few weeks. Looking forward to it for the photo opportunities as much as the flight itself!
I really really want to do it +Al Henderson I shot one great race that took off from next to Peastum the Greek ruins near the Amalfi coast. Imagine the shots from above that! I saw one guy hanging over the basket drop his camera, to luckily catch the neck strap with a couple of fingers. So make you you use a wrist strap or it could be an expensive ride!
Thanks for the hint +Michael Earley - I'll probably strap the camera to me in about 5 different ways :-)
I really love this shot!!

All the colors!!

What I really like is the texture from the soft bright colors from the top of the balloon to the wrinkled texture at the bottom!! VERY COOOL!
What so often gives rise to so many things are ideas or items that are beneficially directed. The flame knows it is hot. The burner knows it only holds so much fuel, yet the concept of temperature can lift dreams far above spaces that before were only billowed hot spaces, spent, and left ignored. Nice Photo +Michael Earley --- is it me or is this a simple power supply in a pulley rig that could be set over and over again on any hot stack. Instead of billows of smoke balloons on pulleys? Anyone?
Great shot. Love the colors. This would be cool in stereo.
The colors are fantastic.
So balloons make great pictures from the inside too.
Great shot +Michael Earley , I would have felt quite intimidated walking inside the balloon. Did you get the chance to shoot from the air also?
Thanks +Vincenzo D C I have not had a chance yet to fly. But I will. It is really a fun day shooting balloons, there is such excitement in the air, the woosh of the gas burners firing up, everyone is so friendly. You have to go see one. The shot is actually shot from the outside looking it. It is a very colorful fun day. I took my 5 year old boy and I thought his head would explode. Think his face hurt from smiling and laughing.
+Michael Earley , I bet it was fun Michael! I fly with small plane since I age 16, I loved it back then and still love it very much but never had the chance to fly with a hot air balloon. If I have the chance I'll jump right in it at speed light :-) What you say about the flying community is very true: air ventures create a special bound in participants.
+Vincenzo D C I took flying lessons and learned to fly at a flying club in Spain. It was so much fun, never got my license as I was discovered to not be a military person flying a plane on a military base.. They really have no sense of humor!
verry nice colors the speak to me,its a beauty
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