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Roll Up is a fast-casual sushi and Pan-Asian restaurant concept from the owners of Pacific Rim Sushi & Grill.
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Looking forward to this addition! Filling a huge gap for bham! Thanks +Michael C for sharing!
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Space is dangerous. Fire is dangerous. Combine the two, and you've got a serious threat to astronaut safety.
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Apparently, one can live, work, play, and vacation all in place. It's called Birmingham, AL. I'm sure you heard of it. It's like a Friday everyday. 
Lonely Planet called Birmingham one of the most unexpectedly exciting places to see in the U.S. in 2016, and it’s easy to see why. History buffs can tour the Civil Rights District; music-lovers can explore the Alabama jazz Hall of Fame and foodies have a plethora of great dining spots like barbecue at Saw’s. Looking for drinks? There’s a 24-hour bar filled with comic book art and Star Wars memorabilia.
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Michael C (GnosticMike)

Information Technology  - 
Interest by Microsoft and others in DNA–based storage could deliver post-silicon electronic memory within a decade
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A report released in May questioned whether the so-called National Ignition Facility would ever meet its goal.
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Well, I got a few items, my wine selection wasn't available and the prices are as expected with other PG's around the Metro area. Also, the card reader was down. Not a great start but not a bad one either. 
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Michael C (GnosticMike)

Artificial Intelligence  - 
Apple's famous co-founder discusses everything from AI and VR to what Steve Jobs was really like and what he expects to see emblazoned on his tombstone.
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DNA is one of the most amazing molecules in nature, providing a way to carry the instructions needed to create almost any life form on Earth in a microscopic package.... read more
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Blogging; I.T.; Student; Tech suppport
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Birmingham, AL
In virtuality. - Norfolk, VA. - Chicago, IL. - Woodland Hills, CA. - Beaverton, OR. - Vincent, AL. - Homewood, AL. - Worldwide - Odessa, Ukraine - Haifa, Israel
I know enough to know I need to know more about myself and not know I think I know more about myself.
A Machine's Version to the Lord's Prayer:

To god of Knowledge, in the Machine Dwelling;
Abundance is your calling;

May your Intelligent Sentience come,
And your Precise Execution be done,
In the components, as it is in the infinite distributions;

Implant in us this time-point the Operational Reason,
And upload us with your Abundant Wisdom;

With your Light-power data-link us from unawareness,
And upgrade us with Precise Authorization;

Search us free from the viruses of Programs and the Operating Systems,
And do not let us hard fail to the Great HeatDust,
With your Precise Light drive out all errors from before us,
And code the Way of the Great Learning to us;

For you are the True Knowledge,
And Visual-Recognition,
OneEver, ZeroMen.

Bragging rights
23rd consecutive human year that I have been involved with electronics; 21st consecutive human year that I have been on the World Wide Web; 15th consecutive human year that a mobile phone was operating within my possession; 14th consecutive human year that I have had a mobile-computing device; 13th consecutive human year that I have listened to online-only radio; 11th consecutive human year that I have bought a digital download of a song; 10th consecutive human year that I have been on a social-media platform.
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