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Plz a salad shouln't have 4.99 price while a burguer 0.99. 0.99! is the beginning to heal this obesity. No crunchitos!
Fabio is right where we subsidize has a lot to do with what has happened. That said I look forward to the film and thanks to your foundation for educating on this issue. 
I hope: parents understand "usa first class" family cant reach "first class" Health or "USA AAA" life. I hope: the film, the foundation and all citizens help to give the message: Eat chipses then u are fried!
I really hope large corps watch this video. Everyone is responsible for this and to try and put it on the people themselves for not having enough "will power" is bullshit. Marketing preys on weakness' and doesn't really rely on ones well being. Make healthy food and stop trying to profit from making horrible quality (Trans fat etc.) to make a quick buck. We're eating ourselves to death.
+Jonathan Jorge corps are corps, man over the man. A piramid of power merciless, painless and hungry. The only weakness to corps is remember the past. Do u remember when: the food was better? a pencil was so strong? a watch was so exact and harder than today? parents were better, more discipline than "plz baby plz be good baby". Weakness of corps are ourselves, we need to buy local.

Do u want a pc? do u live at USA? buy Usa manufactured pcs. do u live at China? buy chinese hand maded pcs. NO CORPS! native hands first! Health & productivy to all countries.
America is known for people with weight problems.
+Fabio Bazurto to qoute Steve Jobs, "those jobs aren't coming back" to America. We've become a service oriented economy here in the US because we have no choice. More and more American Engineers are getting laid off to make room for Chines/Indian/Aisan engineers who are better skilled and suited and who will do the job for much less pay. Can you blame American Companies for doing this?

We only have ourselves to blame. The US School system has been in disarray for the last 50 years. The Rich get by because they don't rely on public resources to educate their children. The book "The world is flat" goes into much better depth on this issue. We're not only Fat and over weight, we're useless vs China and Asia in terms of Technology.

"People in America kids want to be like Britney Spears....In china kids want to be like Bill Gates..."
u r right +Jonathan Jorge. Lets change this together, all of us! American, latin american, lets change this. Best regards-
+Fabio Bazurto Absolutely, bit by bit, day to day. It won't happen over night. I already advocate to anyone within my radius to give up Fastfood or anything that doesn't do a body good.

IMO leading by example is the best way to get it through everyone's head. For those who don't see me exercising 5 days a week (at the least) and eating healthy organic, I'll tell you right now. I'm doing it, and it feels good.

Too many friends and family have fallen victim to diabetes (we Latinos LOVE to eat sugar. We love it!). Enough is enough. Say no to soda (I'm being serious). It will kill you before you're 60.
I think that if people in the future weigh more, it's because they can bench at least 400 pounds.
+Andrés Rodríguez at USA democracy is a show. High politic cupule: democracts & republicans are the same thing. Create 2 sides, choose 1 is the best way to hide the truth: we are ruling this american land(only us). Usa need other type of politics, no actor no marionettes, USA need usa citizens: the doctor, the economist, the carpenter, etc being real representant of each citizen. Health & education topic are the base of people. Are u satisfied with actual public health & education level? #trendquestion
Michael, thank you for bringing health education to the forefront. Obesity leads to so many other health and psychology issues.
Ivan H
I don't want to be simplistic but cutting sugar is one of the best things everyone could do in order to solve obesity. I say it for experience
Yes Jonathan recent reserch has shown that simple pranayams like Kapalbhati and Anulom- Vilom are far more effective than tough asanas(postures)
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