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get your motor running for #transportTuesday with +Gene Bowker +Joe Paul +Mike Masin +Steve Boyko and myself +Michael Earley

Bigger view here..
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+Steve McCracken , I used to have Harley's and I would spend so much time working the chrome that my girlfriend used to refer to the hours spent cleaning the bike as "metal masturbation".
Beautiful details and tones. You sure captured all the shine and polish. Looks like it has never been used, not a speck of dirt there at all :)
+Pinky Reyes thanks for your comments about the image, can't take credit for the cleanliness of the motor. :)
+Akhil Kalsh will this sort of thing work for your #fourwheeledfriday ? For the car lovers out there, check out his Friday theme.
will it work +Michael Earley ?? so much chrome, clarity and beauty along with the mental image of your metal masturbation, its the wrong question to ask. tell me, did you ever get wet and you know, put the foam all over you while giving it a wash? :)
+Akhil Kalsh eeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww that is something a guy does when he plays with his.. errrrr ummm "canon"?
just imagine +Michael Earley , you run your hand through your long, wet hair, then rub the foam over the bonnet, a little on your chest and let it flow dowwwwwwnnnnnnnn.. god knows what i would do to shoot that scene! heck i would even buy one of your nikon paperweights :)
ummm I hope that was a typo and you meant you run your hand through HER long hair ..... a little on HER chest... if not you need to get out of your town lol
Amazing! Does this engine ever get used?
I took the image at a classic car show on the pier in Hermossa Beach so at least he drove it there. :)
Haha the poor guy probably spent another few days cleaning it again after that little outing :)
A big congratulations.. well done Looks awesome! :)
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