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Michael Dubnik
A graphic designer and a tech enthusiast. Motorcycles, camping and traveling are my sanity.
A graphic designer and a tech enthusiast. Motorcycles, camping and traveling are my sanity.

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Hipsters... foaming at the mouth!

yes.. i want one.

Game over man, Game Over! :(

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And totally doesn't look like the face of the murderous machine uprising that will destroy us all in the very near future. I mean.. I like it, but i'm also terrified by it.

+Screw Muggz you see this thing?
DJI has a new drone that can fly in bad weather, including rain and snow

Looks... friendly...

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It's still pretty messy and inconsistent but after the complete failure of Allo and the small (early)Pixel footprint, this was inevitable. 
Google Assistant is coming to all Android phones running 6.0 and up

No longer limited to the Pixel phones and that one guy using Allo.

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The other day I said that anyone thinking that the DNC will save them from the GOP And Trump are in deep denial. Today the DNC took another step towards proving that. The dems have literally leaned nothing from the last election and are on track to lose even more seats in the next election.

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I know a few of you really enjoyed it. Sorry guys!

#spaces #google
Google Spaces is shutting down on April 17th

Google Spaces will be shut down on April 17th, 2017

First, thank you to everyone who used Spaces. It was a tough decision, and it’s tough to say goodbye.

A few important details:

Spaces will be read-only on March 3rd: This means you can't create new spaces, posts or comments. Also, new invitations can't be sent, and new members can't be added to spaces.

Between now and April 17th, you can:

See, save, print, and delete your content.
Delete any spaces you created, leave any spaces you joined, and remove people from your spaces.
Report abuse in Spaces, and block other Spaces users.

After April 17th, 2017: Spaces and their content will be deleted.

Our goal with Spaces was to create a better small-group sharing experience, and we’ll use what we’ve learned to improve other Google products and services. Thanks again for your support.


The Spaces team

#google #spaces #death


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Feel like a broken record here but this is straight up fascism. If you're still defending this administration in any way, you know what that makes you.

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I still haven't seen Hardcore Henry but here is an amazing music video by the same director.

+Jeremiah Overton

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This is the party people think will "save" them from Trump? Good luck!

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Dude, just start wearing the red armband as you goose-step your way around the White House. 
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