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Raddon et Chapendu, France
Romney Marsh, Kent. UK.
Award Winning British Fine Art Photographer based in France.
Born in Hamstead London.

Award Winning British Fine Art Photographer living in Eastern France. I love Photographing Long Exposure Seascapes, Snowscapes and Cityscapes.

My Profile image was taken by Dorthe Peperkorn.

  • Southlands
    1971 - 1977
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Michael Diblicek

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Hi Everyone,

If you want to get a little insight into how the +kozu books  project came into being, check out the interview with Greg Stewart, the man behind the project.

And if you still haven't got your copy yet, don't wait too long as this was limited to only 500 copies worldwide.

You can buy it here

Or if you live in France i have a number of copies available for €20+€5 shipping anywhere in France, that's a saving of €5 on the internet price.

Si vous habité en France j'ai toujours quelques example, donc si vous voulais me contacter, les prix est €20+€5 livraison part tout en France seulement, donc vous gagner 5€ sur la prix internet.

It's also a good reason to be able to see over 20 of my images in print, in collaboration with the other 6 internationally acclaimed photographer
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Michael Diblicek

commented on a post on Blogger.
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A really great series of minimalist Snowscapes Glenn. Looks like you had a great time, and more importantly some great locations too. I'd love to have any of these in my portfolio, Bravo. 
+Olivier Du Tré +Marc Koegel  Some great locations guys. :)
Michael Diblicek's profile photoGlenn Marcus's profile photo
+Glenn Marcus Yes even in the snow it's nice when the temperatures rise just a little, makes for a much more agreeable experience.
Once again Bravo.
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Michael Diblicek

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Hi Everyone,

Here are some images from various pages taken from the new +kozu books  Vol 1 featuring

+Michael Diblicek 
+Joel Tjintjelaar 
+Jeff Gaydash 
+Hengki Koentjoro 
Thomas Leong
Hironori Nakamura
+Giles McGarry 
And UK artist Mr Jago.

If you want to buy a copy for yourself or a friend, just head over to
or you can head over to my website
and click on the link "books"
This book is shipping worldwide.
A quick look at Kozu Vol.1 it really does feature some special photographers & their images.
+Joel Tjintjelaar
+Michael Diblicek
+Jeff Gaydash
+Giles McGarry
+Hengki Koentjoro
Thomas Leong
Hironori Nakamura
Mr Jago

Michael Diblicek's profile photopeter moons's profile photoSimos Xenakis's profile photokozu books's profile photo
Thanks, +Michael Diblicek. I appreciate that. 
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Michael Diblicek

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Hi Everyone,

+kozu books (see link below) will have their new book ready to ship this Friday, Monday at the latest.
The book features my work as well as the work of +Joel Tjintjelaar +Giles McGarry +Hengki Koentjoro  Thomas Leong +Jeff Gaydash  Hironori Nakamura and also features the work of UK artist Mr Jago.

This is a quality publication of 112 pages 300gsm GF Smith Heaven 42 paper - silk laminated printed in the UK.

The price an extremely good price of £15 - €18 - $25.
Udayan Paul's profile photoSandra Canning's profile photoJeff Gaydash's profile photoSimos Xenakis's profile photo
Yes +Udayan Paul it is, and it's japanese for "Framing, Composition" which is very apt for our new photography book. :)
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Michael Diblicek

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Another image from my series of snowscapes on the summit of the Ballon D'Alsace in Eastern France. Vlad's Tree 2 and one of 6 images of the same tree from different angles.
Waheed Akhtar's profile photoŠárka Svobodová's profile photoMichael Salmela's profile photoStephen Cairns's profile photo
+Steve-Maxx landeros Thanks a lot.
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Michael Diblicek

commented on a post on Blogger.
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Another fine installment from +Olivier Du Tré in posting the work of his latest students work from a recent Minimalist snowscape workshop featuring Leigh Trusler.

Well Leigh as with Glenn's work yesterday, absolutely awesome. I love all three of these images, and as Olivier says too the soft feel in how you processed the images works really well. Great work.
Olivier Du Tré's profile photo
+Michael Diblicek thank you so much for your shares and words on our students work so far. It means a lot to both +Marc Koegel and I and of course our students as well. 
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Michael Diblicek

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Continuing my series of images on the frozen summit of the Ballon D'Alsace situated in Eastern France.
This series called "Vlads Tree" which was discovered by +Vladislav Surguchëv  during his recent visit along +Dimitri Bogachuk  to photograph on the mountain top.
I took 7 images of this tree from different angles and over a period of 3 weeks, each time discovering a new state in it's form.
Patrick Mayon's profile photoDimitri Bogachuk's profile photoJohan Peijnenburg's profile photoStany KUSTER's profile photo
Nice work +Michael Diblicek ! Hope all is well with you!?
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Hi Everyone,

For information Kozu Book Vol 1 is now available for shipping.
You can get your copies here at

Featuring the work of 
+Michael Diblicek 
+Joel Tjintjelaar 
+Jeff Gaydash 
Thomas Leong -
+Hengki Koentjoro 
+Giles McGarry 
Hironori Nakamura -
Mr Jago -

I have also created a link on my website under books.

The book ships worldwide.
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Michael Diblicek

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Well after a rather longer than anticipated wait my website is now officially online. 
It has in fact been online for several months hence the few comments on the news page for those who managed to find it beforehand.

The site is from squarespace for those interested and they offer a superb service.  

I will soon be putting a new FB page up shortly and transferring all my images and photographic news over there.

You will also see a page dedicated to Black and White Long Exposure workshops that i will be conducting throughout the year, both Architectural and Seascapes, so if you are interested in attending one you can sign up on the dedicated webpage or by contacting me through my contact page.
I will also be available for private workshops for those interested, again just use the contact page.

Open Edition prints will be available as soon as i have decided on a digital paper ink combination, with Limited Edition prints being available too, these will be printed using traditional offset printing technology and i think i am going to be one of the very few Fine Art Photographers offering this service of Limited Edition Litho Prints..

So if you want to add this link to your favorites or  add a link to your blog or website, feel free.
Michael Diblicek's profile photoEduardo Pérez Esteban's profile photoJérémy Durupt's profile photo
Thanks +Eduardo Pérez Esteban Glad i was able to be of service. ;) Have a great day.
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We'll winter has come and is also on the way out too and it's been a mild one this year in Eastern France where i live. No snow this year at 350 meters, just light frost, so i have had to take a drive of around 45 minutes to get to the nearest mountains and snows, and in particular my usual hunting ground to find the elusive deep snows, and again it was at the Ballon D'Alsace i was able to go shooting recently with a couple of great photographers who stayed with me after a recent visit to France
+Vladislav Surguchëv 
and +Dimitri Bogachuk 
who were over to visit Michael Kenna and his exhibition in Nancy.
We spent a great 3 days together and went up onto the Ballon to shoot some snowscapes, it was a little thin on the ground back then in December but has come back with a vengeance over the last few weeks.
This is a long exposure snowscape of 3 minutes 18 seconds i shot recently entitled Vlads Tree 1, and is part of a small series of this tree from different angles, and as a tribute to Vladislav who found this wonderful tree on the slopes of the Ballon. I thought i had found all the great places to shoot in this area, but no, Vlad found this great looking tree although during the time we spent on the mountain their wasn't the amount of snow we have now, and with the weight of the ice and snow on the branches it has taken on a wonderful arched form.

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Thanks +Johan Peijnenburg Yes it has been a bit late in the year this year, absolutely nothing really below 500m (i'm at 350m) so i've had to take a 40-50km drive to get any decent snow shots, and as a bonus fog and mist as well.
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