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Kudos to the Dell Foundation! Investing in our youth is investing in our future.
Precisely that is one way to invest if you are sitting on a heap of unused cash, additionally you end up getting an army of loyal future employees too.
Thats very interesting. My thoughts are always....ENOUGH with computers. Per example, Down loading books to read or listen too? But you have changed a view of mine. IF they help the students! I think it great!
Sanjeev, isn't that view a little cynical? Why not accept this as the right thing to do, and if by the way, some of these kids end up employed by Dell, what's wrong w/that?
I absolutely agree with you, +A. Wayne Gill . Scholarships and fellowships are actually meant to help the deserving who otherwise may not afford. But in due course of time, these students do remember their responsibilities towards the parent institutional support. Its human psychology to go back to the people who have supported them in the past. There is nothing wrong to invest more in the youth and children as far as nation building process is concerned. By 'loyal,' I meant that these people will never switch or hop companies/organizations just for little appraisals. I also hold that repeated job hops have increased in the last 6-7 years, and that some how is affecting the process of economic stability. I have not come across any research that has studied the relation between job shifts and its impact on national/international economy. So,I may be eventually wrong, though. I again agree with you, and that too in totality. Cheers!
Keep on supporting those local KIPP schools and students!
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