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Michael Dell

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Thank you from +Michael Dell

An open letter to our customers from Michael Dell: Thank you for using Dell technology to do amazing things... We appreciate your trusting us to help you achieve your goals. Here's to the next 30 years - let's create the future together!  More here:

#thankyou   #Dell30More   #DoMore  
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But, please do something with Dell's department in Russia. They are terrible! The biggest problem with them that they sell computers that don't work correctly!
For example, my AlienWare m18x (with gtx 580m sli) can't run games of 2009 without bags (even on low graphics options)! And Russian technical support say that it is "okay"!
It is only one problem from thousands here.
Please, do something.
P.S. Sorry for my grammatical mistakes.
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Michael Dell

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Michael Dell

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Congratulations Team Dell Boomi!! Once again we are in the clear leadership position for Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service in the Gartner Magic Quadrant! 

Dell Boomi also completed over 450,000,000 integration processes during the last 30 days.

Dell is now in the Leaders quadrant in 9 total Gartner MQ's spanning software, PCs, security, servers, services and storage solutions
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Grat Zip really. Love my dell computer. I'm looking. Forward to the new services .
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Michael Dell

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A dusty basement, an old dining room table, a southbound bus on I95 - these stories began much the same way ours did, in a humble dorm room, #2713.

At Dell, we're honored to be part of some of the world's great stories. We are a company that personifies entrepreneurial spirit, celebrates it every day and embodies it in everything we do.

Here's to your story - in 2014.

See the video, which is scheduled to be broadcast tomorrow, January 1:

#Beginnings   #DoMore  
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Kia Orana from the Cook Islands,

I Google+ you only as a last resort. I purchased a MX18 R2 in 2012 at a Best Buy in Hawaii. I have since moved to Rarotonga in the South Pacific. I won't get into how much I love this laptop that I use as a desktop replacement. I could write volumes about how well it performs, gaming, video rendering etc. Last night it turned itself off and never turned on again. I used another power brick, removed the battery etc. Everything to test it. When plugged in no lights come on the laptop and it makes a very slight ,tck, tck, tck sound near the place where the power is plugged into the chassis. I have concluded that it must be a motherboard issue. I called support and of course it is out of warranty. However I explained that I would be willing to pay for it to be shipped and repaired or I could buy a motherboard from Dell and install it myself. They explained that Dell has no motherboards for this model and have no idea when they will get any. I was directed to a 3rd party website to purchase one if I was lucky enough to find it. I could not believe what I was hearing. I spent over $2000 on my baby and only months out of warranty I am hung out to dry by Dell? This is heart breaking. To spend so much on a device and to find out it is not supported and if something goes wrong I am abandoned by the manufacturer. I can not tell you how disappointed I am.  Like I said Google+ing you is a last resort but surely you must care about your company's integrity enough to supply parts for your high end laptops.
Meitaki Maata (thank you)
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Michael Dell

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Huge Thanks to our customers for all the great recognition for so many of our offerings from services to software and hardware too!

Best Microsoft SharePoint Product of 2013 

Best Microsoft Windows Patch Management Product of 2013 Dell Changebase

Best Microsoft Windows Network Management Product of 2013 Dell Foglight … 

Best Microsoft Windows Mgmt Suite of 2013 Dell Desktop Authority … 

Best Microsoft Windows Appliance Hardware of 2013 Dell #KACE and Dell#SonicWALL both winners! … 

Best Microsoft Windows Laptop Hardware of 2013 Dell

Best Microsoft Windows Workstation Hardware of 2013 Dell … 

Best Microsoft Windows Server Hardware of 2013 @Dell PowerEdge

Best Microsoft Windows Vendor Tech Support of 2013

Best Microsoft Windows #Security Product of 2013 - Dell SonicWALL Network Security Appliance
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That is because once you're in at Dell they do not drug test, they do not give a hoot what goes on at Dell as long as they make money!  So if any of you drug users need a job just get clean for the first test, they will not test you again!
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Michael Dell

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The common thread throughout Dell’s 30 years is a laser focus on our customers. Every investment, every innovation, every strategic discussion starts and ends with what’s best for them. As we celebrate 30 fantastic years, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank our customers for all they do to support our business and, far more important, drive progress in the world. If you are a Dell customer, past, present or future, this is for you!

An open letter to our customers:

The month of May marks a big milestone for Dell. We turn 30!

It’s been a thrilling ride that started in 1984 with $1,000 and a team of one. Today, we are a global enterprise with 100,000 team members and a solutions portfolio that spans all of IT—from the device to the data center to the cloud. I am so pleased with how far we’ve come and all we’ve accomplished.

But the most powerful thing about Dell’s story is not what we’ve accomplished; it’s what you’ve accomplished.

Our customers use Dell technology every day to do amazing things. You are making scientific discoveries and medical breakthroughs. You are launching businesses and creating jobs. You are finding new and better ways to manufacture, transport, educate, secure…the list goes on and on.

I want to personally say thank you for being a part of our 30-year history. We value your business and appreciate you trusting us to deliver solutions that help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

As we accelerate our strategy and build momentum across our business, I want you to know that the best is yet to come. Together we can and will achieve great things. Here’s to the next 30!
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I respect you very much as is indicated in my previous comment.  However I have to say Dell, HP, Acer all have terrible support.  Mr. Dell I have a Dell laser printer 1320c.  And it will not interface with windows 8.1.  After spending and wasting too much time I was told it needed a new driver.

Also do you know how hard it is to navigate your website.  Much less get a response.  I'm sorry to post this but You need to fix this.  Try finding my computer or my printer which were registered.

Every time I need help they want the sn and I have bad legs and eyes and to have to go find this on my wireless printer is a lot of trouble to me. The sn to me seems to be Dell's responsibity to keep up with and that info available once it is registered.

That was how it used to work and I just don't underssstand why it no longer is 
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Michael Dell

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I'm getting ready for Dell's 30th anniversary. Check out this video I found in my archive.
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Very cool! I loved!
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Michael Dell

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My New Years Resolution...  3840 x 2160
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Michael Dell

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This is where it all started
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make u bright
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Remembering "It always seems impossible until it's done."  

Nelson Mandela
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Running my own online shop I would never do something like this. As a matter of fact I even upgrade shipping for customers at no charge to them to ensure they got their package before Christmas without them asking. I don't know why Michael Dell isn't more involved with the nightmare.
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Michael Dell

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#Dell   #venue8pro   tablet turned into a full desktop with Plugable Dock
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We have solved the issue of charging while using USB devices:

Kickstarter Announcement! Plugable Pro8 Docking Station with Charging for Venue 8 Pro: &
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