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Hi Everyone. I've just uploaded a new introduction video. I hope you like it!

Visit for more examples, over 1000 free English lessons, and if you want your #englishconversation to sound more natural, or want an edge on the #TOEIC, #toefl, or #IELTS #learnenglish #esl #efl #tesol #tefl #英語 #英会話 #勉強 #EnglishSchool #StudyEnglish #영어 #inglês #ingles #inglés #inglese #anglais #ingilizcedersi #ทำessay #تافل #آموزش #آيلتس #английский #Englisch #美語
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Podcast English Lesson - Using FOR
Which sentence is correct? Pick 2
I’m leaving for the mall.
I’m going for the mall.
I’m leaving to the mall.
I’m going to the mall.
Get the answer and a FREE English lesson when you click the link
Visit for more examples, over 1000 free English lessons, and if you want your #englishconversation to sound more natural, or want an edge on the #TOEIC, #toefl, or #IELTS #learnenglish #esl #efl #tesol #tefl #英語 #英会話 #勉強 #EnglishSchool #StudyEnglish #영어 #inglês #ingles #inglés #inglese #anglais #ingilizcedersi #ทำessay #تافل #آموزش #آيلتس #английский #Englisch #美語
I recently got an email from Tahani, who is a listener of the Happy English Podcast in Saudi Arabia. She asked me about prepositions, and specifically the preposition for. I know that prepositions …
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Today's LIVE YouTube English lesson
12:15pm NYC
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Learn idioms!
When you say that something is a piece of cake, it means that is something very easy for you to do.
For my mom baking cookies is a piece of cake.
What's a piece of cake for you to do?
Leave a comment below and then tell your friends😊👍
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Join me 30 minutes from now! LIVE YouTube #English lesson
5:30pm NYC (11:30pm Paris / 7:30am Tokyo) #Twinglish
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Join me in 10 min for a LIVE YouTube English lesson
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Join me in 10 min for a LIVE YouTube English lesson
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Get Perfect English Pronunciation Practice Online Course
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Actual Review: ★★★★★ “I have seen and appreciate how much work it took to create such an amazing work. Every detail is so well made. Practice makes everything better and here we are. Great materials to practice and improve. Thank you so very much! It has been a great experience.” ~ Nana
Make yourself better understood in English when you learn & practice how to pronounce 12 tricky English consonant sounds
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Join me 15 minutes from now! LIVE YouTube English lesson
6:30pm NYC
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SPECIAL! Now only! Get my eBook, 365 American Idioms, with Mp3 Audio for just $5
Including… 368 separate MP3 filesPDF eBOOK The EXPLANATION of each idiom.The STRUCTURE showing HOW TO USE the idiom.An EXAMPLE sentence to see how the idiom is used in context. Why buy this book? It's designed for self-study.This book was written by an English teacher with over 20 years experience.It's an eBook, so you just need to download it and keep a copy on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.It's got a paperback version.The audio version h...
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Executive Director, Business Owner of Happy English
Entrepreneur, Blogger, Podcaster, Author, Writer, Innovator. Experienced School Director, Marketing Manager, Proprietary School Profit Specialist. Language Travel & ESL Instructor.
  • Happy English
    Business Owner, Language Coach, 2010 - present
    Happy English is helping the international community gain confidence and fluency in English, step by step. Get English, Get Happy. Happy English!
  • GEOS
    Director, 1998 - 2009
    Responsible for Web 2.0, Marketing, Sales, & Operations, and P&L
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New York, NY
Sendai, Japan
Language coach, teacher, consultant, podcaster, author, entrepreneur
My name is Michael and I am a native New Yorker. I have been helping language students for over 20 years here in New York, and all over the world including Japan. 

I started Happy English in 2010 to help people all over the world learn English and learn to use English with confidence. My website has lessons about English grammar, vocabulary, Idioms and more. And, in 2014 I started the Happy English Podcast

I started out as a musician, composer, and teacher here in the 1980's and then began helping international students with English in 1989. I began my formal language teaching career in Sendai, Japan in 1994. Since then, I have worked in the ESL field as an instructor, a teacher trainer, an academic director, and a language school manager. I have a Bachelor of Music Degree from a local college, and in 2004 I earned my MBA. I am a native English speaker and have been studying and speaking Japanese since 1990.

Bragging rights
I have written several English learning books, published audio and video lessons, and taught hundreds of students around the world.
  • University of Phoenix
    MBA-Global Management, 2001 - 2004
    MBA Courses focusing on Global Management.
  • Five Towns College
    BM Music & Education, 1980 - 1994
    Contemporary music, composition and performance. Music Education.
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Happy English Michael DiGiacomo (Happy English)'s +1's are the things they like, agree with, or want to recommend.
365 More American English Idioms - Books on Google Play

Including… The DEFINITION of each idiom.The USAGE NOTES showing the history and/or usage of each idiom.The STRUCTURE showing HOW TO USE the

225 Verb & Preposition Combinations

Including… - The GRAMMATICAL PATTERN of each verb & preposition combination. - A SPECIAL SECTION focusing on the meaning of prepositions. -

アメリカンイングリッシュ 動詞&前置詞のコンビネーション225

- 動詞&前置詞コンビネーションの文法パターン - 前置詞の意味の説明 - made&前置詞のさまざまな用法 - 日常英語におけるコンビネーションの使い方 - 使い方がよくわかる例文 - コンビネーションを覚える19の復習問題 動詞&前置詞のコンビネーションとは? 英語の前

Eight Japanese words we’d love to import into English

Recently, we talked about how Japanese, while a tough language to learn, isn’t quite as difficult as some horror stories make it out to be.

英語が上達し流暢になるには日本語で考えちゃいけない | EasyRamble

Twitter で以下の内容の英文ツイートを目にしました。「流暢に外国語を使うには、母国語で思考することをやめ、その言語で思考しなければならない。言い換えると、話すのも書くのも読むのも聞くのも、いちい...

This 85-Year-Old Shows It’s Never Too Late To Learn English

Learning a new language isn’t easy. It’s even harder if you haven’t been to school in decades. That hasn’t stopped 85-year-old Pablo Valverd

3 eBook Special – Save 30%

Hi! I'm Michael DiGiacomo and I started Happy English in 2010. I am an English instructor with over 20 years experience helping people just

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皆さん、こんにちは。もう10月になりましたね。時間経つのを早いですね。最近Happy Englishの生徒さんは、とっても良いYouTubeチャネルを紹介してくれました。皆さん、ご存知でしょうか? バイリンガール英会話です。ちかさんって言う日本人が日本語や英語で両方英語を説明しま

無料英会話レッスン: I'm Sorry | Excuse Me | Pardon Me

先週、誰かさんが質問しましたけど、でもその人の名前を覚えられないです。I'm sorry! 質問: 「変な質問かもしれませんが…あせあせ(飛び散る汗) 日本で海外ドラマを日本語字幕で観てた時に『お気の毒です』という言葉が気になりました。 英語では「I'm sorry」と言ってい


ハッピーイングリッシュチュータリング(個人指導)サービスです。 もしニューヨーク、又はロングアイランドエリアに在住しているならば。マイケルと一対一式で勉強できます。 もし他の都市や国に位置しているならば、あなたのコンピューターを使用してスカイプ又はグーグルハングアウトを通して勉強


365アメリカン英語熟語 一日熟語1つ マイケル・ディジャコモ著作 本作はPC/MAC用ダウンロード可能なpdfEブックです。 Eブックを個別にゲット、又はMp3オーデオ付きでゲットする事ができます! 各熟語の意味 熟語のグラマーパターンを付けた構成とその実用 コンテキストにどの

109 Phrasal Verbs

マイケル先生が教える109の慣用句 iPhoneやiPad版新発売! 含まれる物は・・・ 各慣用句の意味、説明 慣用句の使い方 慣用句の文法パターンを表示した構成 状況に応じた慣用句の使い方を載せた例文集 慣用句を使う機会を作る練習問題 意味の説明、各慣用句の例の入った約1時間の

Happy English



Happy Englishでは英会話の練習、英語のグラマーとボキャブラリーの習得、英語の発音のより上手に、そしてあなたのリスニングと読み書きのスキルを向上する事を助ける英語のレッスンを用意してあります。あなたは焦点を置きたいエリアを洗濯する事ができます: ...

Google+ Hangouts – Google Hangouts

Hangouts bring conversations to life with photos, emoji, and even group video calls for free. Connect with friends across computers, Android


有元美津世[著]. 「図解アメリカのソーシャルメディア・ビジネスのしくみ」 (あさ出版刊). フェイスブックブームの日本。「フェイスブックを 使わないと時代に乗り遅れる」 「フェイスブックで儲けないと」とわけもわからず、飛び込む人や企業が多い。 同時に、次から次に出 てくるソーシ