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It was my fortune to be in Death Valley on February 13, 2012 when a rare and extraordinary haboob overtook the Valley...
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That is crazy!

That is what those of us with DSLRs call a bad time to change lenses.
I am not sure that I have experienced a literal haboob in DEVA, but I've experienced several dust storms that created a similar effect. The first was over a decade ago when I was there on a weeklong trip introducing a bunch of kids to the place. On the last night we were camped at Stovepipe in beautiful blue sky conditions when a couple of the kids asked if there were ever forest fires in Death Valley. I looked north to see the low wall of "something" across the Valley, explained that it couldn't be a forest fire, there being no forest, and before long our world changed radically! A couple of years ago I experience a similar (but not identical) situation - which your photo reminds me of - on a day of very strange light and conditions from the get-go. By late morning, I drove up to the edge of a cloud much like the one in the photo, paused to make a couple of photos, and then entered the maelstrom. The world went dark for the next miles as I passed by Stovepipe and eventually climbed out of the Valley.
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