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Michael DeBusk
Security Officer, Neuro-Linguistic Programmer, Hypnotist
Security Officer, Neuro-Linguistic Programmer, Hypnotist

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FYI, all:

Just had my first ever criminal robocall. Some machine called my cell phone, told me my debit card had been locked, and asked me to enter my debit card number via my phone's keypad.

I don't use my debit card. It isn't locked.

I'm on Verizon. The Caller ID showed the number was "7777."

Can I ask vim to detect if it's being invoked from guake?

I have set in my .vimrc:
    set lines=50 columns=120

This is nice if I'm in a terminal window, but it does odd things if I invoke vim from guake. (It causes scrolling problems, cuts off the first few lines of the file, a couple of other strange things.)

As a workaround, I've sent my guake window to 50 lines and 120 columns, but I'd prefer that vim ignore the setting in guake.

Thank you for any assistance.

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How to make a flight delay a joy.

I learned this today. Who says advanced math isn't useful?

If a pizza has a radius "z" and thickness "a", then its volume can be defined as =pi(zz)a.

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I wonder how these work. :)

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At long last, I have defeated my nemesis.

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Free in the Google Play Store today.

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Write to your Representative and ask them to support this bill, please. It would require that states recognize a non-resident's carry permit, much like they recognize drivers' licenses now.

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One of the very few Internet newsletters worth reading. I'm a premium subscriber and love it.
A reminder that I'll continue to go to the trouble of making and posting these IF they're shared "a lot" so your friends can learn about the This is True newsletter (see for free e-mail subscriptions).
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