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I am thinking about hangouts for business. Would you like to be able to connect with your Dell service and sale teams via video directly from
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of course.... it would be fantastic! Whatever people say about automation we still need that human contact when the buying process gets complex
From home maybe, but not from my work cube.
Definitely makes sense.
is your customer service still in Inda if so No needs to be and American for me
Sounds great, just wondering what value video would add vs. voice
Of course. The possibilities are truly endless with video interaction.
Yeees! I'm fixing / setting up all the Dell-Laptops of a school and would love to have a direct link to Dell!
would love to see it added in, anything the ASP's?
only if it makes it a lot faster,i could care less to hang out with someone trying to sell/fix anything
I would so I can tell Dell to fix my damn laptop up front!!!
There are some reasons why this would be a good application of the hangout idea.
Steve K
As long as I get to talk to people I can understand and who might actually LISTEN.
How many people think an idea is excellent simply because they want +Michael Dell to notice them?
It would make the transition seamless from looking at products and services to talking to a human without having to pick up the phone or schedule an appointment... That's right out of a Jetsons episode ;)
Thats what I call engagement. Great Idea!
Sure, but does your Dell service and sale teams want to be on video while angry customers shout at them because something's not working? I doubt it :-).
Great idea, let me know if you need beta testers
Just being able to connect would be awesome, I still feel like I had $20K stolen from me on a KACE deal, and I still get emails asking me to renew the service contract on them...A service contract on a non-working dust collector? Communication throughout Dell seems to be horrible so I guess anything is worth a shot.
Something like webex would be good. So you can show them what's going on with your computer
Good idea. Sure beats spending an hour on my cell phone (I only got a 400 min plan)
Yes! Great idea, but you would have to build a cue system that could become frustrating if not handle well.
+James Lubow I think it would be especially good because of the language barrier. Imagine not understanding what the customer service are saying and then they can actually show you what they are trying to say.
Be sure to submit suggestions to FEEDBACK while they are still listening!
Discussing 9 different pc problems in one service hangout sounds like fun to me. :-)
+Michael Dell Michael, that is a great idea, in my case hangouts with the service teams would be useful.
+Michael Dell Your CSR's would hate it.. but it would be good for the customer.. Im gonna get fired (work for HP) but I like your vision. Makes me want to go back to Dell hahaha
Everyone on Google+ thinks its a good idea, but chances are this is a bit skewed. As far as being able to solve problems or really make an impact I think gotoassist would be a better way to go. Hangouts is good for chatting, but for getting things done is is lacking right now.
Also, it assumes everyone is on Google+
Would they be US-based or from call centers in Bangalore? I get calls from India every now and then (usually all at once) and it's very hard to understand why they are calling or what I'm supposed to do...
You'll need a good dick filter. Or some twisted service and salespeople.
mmm some issues can be reached with hangout. But another is better a print or regular channel. Sales is a great idea. U can reach the customer quickly.
If you can convince my company to stop blocking google+, IM IN!
Yes, I think it would be a better experience. I have been a longtime Dell customer, but I have to be honest my last time on tech support when I bought this computer about 3 years ago was painful. It took forever for a problem I had assessed when I called. I told them what problem was and what I wanted and it took 2 hours for them to diagnose the same result. I have been buying Dells since 1998, I think. However, I would like systems loaded with less stuff and if we did have video/chat I want a clear, concise conversation that leads to solution in a speedy fashion because who really has all day to be on tech support.
As someone who handles workstation support and has to call in to Dell from time to time I could see it being helpful when you are trying to explain exactly where something is happening physically.
This would be a great idea but there needs to be a few improvements first.

A: The ability to quickly and easily restrict access to the hangout to one or two people, trying to provide support to 9 people at once would be a nightmare.
B: The ability to be able to boot people from a hangout, if some one is getting abusive you may want to boot them and not block them to get them out of the hangout.
C: You would need to be able to log into the same Hangout if you get logged off. This would take away the need to continually change the link to the hangout it would always be the same.

I am sure there are other things but this is just off the top of my head.
I smell a R-E-V-O-L-U-T-I-O-N coming. :-)
Screen sharing yes - available via G+ yes - video option - I just want a company that will fix my issues quickly - I really do not care what the person looks like, that being said thou it does make it more personal - thou I have to add - when i am usually fixing issues I am bouncing around on several machines or locations in our company and would not want to be expected to be in front of one webcam for the help to be given. Chat only hangouts - I would totally promote... style help is also good for clients that allow computer access, we use it daily in our company and it saves me 100's of hours a month in travel and most of my hair..

Side Note: great to see you interacting here with your customers - it will give the entire company a boost with a refreshing look at customer support.
Love this. +Scott Monty at Ford is doing a great job ideating and acting on ways to use G+ for business (incorporating community thoughts and ideas into the feedback/business lifecyle as well). He's thinking and acting on similar ideas.
I'm using hangouts to talk with my partner in the studio when we are in differents offices. And we share the plans of the projects and make meetings about changes.
I'll take it! And would love broadcast hangouts as well - the ability to take on more watchers than participants.
It would have to be something interesting. introductions of the newest business technology from DELL. ...or ways to improve our business with DELL.
I haven't bought any dell products yet. But I am planning to very soon, so it would be fantastic if someone from dell could help me choose the right product/configuration from the comfort of my home over the internet through video chat. It would feel so much personal yet effortless not to mention least bit frustrating (like sales/service webchats).
Great idea. I think talking with Dell service especially via Hangouts would be cool. 
Not sure if it's entirely necessary - but it could humanize the tech support experience.
a division of on-camera support would be great. I truly think this is inevitable for business. You may as well pave the way
I would like if they load the computer without all the extras and just the OS and exactly software asked for. It takes to long to undo all that before updates is painful to get computer to work well having to limit some of the bloat. As I said, I long loved Dell but I am questioning my loyalty so I hope that the innovations you bring in improve service. All my machine have been Dell since 1998, but next one I am not sure yet...I would like another one but want something innovative.
Slight problem, the Dell machine would need to work for you to use the hang out facilities.
That is until the app gets sorted...
Sounds like hangouts are going to be the way of the future, go for it Mike, a great idea! :)
Great idea - especially if each Hangout is grouped by topic, so many people could get their questions answered simultaneously.
That is an incredible idea! And very innovative... I love it!
I have already implemented this in my office. It works really well with my customers! :0)
I agree +Michael Dell always ran the company well when he was there. I can't complain about the period he was in charge. I hope he enjoyed the vacation, but really I want Dell to be the best most innovative PC maker in the market. I really do want to support the company when I buy windows based machines.
I've worked in the tech world my whole life and I've never owned a webcam... until now. I had no compelling reason to really get one. No family out of town, no loved one on a different continent. But seeing the hangouts for the first time had me immediately buying one. I think it's a great tool for business.
Yo Michael ... thanks for the hangout dood .... I think it would be an awesome concept to connect your people with the G+ people through the hangout. You would be the FIRST company to do that and will get a LOT of PRESS !!!!!
I think that will build a much stronger ense of commitment and loyalty from the customers of the companies who implements that well and with basically no waiting time. G+ and waiting in line are concepts that does not mix well.
That is good idea because of possible 24x7 avaliabilty. Talking about business, interviews with job applicants, maybe is not bad idea for hangouts. Something in form of reality tv show.
Well that was one problem with my Dell the webcam broke after a month and they wanted me to send the entire machine I needed to work on back. I wanted them to just send me a replacement external webcam because I couldn't send the machine back. It never happened and I refused to send machine so I bought external webcam myself. Sort of made me mad about it though.
That would be great ... better sales support and better service support ...
@MichaelDell : does G+ brings more opportunities than FB? 
well, good idea, I am using dell righnow
Absolutely! I mean, to have the option available would definitely be appreciated!
Could definitely see that as a useful tool
I do agree this is future of feedback we have just given them more useful data in 5 minutes about how customers think and feel direct. It is good when the chief listens to the customers +Michael Dell
Absolutely! No barriers, just right.
Michael I think that's a great idea. Early adoption and feedback by companies like us should push Google towards developing and releasing a more polished Enterprise Hangout product. I can also see how a more advanced 'Team hangout' product with Pro/Power User features such as Desktop sharing, Whiteboard sharing etc could be very useful for technical meetings across remote engineering teams within Dell . If you have a direct input/feedback channel into G+ team, it would be great if you could convince Google to give beta versions (if any) of such Corp/Business and Pro/Power user versions of G+ Hangout into your hands and rest of Dell as well. I for one would be a very enthusiastic beta tester for such a product in favor of other communication tools we use currently.
Fo Sho, excellent idea Michael!
Yea! It will make that experience like no other.
that would be great.. imagine the possibilities with other companies doing this
I work as a consultant/techie at the local gov where I live in Norway and we supply laptops to the employes/students/teachers and when we report the same error for the 10th-20th time I'd say it's a waste of time, but when tracking down a problem on a server/desktop/laptop that's not the typical error you can figure out yourself it would be brilliant, also when buying laptops/desktops/servers this would be great as you get a more personal service :)
Sure would. Add a tech rep to be available as well in case a customer has a technical question the sales Rep needs help with. On the other side this would also add the reps gmail open for chat whenever they are online. So I see this as a good idea with at least one work around needed (at least for those that do not have the same constant customer base).
Even more reasons for Chatter and Google+ to integrate. :)
Surely.. why not? Who wouldnt?
I think it is a valuable thing to actually see and interact with your customers eye to eye. Be it hangouts or something similar.
That will make it real customer service. and I have explained exactly the same thing while requesting my business application to G+
Would customers want to connect with real service and sales people in Hangouts? Did Japan win the World Cup?
Hangouts absolutely screams collaborative tool. I just don't see many people going to the trouble of gathering all their friends together just for a video chat. That's what the pub is for. Dell should be leverageing Google+ in every which way it can.

Dare I say it. But this is probably a better platform for IdeaStorm, Direct2Dell, DellForums and all the other Dell blogs going on. Might want to visit Google HQ. Have a word with them.
Yes Japan did win by penalty and Paraguay also won against Brazil (copa de las Americas) the women's game was more exciting
It would be awesome if the client calling can screen share their issue with a tech via hangouts.
Yes, Michael, but don't limit it to just "the person or group" you want to talk to.
Make the hangouts topic-centered as well.

About a specific product

Which should I buy?Learning a specific piece of software,
Printing from anything,
Keeping my PC safe,
Why does my PC boot so slowly?
What about running irreplaceable DOS 16 bit programs on a 64 bit pc? Will they ever do away with 32 bit pcs?
I like the idea of video chatting with support. It makes it all more personal. It is harder to be angry at someone who you see right in front of you.
When will I be able to use my custom software on the Cloud?
That would be great. I have a Dell that won't keep the usb drivers installed. I have to reinstall them every time I need to use a flash drive.
I do like the idea of using a webcam on a laptop to SHOW a tech what's happening with my desktop, for example. I'm not sure how it could be cost-effective for the company providing the support.
I work as a Network Admin for a fairly large Healthcare System in Alabama. We are a 100% Dell server, workstation, laptop network. (125+ physical Dell servers, over 3,000 desktops and laptops) I work with Dell sales and service multiple times on a weekly basis. I would love this as an added capability. By the way, we are 100% pleased with the level of quality of support, sales, and product. Keep up the great work.
I love the ability to start live chat with dell support and a remote desktop sharing session. I do that now all the time for laptops and servers. If G+ makes it quicker and easier than sure, let's do it.
I think that would be great. I spend about 2 hours on the phone with a Dell person in a far away land yesterday and it would have been nice to share and see whom I am working with. I can consider myself pretty tech savvy and I am overwhelmed with all the information on the Dell websites .. way to much stuff . How do I do want updates are critical? . google plus would be great for that.
I worked at Dell for a few years looking after Public Sector Schools in the UK and this would have been a great tool to have back then. Especially when I was speaking with people from Schools and Local Authorities. If we had this we could have had the discussions in real time which we would normally have over email.
I hate to say it: only if they're actually, personally experienced. I've had a lot of frustration with Dell support personnel being an inefficient interface to a call tree. I can work a wizard very well myself, thanks.

If I could talk to someone in support to actually get a human answer to my question, yes. If it means than now they have to smile while they read from the KB, no.
I love the idea. Much more interactive, and personal.
Great..that's something productive of hangout...
grr of course , you could have started this 5 yrs ago . but then i'm still trying to get sxsw staff to all get webcams and deal with me on cam instead of thru emails or phonecalls LOL
well i don't know about tech support from India but it wouldn't be bad for us support
Great idea. Your team is fantastic.

I did a video interview with Susan Beebe and one of best interviews I did at South by Southwest. People would benefit interacting with team members like Susan & others. 
I think this would be a great tool for customers as far as providing support. A visual gives a customer a point of reference. If they can see you are interested in the issue that they are having as well as hear it. It would bridge another connection. Support is always so distant because technicians solve the same issues again and again so you can become somewhat mechanical. Visual connection would give a customer a chance to see as well as hear you are interested in resolving the issue they are having. In addition I see areas where this type of support could be more valuable than even the remote support programs like remote desktop and a bit more efficient. If a customer can hold up a VGA or DVI cable rather than a USB and a tech could see it and just say no that is not the one. Also the implications for providing support to customers who are hearing impaired would be a nice added feature tech who could use sign language. The possibilities seem endless. Sorry for being so wordy.
Absolutely. So much is lost in a conversation over the phone. Now if your PCs also had an inexpensive potable camera where you can dow yhe rep what you are doing, and they know how to help you to fix it, that would be a killer support system.
Leading edge again Mike, keep it up!
that would be great, especially as we move to a remote workforce model.
Any new medium that can brake through the noise is good.
Hi Mr. Dell! We have a mutual friend who has just acquired my company!

I have applied for the business test program, and I want to use hangouts to do product demos and tech support tutorials (like live how-to's).

I think Dell should definitely embrace this idea. The concept of intimate one on one/collaborative sessions that Hangouts can provide is like a genius bar on your lap.
I really think it will be very helpful. I actually wish google would do that. I really believe technical hangouts can potentially get rid of many, if not all, technical forums. I have not used hang out that often but I do like for technical discussions and/or technical support.
Michael, I work in sales in RR1. This is a great idea.
YES, this is something that should have been done years ago already. Go for it.
I would actually rather not show up on their screen.. I'd rather remain private. I'd rather even not talk on the phone. Chat/IM/text is faster for me :)
Honestly, I think video conferencing is vastly overrated. It's something that people think they want, but won't ever use. Every futuristic movie since the 1940s has shown video conferencing. Yet, this technology has been at everyone's fingertips since the 1990s and hardly anyone uses it. Half of our cell phones have front facing cameras and nobody uses them either, except as a novelty, when we first get the phone.

Someone once told me that people have a tendency to think too highly of their future self. In other words, what we want to be and what we do are usually two different things. This is a bit cynical, but there is a lot of truth to it. Hence, Craigslist being flooded by exercise machines and musical instruments. Most of us have a dozen books that we've bought and will never get around to reading.

Think of it this way. If you called your friend right now, right this second, would you want it to be a video conference? Probably not. You probably won't want a video conference tomorrow or the next day either.

My point is, unless there is some real driving force behind it, people won't change their behavior. At the present time, there is simply no driving force to change the way we communicate. Audio and text do the job. I struggle to come up with tangible reasons why seeing the other party (choppy and blurry, no doubt) would be beneficial, especially in terms of the cost associated with it.

Maybe Dell could be the aforementioned driving force? I don't know, maybe. I haven't done any cost-benefit analysis, of course, but, off the top of my head, I'd guess that the money would be better spent somewhere else.
Nice ... +Betsy Texas. But I think I have to agree with +Nigel Sam and +Kyle Freeman concerning this type of application. It would be nice from a service perspective to add a human touch to support, but a remote desktop or GoToAssist session would have to be paired with the G+ hangout to make this a good use of technology.
What about 'product development lab' rather that 'service and sales' that would be more fun and productive!
Also in RR1 -- Love the idea. Great way to connect with customers, if they prefer that avenue...
Michael, absolutely. We are now on the cusp of the Video Service Call. It is coming.... And, will be somewhat of a challenge in culture and beyond..
You'd really have to find people who have great body language during support calls. Otherwise, this could be awkward. It would absolutely humanize the interactions I think and give a more positive outlook on the services. It would bundle really well with remote technicians as it would even be more like an in-home experience. The things I would think it would have to be is optional obviously, stress that the agent can't see you (unless you want them to?), also I would make the assumption that in being able to see someone that it would also have calls run longer on average because customers would be more willing to go in depth on questions or inquires with you could also assume would lead to higher conversions into sales for additional products/services.
Audio would be a better choice and screen sharing direct from the Dell site, if needed, might be important than video for most technical questions anyway. The text chat is OK for some things, but others, not so much. +David Overton may well be right on the body language needed for video on technical support calls. Another level of training.
This would be awesome! Especially for my work, Bossier Parish School System. We could benefit greatly from this!
Crazy to see the Google Wave ideas being revived with Google+. Seems like a great premise - especially if you could couple it with screen sharing for support
As much ordering as my organization does with Dell, it would be awesome to connect with someone to obtain quotes or updated order status without a long-drawn-out process or waiting for an email reply.
Michael, video chat is not avaiable in Dell China...
Would be a good idea if you geotagged your team and matched them automatically with the customer's.
Only if it doesn't pause the video if they put you on hold! I feel like call representatives are taking naps when they put me on hold.
Biju Ek
Yes Hangout for Different Circle
Great+1!But we should think about the efficience of this way if there're so many people connecting to have this sevice.
Amazing Idea! That will be the greatest innovation in service and support and gives a more personalized care with a feel good factor for both ends..
I work at Dell and an idea I had when I first saw hangout was for doing low cost, on the fly focus groups. So maybe product managers could use it to reach out to customers and get their feedback on new product ideas or to help define the key selling points for products about to launch.
that would be good. Hay Michael, while you're at it,add more power to your desktop computers for business. The default configuration on most of your computers doesn't have enough RAM, speed, or Hard Drive space. Remember you have to compete against HP.

And for GOD sake add Linux and Linux support for the desktop. Not everybody likes Windows.
Awesome! The text chat that I do with Dell support just isn't as good. I just hope you can do it without raising prices because right now I"m sure your chat agents are taking care of multiple users at a time and when you add video, that won't be an option.
Yes, Please create separate hangouts based on focus area, i.e SMB, Storage, Services etc.
Sounds great.... gotta remind myself to put my robe on.. lol
That would be a great idea. That will definitely give your company and leg up on customer loyalty.
Very nice Idea. Imagine if local business could have communication with customers at key areas of their day.
I'd say that I'd not use that type of service. Nor do I think that the majority of users would find it useful, most people replacing their computers don't seem to have webcam's.
maybe that is a good method to do the customer service
If I'm calling because my computer isn't working, chances are a video chat isn't going to be useful or even work at all. 
I work in Pro Support in sydney and it would be nice to see what is going on some times but i think if we do it it should be an option for the end user
Yes, although from a design & support standpoint whiteboard would be more useful than sharing my ugly mug with customers :)
The reason why i never will buy a dell computer again: DELL informed me by email that each contact to DELL-support costs money after 24 months warranty (independent of the reason why the customer contacts DELL); I think there must be a way to contact a manufacturer for free by e-mail or however for the complete service life (about 48 months) - contact by Google+-Video would be OK also, but this is not needful.
Excellent move. Technology is finally where it can happen at an affordable cost.
Of course!! I no longer have to go to the customer service centers whenever I have problem with my PC.
Yes, if you make it very product specific i.e. M14x or power edge tower server.
Great Idea Michael. We can use it as a communication platform with our customers or within Dell between AE and ISR as well. But our german security policy does not allow a hangout session :-(. long as you clearly manage expectations as in what can and cannot be achieved via hangouts...under-promise, over-achieve with the type of services that can be done via google+ and build on that success as the technology moves forward to a point where it can run parallel to your service and sales goals...
What will be the business value ? Is it just a cool feature to have or something that really increase productivity ... But sure it's a cool feature!
YES would be GREAT!!!
..unfortunately its not possible to start an hangout in Germany within the DELL network...would be great to get access within DELL...
Of course! But it's vital that the staff understande about the products and solve the customers problems. But it'll be a nice initiative though.
Would be better, but that would mean no foreign tech support form India!! ha ha
Craig M
That could be interesting.
That's an excellent idea, maybe would help us Tech Support types as well. Customers always feel better when they can get that face to face experience, i think. I know that i prefer face to face communication, even if it's over the internet.
If it happens, that would be really good.
Video Chat / Hangout is a good idea, but i wonder how you want to "moderate" a hangout with 10 people and 10 different problems?
top of the morning to ya sir!
you made a fantastic inspiron laptop
Great idea, but to finish it off there would need to be a desktop sharing + file transfer option as well
+Michael Dell It is an evolutionary customer support option. It would lower your customer service costs by using a free service instead of hosting or purchasing your own. It would require significant internal governance to make sure you had a consistent customer experience otherwise it could get out of control very quickly. Your network engineers and IT staff are going to hate the idea because of the significant increase in bandwidth required to make this happen. Follow ups and tracking would be critical to make sure customers had a good experience. Video to customer support was only a step away previously, perhaps it became one step closer with G+?
B Yu
Mr Dell, the probability of you actually seeing this is about 0.00001% but perhaps your assistant or someone can see this. In short, the past few years Dell's quality has been lacking. Yes I know, you don't want to believe it, I've been a Dell shop for about 15 years so I kinda know something. Anyhow as a consumer for personal AND business, might I suggest you NOT waste your time on this: Dell Inspiron R "Switchable Lid" commercial and perhaps just focus on the hardware itself? I checked out the Dell DUO tablet (which I really wanted) but the UI is just too slow. I do however, own the DELL streak which I like better but I really want a tablet/laptop like the Dell DUO tablet. Please spend more time, money, and effort into your quality in both BUSINESS & PERSONAL and stop on the laptop covers.
I guess it would be a good idea, but after failed attempts, in order to feel that the companie is taking care of me. As first contact, phone/voice is better IMHO
yeah +Lucas Verra i was thinking the same. it's nice for us g+ users, but i don't think people looking for support wouldn't be happy if you force them to sign up with g+ in order to be able to contact your service.
As a previous support staffer for an un-named computer company (not dell), I'd really rather not. For the sake of your workers, video chat is a bad idea. Maybe your customers can see who their talking to, but I don't think I'd want to see who I was talking to. Besides, while I was working it was quite common practice to stand, walk-around (as far as your tethered head-set would let you), practice yo-yo's. It's a very very boring job, forcing your workers to sit in front a web cam is only going to make them miserable.
i'd like a video chat button that says "connect to supervisor please"
If Google adds screen sharing yes. Otherwise it seems like a lot of fairly useless extra effort. I don't especially care if I can see a customer service rep. Though it might cut down on people being total assholes to them haha.
It goes well with #moreyou. Paired with screenshare as most people are visual. Much easier for someone to show you instead of tell you how to do something. This idea is a seed that with careful planning could be the greatest improvement to our service industry.#EMP
I would buy a Dell just for that! Way to go Michael!
who knows Michael dells email address
Brian C
Decent idea, but I would first look at fixing the broken customer service you already have in place before venturing into something like using Google +. I was a loyal Dell customer for years, and an issue I had with an XPS laptop cause me 2 years of hell with your company w/ me having to call numerous departments, have people at your company tell me something, then completely do a 180 on what they originally agreed to, writing to the BBB (where your company still refused to do the right, and legal thing), writing to you personally, and then finally having to take it to small claims court, in which I gave your company numerous options to still do the right thing, which they still refused, making me file twice with the court, having to take time out to write all the emails and make calls to Dell's legal rep, in addition to taking time out for court, etc. etc.

Even after the case I wanted to speak to a senior customer service representative to let them know what happened to me and how I think they need to fix the customer service at Dell. This is a senior person who works at your headquarters in Round Rock, and they informed me that they actually directly give you, Michael Dell, reports and updates about customer service. During my call this person had the audacity to accuse me of trying to "blackmail Dell". Are you kidding me? This is coming from an executive level person in your company. I was so shocked that I responded very strongly, but politely, and that person immediately started backtracking, profusely apologizing for what they said and told me "I don't know where that came from."

So basically if you have a major problem with customer service that goes from the bottom all the way up to the top, thinking about using Google + for customer service should be WAAAY down on your list of things to consider. #1 should be doing a complete overhaul on how you train your customer service reps, including your senior and executive level people as well.

It's really unfortunate your company doesn't care about its customers. I was a loyal personal user, and professionally I was in charge of buying computers for a hedge fund I worked at in CT, in which the majority of computers we purchased were Dells. I will also be in charge of buying workstations and servers for an internet start-up out here in L.A. in the near future, and most likely for other ventures in the L.A. area as well. This was conveyed to your legal rep who passed this on to the rep at your company handling my case, and they just didn't care (despite your legal rep saying that me being a loyal customer meant something -- it obviously didn't). So overall it looks like your company doesn't respect me as a customer, and also doesn't mind losing tens of thousands, and potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in future revenue. It's really quite sad.

If you do happen to read this, I would appreciate a response from you (or another executive) so that I can tell you my story. Then you can decide for yourself if what I got in the end was fair, given what I had to go through....I highly doubt that you will think it was.
Yes, this is incredible.... Google+ come to us with a great tools to interact with the costumers, stakeholders, etc ...
This sounds like a good idea for support and networking
If it speeds up the time it takes for getting things done for our needs I am all for it.
Good thought in finding ways to use the new g+, but not practical from work. I think it's been too long, if ever, that you have worked in a cubicle environment. Few in a business environment who would do the actual contact with Dell support would have a private office. I already have the tendency to talk louder on the phone when talking to support thinking the overseas rep and I will somehow understand each other better--amplify that with the fact that you typically talk louder on online chats and it makes it that more impractical. Love my Dell XPS Studio Laptop!
TeamViewer+Hangouts+Customer Service = WIN
The more alternatives, the better. As we change the way we work, we'll change the ways we buy and change the ways that we interact with suppliers. There was a time when WebEx or live chats were cutting edge. Now they're mainstream and must haves. G+ hangouts may or may not be mainstream a couple of years from now but if they are and you didn't at least experiment, you'll have done a disservice to both you and your customer base.
It's annoying enough to talk to your customer service reps on the phone. I call Gold Support about once every couple weeks (large amount of machines) and dread it every time. HP, on the other hand, let's me send them a quick email. Dell takes 30+ minutes, HP takes 2 for the same part.
And we play rock paper scissors through the office to decide who has to call Dell, because no one wants to. Can't imagine Hangouts would be any improvement.
+Anthony Fiorito The more focus, the better. Dell's problem is not the lack of customer service, but the lack of quality product. I would prefer spending more time using a great product than wasting time with great customer service. I have better things to do with my time than use more different channels to jump through hoops to get someone to fix my problem. Fix my problem so that I don't need to use a bunch of alternatives. This requires focus, not alternatives.
Yes, definitely, that would be a great tool to use. & diversity sets you apart the rest..I'm sure you guys already put a request for the Dell business page on G+ too..
No. The problem isn't how we connect to Dell's service, it's the (lack of) knowledge of the people we connect to. Sorry to say, but Dell's tech support has become somewhat of a standing joke. Adding Hangouts isn't going to help with that. Better to spend the resources training your support staff in Hangouts would consume on improving the actual level of support.
That's a cool idea, but good for consumer users. Enterprise users normally have internal helpdesk service
Ming Li
It's will improve the fair service providing now.
io Wint
you shouldnt stick just with Google hangouts! you should use any available remote screen sharing app which is secure AND which the user has to help him!
Good Idea Mr dell but could some justice be done to many of dell streak owners as streak also hangouts on every business hangout or on many business appointments.
Of course yes! (Thats a big yes and big shout) at least the local agents would be more service oriented when we they know we have access to Dell Directly.
If may say, may be once validated the machine and the credibility, it will be nice to use a matrix to analyze the Dell agent's services in a given country.
T Krish
I would rather keep my system configurations and informations private, that said having the ability to get in touch with Dell service or sales teams in a hangout would be great. Service teams then would be able to use remote management to get on the systems and fix the issue. For sales teams hangout can be used as discussion starter, get to know the products and options we have to buy.
Not a good idea, as it would not be possible for sales/support reps sitting in Philippines / India (with fake American accent) pretend to be an American.
I'd do it with my accounts. Aside from day to day interaction holding office hours or best practice sharing sessions for customers to talk to our team as well as each other could be really cool.
It is an awesome idea. I agree with Joe about using Google Docs. This way all communications between the Dell Sales Team and the customer could be co-located in a single area. Each sale could have its own folder with all conversations and documentation related to it. It would also be a great place for the Service Delivery Managers to be able to work with customers on their planning and be included upfront.
Wait, video just proves the fact that your chat and phone goons are not in the US. What we want is Americans able to answer our difficult technical questions, not someone who doesn't even speak English. I'm seriously sick and tired of dealing with someone who in chat or email states their name is Alexander R., but who clearly has never been outside of the Philippines or India. Your crappy computers are built by underpaid Chinese workers, take weeks longer than promised for shipping, have bad motherboards across entire product lines, and are not a good value. I am in charge of hardware purchasing for a very substantial portion of a major university, and when something is seriously broken in your system, it takes weeks to resolve it adequately. I am seriously considering dumping Dell and going back to HP. That's how bad you've gotten.
We want to watch your customer service in India read from a script while troubleshooting computer problems. Maybe that way we could actually understand what they are talking about.
I would like to work as an IT Pro for Dell. And be the customer coordinator for Dell Netherlands!
I need to contact you in private, via email. I'm not able to do a hangout. Also, we need more systems running Pardus Linux (aka the best Linux EVER!). Anyways, I'd like you to do the honors, and I'd like to talk with you about some other issues pertaining Dell systems, and how to solve them.
that'll be a nice idea, that way you get to REALLY know what your business community needs and not be led only by some statistical graphs and charts...
NO. Calling is already a frustration and I don't think anyone on your team wants to be able to see my rage.
Being a former employee that worked in the REC group, I can say that face to face video for certain situations would absolutely be a major win for support roles. Given that a lot of feedback that I was given in my time there dealt mainly with end users not feeling like the person on the other end was paying attention. With face to face chatting, this opens up the transparency principle and allows both parties to see facial expressions and body language, creating a better support initiative.
you will win Best Customer
if there are tonnes of such customer reps from Dell - this will be a super cool idea....the point is to make it seamless and as smooth as possible..
Yes, of course, keep it open and a standard like SIP
It is a good idea but personally I would be reluctant to do a video chat with some sales representative.....
Thats just my 2 cents...
I was just playing around with the Google+ iPhone app and it seems hangouts are supported -- voice only at the moment. So you can, in theory, start a hang out and it's the equivalent to a video conference for those who have cams and audio conference for those who are mobile.
suyu wp
DELL‘s service is bad.Sale is not professional,recommended me buying DELL server and not told me the server only support WINDOWS,the basic knowledge wasn't known?And told me that i buied the VIP service,but i asked them to help me fix the problem, sale told me no person could come and help me.Fuck! I am from China.
suyu wp
Michael, I'm thinking along the same lines. We have some think tank projects in the works, and it would be nice to have a virtual hangout.
Wow, it is a good idea! Hope, it will be available in Japanese!
I am looking forward to enjoy the service in Europe as well.
Certainly an idea worth considering. I think it would be better than a standard support chat session...
I Love the idea of using Hangouts for business. Check out a good read from SociaLink Media about how else to use Hangouts and Google+ for business
Now that the underlying capabilities to support videoconferencing are widely enough deployed, it does make sense to embed that functionality in a number of places.

Considering that larger Dell customers (the ones most likely to have service/sales teams to communicate with) may have legacy policies regulating the use of social tools and 3rd party software means that hosting that within Google+ or Facebook or whatever is probably a less viable solution than something that can be decoupled from a social network.
This would be very well received.
that's fantastic idea. I'm in the oil business and using VC to talk with operations in offshore helped to improve the quality of the communication and the relationship with the personnel out there.
I think something in where people can come in and out whenever the need help, whenever they want, would be a great concept. My organization buys from Dell and I would love to come onto Google+, chat with a 'Dellpresentative', exchange our info, and move on with my day.

Looking forward to see how Dell incorporates off of this.
Of course, Instant Chat Support is becoming common nowadays, Video Support would really Rock!
Yep. Having just added another Dell to the household, easier customer support will always be welcome.
Brilliant - Stay ahead of the curve
For many reasons, Consuemr Care is addressed remotely, often offshore. I am wondering whether a portion of the consumer base would be negatively affected by facing someone who could be sitting 10,000 km away. I am a big advocate of offshoring, but have found that face to face interaction with someone what you see often adds a "connection" barrier between the consumer and the support expert. Your views?
Would be a great addition to customer service and sales.
Excellent Idea and would be on the cutting edge of innovation.
Like it but include desktop sharing and it is a one stop service/sales tool
Would be a great way to bring the Customer focus back to customer service.
A really superb idea in my opinion!
I think this would be a great idea. If you can connect directly from the webside it would make it easy and a video connection could make the contact more personal.
As a Security Analyst for Dell SecureWorks, I'd love to be able to talk directly to the other teams under the Dell Services umbrella (Especially as more clients become managed by both sides).
It would be great for resolving technical issues ie tech services. +Michael Dell
+Michael Dell I have been trying to contact you for the last two years. Dell support in India has been harassing me for the last two years. For two years the top executives kept telling me that a laptop bought from the US cannot be replaced in India. It is something impossible. My XPS M1330 suffered from the Nvidia defect and in total more than 15 repairs have been done. In 2011, then same people agreed to replace my laptop. It took them 2 years to do the impossible !!! I had to get the warranty extended just because the laptop would stop working every now and then. Now, in 2011 I have been given the lowest configuration. After struggling for over two years, I was given a replacement, with the lowest configuration in comparison to my high end XPS laptop. I had no option than to contact those executives for justice, but in return they withdrew the warranty of replacement laptop and refunded me the amount which I had paid 6 months back for my old laptop. How could they do this??? They refused to state any reasons for this. This left me with no option but to continuously contact them for help. They stopped responding completely. This is completely disgusting, Dell support in India has no1 to check over them, they abuse the customers and do whatever they want. The service tags are #4VPWGF1 and #F0P0CQ1.
Awesome idea, looking forward to see it working, will change the way we do customer service..
Absolutely.....much better than a phone call or even chat!
I like to see the people who I am giving thousands of dollars to.
if you are thinking the same thing I am thinking, then we will have many many platforms that will pretty much offer the same solution. I am encouraging my current clients to use Google+ to better communicate with their customers already, and on top of that came up with a plan to build a project for business networks. My programmer is going to give me the goods in about 2 weeks. :)
When are YOU contemplating rolling this out?
Tara Li
yes and instant chat
É de esperar, quem não dá a mínima com o cliente em inventar desculpas para encontrar soluções para seus suportes.
Deveriam ser mais profissionais e estar mais próximo do cliente e resolver seu problemas.
Vejo esta uma boa oportunidade de se manter longe (fisicamente) de seus clientes e continuar deixando-os na mão, como estou.
Não compro mais e não recomendo DELL
+Michael Dell, the day that a Sales executive (especially for Technology Solutions) learns to approach customers with a Google Hangout invitation. Will be the Day that customer begin to believe that their sales executives understand how to listen to their customers.
YES this would be a great idea, it is better to see who you are talking to in person than simply over conference call.  This allows for better interaction I believe.
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