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HP.... They are calling it a separation but it feels like a divorce
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this kind of hurts their reputation by putting the touchpad down for a dirt nap so quickly...
Are you trying to rub it in? :-). Maybe you should buy the PC side from them.
but if they are getting out of the hardware business, what does it matter? i loved WebOS back when i had a palm.. :/
Can't believe they killed webOS so quickly
Hey Michael Dell! You should buy the business! Now's the chance!
Only Dell is alone now
AJ Klein
don't snatch up WebOS, make an Android tab before ASUS kills all the other competition
So, Michael... how much will you offer for HP's PC business?
Such a shame, but I /so/ want a 200buck WebOS tablet now, as I suspect many people will to, it'll sell like hotcakes, and HP will kick themselves for not getting the price right. Heck, they should have been giving them away free with every printer,just to get them out there.
That's a good point, these things flashable to get Android on?
well Davíð Sturluson...let´s say..EVERYTHING... ;o)
+Sven Lindalen Yeah not a troll. Get real and see reality. It's just an operating system. That cost you everything.
When are you releasing ARM Powered Chromebooks for $199, why wouldn't you want to dominate those sales?
OMG totally. Listen to +Berk Gökden Grow Dell Grow! Maybe the extra resources will help out in cutting costs and pushing new tech.
+Michael Dell I think you should make an alliance with MS right about now....they have the software, you have the hardware...Apple would eat dirt...just a PC enthusiast and an Apple hater \m/ All the best!
How about buy WebOS from HP and keep this great operating system alive? You can probably get it for pennies on the dollar.
If only they'd exit the printer business. Their ink costs more per oz than gold.
WebOS was arguably the best phone OS. What it lacked in apps, it more than made up for in speed and workflow fluidity. I'm sad to see it meet such an ignominious end. Now if Dell would make a cdma phone.... 
+Sven Lindalen actually dude, I have an allergy to the fruit as well...weird, huh? :)))
Yes, I don't like Apple because they managed to convince everyone they're the good guys....but in fact nobody sees the irony buying Apple products, how they chain themselves to only one company who controls everything. ;-)
I'm not a MS fan, but if I were to choose between Mac or Windows, it's Windows.
Well, I usually see these things coming but boy this and Google's Motorola acquisition completely caught me by surprise.
It was too bad, I liked how Bono tried to save Palm but it just is not as cool as the Android OS. What do you feel about possibly integration of dual OS Windows + Web OS on some select desktops sold on IMO we will not be seeing a Touchpad 2 that was also late to the party like the phone OS
I feel sorry for those putting their heart into WebOS. On the other hand, I have to use an "Elite Book" at work - it's the most horrible and most expensive work-laptop I ever had!
I can't believe they put out webOS devices anyway. It's a two horse race - Android and iOS - like the desktop market. I suspect RIM will be the next to go and even MS can't save Nokia. HP spinning of th PC business was pretty shocking. And here I was about to buy to HP machines! I guess I need a Dell now! ;)
+Eduard Dobre Strange...I Think that´s a good thing...more like the BMW is great...and it´s just BMW who buildt them..wuahhhhhh I´m "fucked"....... ;o) No I´m not...right...and best of all... YOU have a choice..everyone has....choose Windows..and "shut up" ;o) LOVE APPLE ---since 1984 ;o) (And believe me..I have used a PC too...for motivation for the Apple-salesforce... :o) Never sold so much Appleproduct before ;o)
To bad about webOS but I wouldn't invest in it. Windows 8 plus the ARM processors will make great tablets. Those tablets will provide suitable desktop replacements.

+Sven Lindalen :))) Dude, you do realize that your BMW contains parts from like 500 other car part manufacturers and all....right? And anyway, it's a bad example for comparison. Like you said, you're.... ;-)

As software, I prefer Linux, it's awesome. The only reason I have a PC it's because I also use it for games.
Now if only I could get dell fed sales rep to talk to me..... Dell might profit from this news 
I wonder how many patents hp has? Many google should try and but those as well... 
My company (in Fortune Global 500) did a big switch from Dell to HP only a few months ago - us engineering plebs weren't all that impressed with the HP hardware. My Z400 is okay but the laptops have been problematic. The service turnarounds are worse as well. I hope we'll switch back soon :)
Pats his DELL Precision Workstation and smiles
+Michael Dell How about Palm!! I think Palm was a better brand than Compaq.

It’s amazing to see that most of these companies who built their
fortune on the Wintel ecosystem are falling apart like nine pins as
the once dominant ecosystem becomes irrelavent. First to go was IBM,
the creator of this ecosystem. Then Compaq which got acquired by HP
(maybe it Compaq first), now HP wants to spin off Compaq and its own

Those that are thriving are ones who have changed with time – it is
not the strongest spices that survive but one that changes with time.

Apple, Samsung, Acer, etc. have changed very well with time and are
doing extremely well. Microsoft has become a troll company as it has
failed to launch a single new product in almost a decade. And as the
Windows ecosystem goes down, so do people relying on it. This should
not come as a surprise to anyone. In fact, what surprises me is that
how long it took for this ecosystem to crumble.
Linus Torvalds was right when he said that you can’t destroy
monopolies – they just stop becoming relevant.

Dell's customer service is what has kept me away for the last ten years, after such a great beginning. Maybe Dell needs to remarry that concept.
Except for datadomain , IT customer service is dead in America. 
Go Michael!
How to compete with low wages in China!
Can you overcome that?
wk khan
While WebOS could be the closest to IOS from simplicity and ease of use. It would be difficult to woe the fans of IOS and Android.

Unless we want to create a 3rd competitor (low cost) it may not be worth it.

I think HP was too quick to announce "spin off" there are other ways to spin the product line.
Poor strategic planning for a 1.2b investment.
Indeed.. it sure does Michael ..
My opinion today is that they handed the keys to the pc market to you today as sole king.
HP screwed up by pushing WebOS into an already crowded mobile market and putting out a half-baked device.

They should've released it free on their PCs and set it up so they would dual boot. Show people what WebOS can do and how appealling it is. Then you release tablets with the sales pitch that they seamlessly work with the desktop you've got.
I think you should take the $14B in cash to either make an offer to RIM (since you guys have done just O.K. in the mobile space)(MC of $13.42B) for about $20B which would be about a 50% premium - sell some bonds (bringing your D/E over 100%) or additional commercial paper to raise enough capital. Give Dell an actual identity in the mobile space. Or, use to the $14B in cash and the rest in stock (like the AT&T deal with Deutsche Telecom) and have an HP rep on Dell's BOD by buying their PC hardware business (Dell is virtually the last American Windows manufacture since HP would most likely sell to Samsung or ASUS). You need to do something...don't you think your stock has taken enough of a beating?
Damnit Mr. Dell, I was gunna throw a Compaq joke in here but you beat mt to it! (...hours ago.....maybe I should be a bit more attentive)
Will this speed up the process on brining the 10" Dell Tablet to the US, since it already launched in China???? I want one!!!!
yes DELL buying WebOS could be a great move!)
I'd like to know Mr. Dell's take on the future of the desktop platform...
I might still have a "Crush Compaq" shirt circa 99-00....
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