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If you use and are an Android user, try out this new mobile app and let us know what you think and how we can further improve the app. We are listening. - Now on the go. Take us with you, wherever you go. One-stop shopping, tracking and support for your favorite Dell products and more are right in your hand. ...
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+Michael Dell Any plans of introducing a Chromium OS based machine by Dell? :D Like around Holiday season to under cut SamSung's version? Like for $150-$200?
I'll have to try this app out. Could be very useful when I'm on the floor needing to check support on a service tag. Perhaps no more needing to write the service tag down and then head back to the office to look up the warranty/support information?
Yeah... because I buy enough Dell equipment that I actually need an app for that. Meh.
Perhaps it is because I'm new to Android, but I did not find the left / right swipe on the main "shop" page to be very intuitive.
Nice app will try. The only thing I shop dell now a days is chargers...they seem to go out for me within few months. I got a 90 watt dell charger and in a mo was dead. Lol. I am using a loaner after market now on my 4th charger for same laptop. Can't afford to spend 100 a mo or so on replacement power.
Michael I thimk either motoblur or gingerbread have been introducing left right swipe as common methods. Strange to me too I like up down.
Give me a premier login and I will love it
@Alexander:"in a month it was dead... LOL?" You buy something, it dies, and you laugh out loud about it? Seriously?
Hope you could push the app to support more countries!
I see the Support section being more practical than say, throwing down $4k for an Alienware while "on the go". If this was geared more toward network/desktop support admins (scan/photo service tag #'s to pull up info about a machine, etc) -- That's worthy of a paid app, in my book
Not install-able in my country ( Bulgaria ). Looks good on screenshots.
If the service tag on the physical machine would be a QR code additionally, it could be scanned with a smartphone and linked to the support site.
Needs to be able to be moved to the sd card.
This app is incompatible with your Asus Transformer TF101.
J. roto
Sadly, I don't think Mr. Dell replies to us peons...but I installed the app.
+John Brooks sounds like a great app - I wish these things were around back when I was doing tech support... But all the tools in the world couldn't have helped Windows NT. </sadface>
i want one, please!!!
+Michael Dell Resellers Tools
Speaking of Android Apps, I would love to have an App that would allow my techs to sells Dells to our clients onsite. As it is now we have to call up our in house tech and walk him through an order so we can factor in our margins.

An Android App with auto margin factoring that also allowed clients to pay for it right then and there would be fantastic.
J. roto
Well then, I second what Jacob just asked for so I can use it for consultations.
need a app that we can scan our Service codes and then look up info quicker
or if we cant reach around the unit we can hold a phone with a scanner and scan it to find out service code and info
and what about a service tag or customer # based app?
although urls start with www still not worldwide. "This item cannot be installed for the country you selected".
@theo well what else can I do but laugh? :) just glad the aftermarket one hasn't died on me.
+Michael Dell Fuzzy Images
Well done on the App. Really well done. The UI is almost perfect and the transition effect is great. It reminds me to the fade in effect from Google+ photos. The entire thing seems to be very snappy which is nice.

My only gripe is that the zoomed in images are very poor quality. For example. I was looking at the G19 keyboard and wanted to make sure it had all 18 macro keys, which it does not, so I zoomed it. The image I saw was very fuzzy. It looks as though you take the small thumbnail and just stretch it out to fit the screen. This really needs a change.

I would suggest making the default image the larger of the two and shrinking the image down for the thumbnails, instead of blowing the thumbnail up for the zoom.
Support Forums
I just noticed the support forums built in. This is very well implemented. I would love a list of things not in this App, because I think it would be much smaller than a list of those things that are included.

I like that the question and the answers show up in two individual, and scroll-able frames on the same page. I would love to be able to collapse the question, once read, so it does not take up 50% of my screen. Once I have confirmed that the question matched my desired topic it just hinders my ability to find the answers I seek.
Help Topics
I like that they are included, but the implantation is poor.

The help topics link out of the App to a desktop version of the This is very bad.

The thing that surprised me about this App is that it felt like an all inclusive system for getting anything I need from Dell, which is * incredible.* Linking out of an App of this caliber is not advisable.

I would consider moving moving the "Help Topics" into the Apps forums system.
Support Videos
The videos is a nice touch, but some were very slow to stream on my 28mb connection, which was odd.

My primary use for them would be to share them with those friends, family and clients who need the advise, this would cut back on the amount of time I have to spend in minor support calls. With your current video option there is no way for me to share the videos.

I would consider placing all these videos on This would provide them with all the sharing tools they need, because Android already has a fantastic YouTube App. It would also allow me to share it once with my YouTube channel and have it seen by many of my client who may be asking the same question. Anytime I can help many people without a single answer that I only have to say once, I am a happy man.
Michael, you should add an intelligent virtual agent to the app so that people don't have to search for answers that may or may not be relevant. An Intelligent Virtual Agent will help people get to the exact support answers they need. Your website needs one as well. So much info, which is good, until your common users get overwhelmed quickly and leave the site and call you....
Reviews Section
I love all the reviews and how quickly they load. I also like the sorting options a lot. For example. The "Helpfulness-High to Low" is nice.

Wow is there a ton of wasted space when you scroll down to the reviews. I am talking 40% of the screen is dead white space, due to how your have the reviewers name displayed.

I would consider reformatting it so the reviewers name is part of the review header text. This will get rid of the dead space under the name.

Something like this:
[reviewers name] says, [header line]
[reviewer comment reviewer comment reviewer comment reviewer comment reviewer comment reviewer comment reviewer comment ]

This would also allow for a larger portion of the reviewers actual review to be seen at a glance.
maybe I'm not the target audience, but I'm not sure why I would download an app that I'll only use when I'm buying a computer every 2 or 3 years. I'll just use the mobile version of
Ooh how useful not to need a pc to access support! It would be cool if it could read support tags ...
Well, some support for my tablet (Motorola Xoom, running 3.2) would be nice. Also, think about adding a barcode scanner to the app to allow scanning service codes on equipment and getting its warranty/support information. Filtering on service codes would also make shopping for parts and accessories much more streamlined. This would make the app useful if you're looking for new equipment, or are just getting stuck working on someone else's old gear. ;-)
I'd love to see a similar app for SMB Premier Page
Does the app allow you to shop from Alienware too? I'm an iOS fanboy but I'd like to know on behalf of friends with Droids. ;-)
Extended Usefulness
+Ellis Atwood made a good point. There seems to be a lack of justification or reason to install this App. This got me thinking about what I would love to see added to the App, from a business owners perspective.

The Magical, Spectacular, Incredible Idea
Offer a way for Dell product owners to connect directly with local Dell product support. I am not talking about Best Buy, or the other mega stores, I am talking about the mom and pop PC shops that support these devices when support is needed.

I have an entire platform design in my head, but it would take forever to write it out in a Google+ comment. Plus, I am a visual thinker and I can not inject images into these comments.

The basic concept is to offer a direct channel for your clients to be introduced to local shops via a Dell App platform. Provide a system that would allow for local clients to find and connect with local tech shops in a social environment. You can also implement a Groupon style coupon system for your clients to get yearly PC checkups and support from local shops at a discounted rate.

There really is no end to the social components you could add to such a platform and there is not reason to think you have to design a system from scratch considering API's for Google+ will be out soon. For example, I focus very heavily on the EDU sector, and often do free PC Work Shops. How cool would it be if Dell had a system that would automatically inform the locals about the event?

A Living, Breathing Local Techscape
+Michael Dell, this App has the potential to provide some of the oxygen our small business sector needs to stay healthy, by bringing small business owners together with tech-curious Dell clients. A hyper localized event planner and information network that offers face-to-face communication with the local businesses people trust, all powered by the device maker people love.

Yes, we could use a combination of Facebook, Google+, Groupon, Foursquare and local news papers to try and accomplish the same thing, but it is hard, messy and very noneffective. I have tried and in fact have been doing just that.

Thanks for being on Google+ and offering all of us the chance to offer up suggestions on a platform we know your see directly.

- Jacob
+Michael Dell This would be more useful if we could look up Service Tags, and upgrade parts/etc, instead of having to pull up the regular site on my phone. Perhaps we can, but I can't seem to find it in the app.

I don't really see myself purchasing any servers through this application, but looking up specs for machines, both the ones that planning to purchase, and looking up parts for servers I already have..
I just installed it on my Droid. I was already able to help somebody that had a question on the forums. This app rocks!!
Dell doesn't listen to feedback, they just like to look like they listen to feedback 
downloaded -- seems to run better on my droid than the website does on my pc
+Jacob Chappell Great to see such a detailed feedback. Do you, by any chance, have all your feedback in a single word file? If you send it across to me, I'll be happy to forward it to the Mobile App product manager.
You can also try Dell Service Tag on android (not made by Dell). its not bad to pull out config/warranty info on the fly. Can scan barcodes or QR codes.
+Harsh Acharya Nope. I was just busting those out while I was playing with the App. I can certainly pop them all in a Google Doc and drop you a link here, once it is done. If you have some other format in mind just let me know. You can also contact me via the email link on my profile.
I downloaded it, and I love it. This is def going to make it easier for you to get the money back you pay me. Lol
"Dell Mobile" - I'm not allowed to install it on my Galaxy Tab in Germany.
Is this US only? Not working here in Brazil
+Michael Dell, Dell Mobile repeatedly gives me this response on my T-Mobile HTC myTouch 4G and Sensation 4G: "We're sorry, but we were unable to establish a connection to our secure server. Please check your network connection."
Hi everyone. I work for Dell's social media outreach team. This is great feedback on the Dell Mobile App. It is for US only right now. +Andrew Jackson , I had a team mate who had the same issue on Friday with the app and he had T-Mobile. He tried again the next day and it worked. Not sure what the issue was. I have Verizon and it worked on the first try. Just adding my two cents here for the development team to review. Thanks again for the great feedback!
+Amy Bivin, I solved the problem by restarting both mobile phones. They both showed uptime of more than 24 hours.
+Michael Dell Thanks much for sending my problem to the Social Media Division. My laptop will be happy to use a real Dell Charger again ^_^.

In my experience I have found that Social Media agents give the best customer service, this is no exception. Much appreciated and thanks for caring about your customers. Will likely make my next laptop an alien ware / dell depending on if you guys come up with something to compete with the RazerBlade soon ;)
Hey Michael I love your products and i support them in my company. I just purchased the Streak7 and I am pleased with it. However I have read in your community forums that DELL will not be releasing Honeycomb for for this device which was a selling point for me. Please tell me that i have not wasted my money. I do mean to be a jerk I am just concerned.
Hardware Assisted Desktop Virtualization
+Michael Dell, when I purchased the Dell Inspiron 1721, I was told by Sales and Technical Support that it supported AMD(TM) Processor Assisted Virtualization. What I learned after months and months of conversations with Microsoft is that none--neither Microsoft nor Dell Technical Support--understood the issues. Only after carefully questioning AMD Technical Support did I learn that even though the Inspiron 1721 had PAV in the BIOS AMD manufactured NO mobile processors compatible with the 1721 that support PAV. I have tried for years to have some department at Dell acknowledge and address my concerns. I have often even been rebuffed and insulted when I pointed out that the Studio 1747 had all of the features promised to me in the Inspiron 1721 [ RAID 1 and Intel® Virtualization Technology (VT-x) ].
Dell streak i think the worst Tablet Pad i bought in my life. Just hang & restart
The streak is a budget tablet, the one problem with this tablet and other Android Tabs is that there is a phone OS installed. I have been using it rooted for a month and I think its holding up fine, yes it locks up once in a while but i been learning to manage my apps. If Dell wants this device to survive they must push Honeycomb to it as soon as possible. I'm a first time android user and have sampled other devices and i have to tell you FROYO caught my attention, Dell needs to push Honeycomb on this device!
Nice start! I haven't reviewed it thoroughly, but at first glance, the interface seems nice and clean.

Also, FWIW, it doesn't look like it's intended for Premier login ( but thought I'd try anyway. :) (I don't know how accounts are tied together behind the scenes.) It allowed me to login, but there didn't appear to be any information associated with the account.

Assuming security is dealt with appropriately, it would be convenient to be able to order-by-quote. Ideally without having to type in the quote#, but that's icing on the cake.

It would also be nice to be able to order quickly from items that the customer has pre-selected. To put it another way, if enterprise customers could click a menu item and have it bring up a list of items that they have pre-selected (ordered on a regular basis), enter quantities, and select previously entered shipping addresses, then many purchasing tasks could be completed efficiently while out and about with only needing a phone.

Hopefully these aren't items that I've overlooked. Thanks for engaging with the customers!
Being a Dell employee, I'm proud to have this app on my android. Wonderful work!
We use Windows Mobile 7 and it would be nice if I can quickly hit by entering a service tag number. We are a Dell partner so we are always tracking down warranty info with an app from our phones. Just my 2 cents.
Hey Michael dell, are you working in Dell company?
help me some thing about Some Dell mobile
Dell mobile is not available for download here in the Philippines.
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