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A review of the Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook outlining it's features and benefits and how it stacks up to the Macbook Air
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I was left waiting for a 11.6 or 12.1 Dell Duo styled ultraportable. Never showed up.
If I was to pick any ultrabook right now, it'd definitely be the XPS 13. I'll see if my dad, who works for Dell (right here in Round Rock, Mr. Dell!) can get me a discount. ;-)
It's difficult making up my mind between the Macbook Air and the XPS 13 as my new traveling companion, but I think the build quality of the XPS 13 is swaying me towards it.
I have a Macbook Air but prefer the Dell Ultrabook specially as a travel companion
i'd like to know what the design rationale was for limiting the memory capacity to 4GB... i've been running 8GB and win7 x64 in my dell xps m1330 with a SSD for about a year now and its fantastic.
Will it run Ubuntu? Does Linux support the Intel fastboot system?
Not that I like Apple but what about body flex. The carbon fiber body will flex which is a no no for portables.. I used to do support 1st hand and ran in to all manner of issues that could have resulted from body flex in the plastic bodies. I'd have to see a serious bit of destructive testing to be cool with more flexible materials Edit.... It is a hot looking device though
I checked it @cebit - there was no flex on the body, not a bit! The screen did flex tho and that was more of a concern for me..
I am not at all an Apple fan whatsoever, but I call this "I could connect to a corporate VPN without any problems. Not being able to to do that with the Macbook Air had bothered me." complete BS. Incompetence is not an excuse...
Looks like a solid machine. I'm saving up for one.
I have already buyed an XPS 15z, I would like also one of this, is amazing. I hope that dell works on a version of Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook, with touchscreen and Windows 8 as operating system
Oh God this Dell is ugly as hell. They'd better shoot it in front the factory.
Mr. Dell, please dont forget to reintroduce Dell Streak 5" smartphone to the US!
I hope Dell can provide better support on this product. To bad they do have a process to go past LEVEL 3 when they Fail the customers. Very Sad that Mr. Dell does not have staff that the consumer can be put in touch with to get help when his service teams fail them.
i hope this latest technology expand rapidly...
Mr Dell .
If I can take your left brain , take Steve Jobs's right brain and make a new human being
I think the person created would have made creative high technology products available for the
entire world.
Steve Jobs made wonderful products in his lifetime but they were never available to the developing countries owing to high costs.

The void is now bridged by Google to an extent with their Android OS.
and the people inspired by iPad success of Jobs who are bringing
out affordable tablets and netbooks in India.
We need some creativity along with affordability in Dell products
Love the XPS 13, not a Mac gal. However I need 10 key...I am still considering the XPS, and will have to use an external 10 key.
I used Dell Laptops all the time until 2007. I could sell some of my Dell shares from splits ... Thanks by the way. Since 5 years I could do the same with Apple shares and I like OS much better.
Why should I buy a Windows Computer again ? Who likes Windows anymore ?
I guess the Hardware is almost the same ... so the potential client is concerend about system software. 
I live and work in Ausitn and I just recieved my new XPS 13, WOW!!! I love this ultrabook. It is is maxed out on every feature.

I really enjoyed walking into the Apple Store today to purchase a case for it and setting it next to the Mac Book Air 11 and 13 for size comparison and seeing that the smaller case fit my new ultrabook.

Thanks for an awsome machine I am totally, happily geeked out.
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