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Michael Dubnik
A graphic designer and a tech enthusiast. Motorcycles, camping and traveling are my sanity.
A graphic designer and a tech enthusiast. Motorcycles, camping and traveling are my sanity.

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An idiot, an insecure loser, and a world-wide embarrassment. 

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A tiny health-centric TV for mice :)

H/t +Jason ON

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+Screw Muggz You see this? I actually cannot decide if this is a good thing either tbh.

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Fair warning to anyone thinking of trying Mint Sim. I made the mistake of trusting a site I followed for a while, namely +Android Central and after weeks of them praising Mint Sim, decided to try them out. Well, turns out they are a complete and utter scam. Their service does not work almost anywhere. It will however work fine for about a day before it cuts out. This is so that when you request a refund, they inform you that since you activated the SIM and used "any" data you forfeit your right for a refund. So you just pre-paid for a SIM card that is absolutely useless. Oh and they also claim you can use WiFi Calling if you're in an area with bad cell service. Spoiler: You can't.

But what about their customer support, you ask. There is barely any. They list business hours on their site but no matter when you call, you will be forwarded to a loud call center where the person you are speaking to has no idea how to fix the problem and can only "escalate" your issue promising that someone will get back to you within 48 hours. Spoiler: No-one will. You can also try emailing them. This will get you an automatic email response saying there is a ticket filed and someone will get back to you within 48 hours. Spoiler: No-one will.

After a week of calling and emailing, I finally received an email telling me... and I'm serious... to reboot my phone to fix the issue. Spoiler: It did not. After that all communication from the company has stopped. So no service, no refund.

The lesson here is do your research, be careful of deals that are too good to be true, and make at least some some effort to read Terms of Service. When you do run into a racket like Mint Sim, report them anywhere you can. BBB is a good start.

I'm not saying +Android Central maliciously misled their readers but the fact that they took money to promote a business that is an absolute scam(hopefully unknowingly) just put a huge dent in their credibility for me, and I have been a loyal follower of that site for years.

TLDR: MINT SIM is a SCAM. AVOID and please share this so others do not fall for this fraud.

#Mintsim #scam #ultramobile

UPDATE 1 (5/19): So of course now that enough noise has been made they reached out to me to say they have reconsidered and will issue a refund once I port my number out. When and if that is done I will update this again

UPDATE 2 (5/20): It has no been another day and I am unable to port my number out of Mint Sim. My new carrier is saying that MintSim is not releasing the number and there is nothing they can do for now. I have contacted MintSim twice now about this but as before their customer service is MIA

UPDATE 3 (5/20): Ok number ported out of Mint Sim. I'm back top having a working smartphone. Waiting on refund

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Grew up listening to his voice :(

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Not a huge Star Trek fan, and those last couple of terrible movies didn't help but this might actually be decent.

"Star Trek: Discovery" trailer looks like a solid reboot of the iconic series

#startrek #discovery #cbs

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Ouch, going to need some ointment for that burn. 

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THIS is the big new exciting redesign?

#iphone8 #apple 

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Add another notch for "treason" to Trump's already extra large belt.

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For the "greatest generation"
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