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Suddenly, Dell is a Software Company!
The Dell brand is one of the most recognizable in technology. It was born a hardware company in 1984 and deservedly rocketed to fame, but it has always been about the hardware. In 2009, its big Perot ...
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Goodness gracious! For a second there I thought you were rolling your own desktop OS!
studentforce [embedded] with Boomi could be an excellent example of Dell, the software company
I heard you like software, so I put this software in your hardware...
Hopefully you all won't become a silo; we have enough silos to deal with - interoperability would be more appreciated.
Suddenly? I think this has been much more an evolution than "suddenly" would indicate.
Stay strong on your support for OSS projects like Crowbar and OpenStack!
You can expect more hollering, as bugs bother people, along with their desire to see features in the software that aren't there.
It's only the start too. Have you seen Dell stock? Nice!
Dear, Harshad Joshi,
We have ubuntu in our office .. :P
Michael, this may be true, but the decisions being made lately have been a bit off. I believe today's Dilbert comic sums it up nicely related to your recent changes to ITAS:
Remember this - do not bite the hand that feeds you.
I guess the artical author wasnt aware of silverback, mdsm, drac, dkms or omsa. Looks like hardware and software have always been apart of dell.
Boss, we support you!
It's about time! I've been wondering when Dell would diversify into the software industry for a while. I think it's a welcome step forward as software is too crucial to ignore since it plays such a huge part in today's digital (and most importantly, mobile) systems.
I love Dell. That's all the computers we have.
I feel that Dell has outgrown itself and is no longer capable of providing either quality of product and service like it has in past decades. I have been using Dell products for probably 15 years and due to the quality issues and failure of warranty/service resolutions will phase them out now as they need replacement. Shame, really.
Bernd have you spoken to a tam? Dell has a dedicated team that listens to its customers complaintS. Then changes company policy to improve quality in service. They also survey its support cases to improve customer service. Whatever the issue, we care and want you as our customer. Let me know how we can do that. Email
Matthew - I have followed up to you offline under your email address.
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