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I have many things to be thankful for and proud of over the years....
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I remember buying a computer from PC's Limited in 1987.
Ah now come on! How low can you go Dell? hahaha :-)
You do indeed, and it's such a good way for everyone to reflect on their life.
Congratulations Mr.Dell,
My Laptop is Dell, because your visions and inovations many people like Dell, Thanks Mr. Dell and Goodluck:)
1987! Old memories indeed!
Nice, everyone respects a man that can limbo :)
That's hilarious. Good for you.
Is limbo that old - 90's Kid :P
Congratulations!I think the reason for your success is the quality you maintain...
This will be your legacy. Future generations will say, "He made computers too?!?!? No Way!"
Studebaker's...oh, man - good times! :-)
Have your cowboy boots on? Sent from a Dell of course.
congratulations you are a smart guy and that is what we need for this world people like you.keep going.georges from montreal
Two months before I headed back to NJ from Dallas to start my technology career as a programmer. Ironic I should end up working briefly for a limbo contest winner in Austin (albeit 20+ years later) via acquisition of another Texas company, Perot Systems.

Congrats mate. Well done :)
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