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Looking for other perspectives / vantage points :

I've recently read a few blog pieces downplaying and dismissing LinkedIn "endorsements". The go so far as to mention that recruiters don't take them seriously and "just get 15 friends to click a few skills and you look like an expert."

While I take the above with a grain of salt, I was wondering what other member's impressions are of LinkedIn "endorsements"?

As a social media consultant, I find them valuable because "visual connections" are huge in general. Beyond that, i've seen an increase in not only connections, but also in "initial stage" consulting relationships.

What's your take on LinkedIn endorsements and have they helped you / your business?

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Since I have my own accounting and tax practice, recruiters views on endorsements don't affect me. Still, I would think that more endorsements, if consistent with the rest of your profile, would leave a favorable impression. As to making endorsements, if you are not in the most recent twelve in one area, your endorsement is not seen unless someone clicks on the link showing all of them. I suspect many people do not click through to see who is making the endorsements.
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