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Happy Birthday Dell!!

28 years ago tomorrow (May 3rd) with $1000, instead of studying for finals during my freshman year at the University of Texas, I started Dell. What an incredible journey it's been and continues to be.

Revenue from the start of the company to now is about $700 Billion!

Happy Birthday and a huge thanks to our teams and our hundreds of millions of customers around the world!
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Cool. Didn't realize who I was following.
"Dude ... you're gettin' a Dell."

My apologies, I simply could not resist.
Happy B'day DELL , I am glad to have started my Career and spent 6 years with Dell :) . Dell as a company ROCKS!
Congratulations! I am looking forward to Windows 8 slate devices for education. #Dell
Success comes to those who are willing to endure!! Congrats to Dell and of course congrats to Michael for enduring and living the dream!
I remember you all the way from the back pages of the Computer Shopper to what you are today. Congrats on your successful journey.
You are an inspiration for many budding tech. entrepreneurs ... am sure you will have a lot of internal satisfaction in what you many jobs you many lives you truly deserve it!!!
I well remember reading about you years ago how Dell meant quality. I'm writing on my Inspiron 1525 now, over 2 years old, and not one problem...
Wow......!!!! Wishing a wonderful Happy Birthday Dell...!! Wishing the dominance for many more years...!!! Thank you Mike....!!!
Great Inspiration :')
Happy Birthday Dell ... Congratulations Michael.
Happy birthday and congratulations.
I use #alienware systems from #Dell . They Rock!
Happy Birthday Dell
PS. Michael Dell and I are almost exactly the same age. But I look much better!
The American Dream... Love my Dell
Congrats!!!!!!!!! an inspiration for all
James S
Congratulations! It is so amazing to see what one persons vision can accomplish for so many!
...and your company's servers are pretty awesome too :-)
So aps
happy bday Dell
new national holiday nomination

May 3rd = Dell Day

I've been a happy Dell customer for probably 20 of your 28 years. So yes, Happy Birthday indeed.
Dear Michael DELL , Congrats for the successful journey so far. Also best wishes to a much longer journey to the future. It is an incredible feat for a small start company (28 years ago) to challenge established BIGGIES like IBM and HP and come out triumphs.
Happy Birthday and thanks for everything over the years.
My Dell laptop is OLD. But as long as it keeps truckin', I won't give it up!
Bon anniversaire Dell
Amazing! What an incredible journey this must be for you!
I currently own 2 XPS laptop and an XPS media them!
Very cool! I've loved Dell since I can remember, I probably have owned about 10 of them!
Exceptional journey from an exceptional human being and a leader - You must be so proud! - We are too as members who are seeing and living your vision today!
Hi: It is a pity that my laptop is Sony-made!
Happy birthday , also to my amazing Dell PC.
Best wishes to you Sir.. :-) im a proud user of a Studio Series laptop..Cheers.. :)
Eric Y
Thank you M.Dell, I has been using Dell for 8 years now. Your machine lasted longer than the other name I used. Happy birthday to DELL. :)
Happy Birthday, I use an Inspiron
Awesome :) Thank you Dell and Happy Birthday!!
studying for finals right as we speak!!!!
happy birth day 2 u:))))))))))))))))) may god bless long life.
Fabulous. Wishing Dell many more such years of pleasant journey.
Loving my Dell for the past five years and still no problems. Happy birthday Dell
Many more happy returns of the day Dell
With $1000 I bough a dell laptop that's made of metal gets to 70°C and burns my hands and arms, I'm glad you got further than I did with dell.
Wonderful.. Happy Birthday Dell..
Fortune continue to illuminate your face - successfully
Can I ask you one Question, why Dell cannot make hardware as good as Apple ... Please tell me.. Why the case cannot be beautiful , why can't you remove those poppy bad items popping out of the cases .. why can't you get us a motherboard with less heat .... Why...
Still running my SC400 as a critical piece of infrastructure. Thanks Mike for following your vision and creating a lasting company in a sea of drastic change.
and a huge thanks for changing how PCs are marketed around the world
Happy Birthday Dell and Congrats on all the achievements!
I am going to buy a Dell tomorrow. Cool
Awesome Guy : love to meet someday and share my experience..
+Michael Dell Happily sitting here with just one of my Dells. I became Compaq, HP and Everex certified back in '87 and have worked on thousands of machines since, I never met a Dell that couldn't be serviced or couldn't get serviced quickly under warranty which I sadly can't say about the aforementioned brands. I switched to only Dell servers 10-12 years ago and never looked back. Now have to give you, +Susan Beebe, +Jesse Leonard and the rest of +Dell staff kudos for being great members of G+ as well.
Congratulations what a great achievement. I hope to someday build TechFirmation the same way.
Happy birthday..... send me dell laptop as birthday gift :)
my best player schin tentulkar
Happy B'day to Dell. Give me a job in your contact centre.
Happy Birth day Dell Family."even my husband is part of ur family.
Happy Birthday Michael. I've had numerous Dell product along the way and am glad you added a competitor to the landscape when you did or we would all be speaking IBM now. Not bad for a grand, huh? :-)
Mr.Dell, you are a genius, my first job out of college was in the marketing dept. of Hewlett-Packard, I owned a Dell then and still do, over 20 years ago. I think i sold more Dell products than i ever did HP. But I will never tell! My entire family uses Dell products now because of my influence. Keep building the best, I will keep buying! Happy Birthday to your wonderful Company!
Could be a little more if the Kernersville/Winston Salem plant had been set up for phone or laptop production instead of desktops that were obviously loosing market share.
Funny... As I just said to my self " I need to buy a new computer" I read this .... I will be going to Dell... Thats ALL I own... 6 Dells between my house and business.
Happy Birthday to Dell, one of the originals, and still one of the most reliable too!!
Many Many Returns of the day Dell...Happy Birth Day to You!!Dell!!!Happy Birth Day to You!!Dell!!!Happy Birth Day to You!!Dell!!!Happy Birth Day to You!!Dell!!!Happy Birth Day to You!!Dell!!!Happy Birth Day to You!!Dell!!!
Way to go man, good company makes very good computers :)
Thanks Michael for making Dell..!!
Thanks Michael! I just bought two more of your servers a few days ago.
That is another inspiring story..... And DELL is becoming synonyms with computers the world over..Happy b'day
Happy Birthday and congratulations on your company's success!
JP Joo
Happy Birthday DELL ....
Jay r
cool, my first 'real' computer was a Dell, so happy bday!
I have owned many Dell computers. My XPS 410 still going strong. Dell rocks!
There is need of true innovation in PC hardware and software. By copying the Apple MacBook Air to make latest XPS will not last for long....why PC maker do not have innovative ideas???? Why there is copy paste from others???? Why Dell is not focusing to deliver smooth experience while using its PC??? Why some models have overheating issues?????
Hope that in coming years Dell will improve the quality and user experience!!!
I use Dell Vostro 1710, which has problem of being over heating..
and you told apple to commit suicide.
Thank you. My first laptop was a dell 710m.
Hello: Just a few minutes ago, I posted "It is a pity that my laptop is Sony-made", but I see my comment is not there.Who.....?
i use your dell xps 15 r what a piece of technology and best after sale service i ever saw, got . HAPPY BIRTHDAY DELL!
I am using also but my charger is not working. So what to do?
all the very best for the future michael!
I started earning money in this industry in 1986 in June... Dell computers have always represented the workhorse and one new that one wasn't dealing with the bleeding edge of technology but, rather, the cutting-edge of technology. Thanks for the stability.
Happy Birth Day..
if i ask, What thinking made you to start what would be your answer?
Congrats to Dell, but to the rest of us, we get cheap Chinese products with cheap Indian service.
happy birthday to you dell.,.,.,.,.,.,.,And "tum jivo hajaro saal, saal ke din ho pachas hajaar" foolo, fulo,...... god bless you....
Lucky you. Maybe I should drop out of grad school and start "Cortesi"
happy anniversary from this Dell user.
Dell comes with ubuntu in default on some machines. I like that!
Happy Birthday Dell. Mike is a great guy. I met him a few times when I worked at little fab house in Austin, wave soldering those motherboards. I must have been 18. No doubts about this being the future even back then. LOL
Congratulations... My company buys Dell, so I have to repair Dell pc's all the time... ;-)
When my XPS m1210v overheated and died from the GPU issue, Dell repeatedly told me there was nothing they could do for me. Later on, I find out that there was a class action suit against Dell for the defective GPU, but I missed the deadline to receive service. Dell has destroyed my faith in their customer service. The laptop was less than two years old.
Well, their UltraSharp series monitors are very good (I own one).
How about sharing that $700 Billion with the people who get screwed by Dell daily?!!
Thanks for all the slave labor Chinese computers
Happy Birthday Dell.
I have a Latitude E6500 and no problems since 2009.
Conratulations!Keep up the good work.Looking forward to more innovations from Dell.
Happy Birthday and congratulations to you Michael Dell, what an achievement!! :)
Happy Birthday Michael Dell.... Good job
Awesome company, awesome products.
Looking forward to more alienware. :-)
The earning of the company $7000 Billion is awesome....Loving Dell
<sarcasm>Thank you for the proprietary parts, the non-standard pinout ATX mobo power connectors, the overheating/dying hard drives in those green plastic brackets, the re-branded Lexmark printers that can't use identical standard Lexmark ink cartridges, etc.</sarcasm>
Hey Dell. I work with orphans overseas. Let me know if you are interested in donating some old Dells.
happy birthday. wish more and more comes in life.
Congratulations. You are an inspiration.
Happy birthday Dell, you're the best.
Happy birthday brother blow them we are watching and we will watch u blowing them for a hundred years one time. Take care to achieve it.
many many happy returns of the day happy birthday:)
Happy Natal day Mr. Michael Dell.. Congrats for success Sir...Bod Bless!
Its an incredible achievement, you re genius Mr Micheal Dell... Love you!
Pure're a risky one who takes risks...I'd not dare to do that...
You are Just Awesome, last year i have given a Presentation.
the topic was "Michael Dell". Happy Birthday Sir!
Wow, this made me look at my workstation for a sec and it's a Dell!!! Happy Bday Dell!
And I still have an ancient Dell Latitude that's still chugging along
Well invested $1000. Somehow it feels unrealistic to start something with so little money in 2012. :)
This is a wonderful testament, to following one's dreams! Congratulations!
My Dell n5110 was half the price of my flat mate's and girlfriend's macbook pros, and has been twice as reliable. Adding +Michael Dell to circles now.
wow thats great you must be helping alot of people and paying your thithes sir cause you are helping spread the gospel all over this earth and i know God is sure loving you back karol sheffield florida
haha and I start my finals tomorrow... so what shall I open today...hmmm
Happy Birthday! and Thank you for being so adamant into shaping our lives and changing the face of technology!!!!!
Good Luck for future...wishesh from India ,one of the dell user
Happy B'day Dell! And good luck for the years that follow!
Happy Birthday to +Michael Dell 's baby!

Continue Innovating and let us tech-greedy-minions get our hands on some kickass new products! ;)
In the age of Apples, I still swear by my Dell laptop. Well done to you man. Keep living the dream...
your welcome DELL old boy and my dell software just rebooted as i typed this lol talk about mm privacy mm scary ApolloFm
You must be so proud! Congrats! We need more people like you, creative AND with lots of perseverance and faith...
happy birthday to #dell - great products
happy birthday.It was a worthwhile venture
happy birthday and many many congratulations for the successful completion of 28 years :) great achievement
Sumi !
Happy birthday dell my laptop is dell and it is amazingly good good luck in the future
Congratulations and Happy birthday.......
Well today's my birthday too:)
And I've used a bunch of those computers... Nice job!
Heartiest Congratulations to you Mr. Dell and a very warm and Happy Birthday Dell!
Ecco RO
Many Many happy returns of the day Happy B'day dell
Congratulations Michael, awesome company!
Ur product won d hearts of many people around d world & hats off 2 u
Ur products won d hearts of many people around d world & hats off 2 u.
I wonder what it feels like to know that something that carries your name made close to a trillion dollars...
To make it really work!!! Make a surprise gift of dell machine to me on G+ today and all fame yours and next year same day i get wished happy birthday of my machine.!!!( Was my first comment) after reading all the comments i would say best of luck Dell!!
Best products ever, A very Happy Birthday
Yeah, and thanks a bunch for producing the Dell Streak 5 and 7 and then abandoning it's owners barely more than a year after launch. That was fantastic of you. Last Dell product I ever buy.
Suma Chatterjee 3rd May , 2012 --- Wish Happy Birthday to your right Choice of a ticking career !!!
Happy Birthday Michael !!!. Do remember your Ex-employees besides customers as contributors towards success.
And one of those customers is me, far away in Calcutta - we've never had any computer other than Dell - PC or laptop!!!!!! and we wouldn't either. Totally sold on Dell!!!!!!!! Thanks, Michael
you guys have the worst computers ever, stop ripping off the customers
Happy Birthday- Dell Boy - Have you got any Sales Jobs ???
Congrats, you've clearly done very well and inspired many entrepreneurs. But can you use some of that $700B to improve your motherboards?
Wonderful, amazing. You are really great sir, I really admire you.
I'm reading this on a Dell dual core, I do my work on a HP Quad core The Dell has crashed a few times but the auto repair for Vista auto fixed it taking an hour or two to fix Windows. My HP has always worked but it does the heavy computing. The Dell is used by school kids. Or shall I say the games are played by kids and do more damage to the computer than video or Maya does to the Quad core.
A person never knows when something life changing will happen
hohooo!!!///...INSPIRABLE for upcoming entrepruners.!! n Happy Birthday1111
really inspiring, from thousands to billions.
You are an American hero!
very inspiring and motivating congratulations from nigeria
happy b-day thuogh i don't really know who exactly tou are.
Happy Birthday Dell !

As already stated by Mr. Michael Dell, a lot has changed over the 28 years of Dell existence. When Dell was small, it was all about "Under - promise and Over - Deliver", now the opposite is true. Let's hope Dell can survive another 28 years with it's lowering standards of system design.
to bad everybody has an apple .. o_O
And as the administrator of 100 laptops and 120 desktops, thanks for making a great machine. They run great with Linux too. :-)
wish you guys can produce a laptop better than IBM think pad !
Congrats.. Hope you guys do well in the future
Thank you for make us the Inspiron to keep going with our lives!!!
Never been a fan of Dell... but good job on the 28 years
Overpriced gaming PCs. Seems like everything tagged with "gaming" is hundreds of dollars more than an equivalent alternative. You can do better sirs. 
+Jeff Sepeta I doubt a RAID BIOS bug cost you your job, unless you worked on the RAID BIOS team. RAID systems don't protect you from anything but drive failures, and RAID systems are prone to failure across all vendors (IBM, NetApp, EMC, HP, etc). Having good disaster recovery mechanisms requires multiple levels of redundancy and restore capability tailored to the dataset and criticality of the system.
dont anyone else +1 this. it needs to stay at 1010.
+Javier Segura Michael Dell found opportunity in the gaming market. Now he has in all likelihood 10,000 times your net worth... you just wish you had the idea. Happy Birthday Dell!
Happy Birthday Dell!
And thank you +Michael Dell for following your passion and fulfilling your dream. Your story has been, and continues to be, an encouragement to others to never give up on themselves or the things THEY are passionate about!
PS: Looking forward to an ultra thin XPS 17...I can dream too, right? :-)
happy birthday dell i'm using alienware M17 and i love he ^^
Happy B-Day to my competition. Without Dell, I wouldn't be able to point and say "My products are better than theirs."
Matt V
To bad your computers suck ass. 
Cool.. Love your dell streak5!
Wish i had the courage to act on my ideas. Then i would see if they are brilliant or not.
Happy birthday. I can't wait to come to work for such a wonderful company.
Now if you only paid your employees what they are worth. Level 2 employees only making $14 an hour after a full year working for your company. Pretty weak. You are losing good people by not paying them.
sam jim
+Michael Dell 700 billion huh... wish you well..... thanks for the inspiring story...... :)
So there is hope for starting my Accounting company Mays Concepts in Indian Trail, NC right outside of Charlotte after I graduated with an MBA three years ago? Cool...Thanks for the inspiration!!!
28 years!! I am so sure it feels like yesterday ..For me working for Dell has been a pleasure new learning in the ever changing and challenging Industry..CONGRATS!! PROUD TO WORK FOR DELL
you guys the most genius people on the planet with 1000$ you built this empire really you dell a big powerful mind
(happy birthday dell )
If you had to distill it down to 1 thing . . . what's the secret to taking $1000 and turning it into $700 B's ???
happy birthday and you are one of the peolple i look up to making such an amazing company be proud
just goes to show CEOs don't need to know anything much to be a success.
Not True. I just miss the fact that I can do something "full time" at about 15 hours a week of "required" effort. If I got payed on a system similar to test taking, I would make much more money in a 10th of the time spent.
can i ask for your $1000? i needed that money.
Happy birthday Dell! Dell SonicWaller 戴尔上海研发中心员工致
My dad used to work for you
Happy Birthday Dell, Just I love you.... God bless you
Thank you very much for the Dell! Take greetings from Ukraine :)
That you very much for the impact you have created in all our lives.......
Why not give Linux Distros one more time a chance Mr Dell?
Yup indeed amazing Mr Dell there are people who adviced me to copy you exactly what you did ,this people did not know that PC would soon be obsolete notebooks ,tables and cloud computing are the norms of the day.Do we have any computers with 3d interface
Congratulations sir. I wanted to introduce myself as well. My name is Donald Harrison. I am one of your newest employees working out of the Nashville Help Desk. I find myself in the exclusive area of the company with little training. I will give my all to help your company grow. Maybe I'll get the chance to meet you the next time you're in Nashville. Happy belated birthday to Dell.
Congratulations and continued success.
Thinking of You
on Your Special Day
Happy Birthday sir
happy belated birthday dell I hope to be there one day
Selamat Ulang Tahun.....Sukses selalu
that is so so so cool!
I can't believe hat you started a company with just a thousand dollars!
i hope to make a difference like you did when i grow up. :)
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