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+Zach Dell interviewed this morning about :)
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Michael, very great son you have there.
Great stuff. How do I start one here in Florida? Much needed here.
Great idea and a great role model for the kids participating!
Not as new as it seems. We've been practising the yearly summer camp of our sports club for the last 20 years just the same way - kids by kids. But there is noone named Dell, of course.
Ew. No one said it was new. Way to bring the mood down. Geez. You're a party waiting to happen.
This is nice, Mr Dell
Pretty cool Michael. You should be proud... chip of the ol' block?
Wow. Very articulate. It's cool watching our kids start to take flight.
OT; Michael, kudos on Project Sputnik. I believe there is a XPS13 in my immediate future.
Inventing a computer or laptop or ipad is good but making the planet into a dustbin with them is not a good idea...Dell wastage is everywhere like Dell laptops.Recycle them now or the world is not good enough for recycling the people. No Human can stay in the dustbin..rite?
Well Anjaneya Google is coming up with an eyewear that would be used as a computer screen and the processors and other memeory product along with mother boards are becoming smaller and smaler so less and less trash would be created computing is all about doing some arithmetic and logical operations very very very very fast is not about the quantity of copper, silicon or aluminium used.Into the next decade you bet comps would be so much more different so much more inexpensive.Sample this a decade ago a laptop would have cost Rs 100000 + ,today a 30 times more powerful laptop will cost around Rs 20000.
Hope so...but what will they do with the old pc's, laptops which are in the trash..will they do like in Wall-E? :)
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