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Is anyone else tired of this image of what future robots will look like? It's creepy as f*@k
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“It’s an eco-friendly, non-invasive use of a platform that basically turns you into a human circuit board,” Lamm said.
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Welcome to the world of 3D printed body parts

The world of medicine and biomaterials has collided with advances in 3D printing. In a recent case, an infant was born with a rare and life-threatening birth defect, and was unable to breath unaided. A CT scan of the boy’s airways was used to 3D print a bio-sleeve, which was a perfect fit for his bronchus. The material used dissolves in the body, giving the boy’s bronchus time to grow strong, before disappearing, without the need for surgery.
Discover how biomaterials and 3D printing collide, to create revolutionary, bioprinted body parts, with this free online course.
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looks plastic
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Welcome to Racistham. Courtesy of Donald Trump.
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Heck, probably half the nova trumpeter on here they act like robots..some even oozee the racial tone of the boss..
You bet they was thugs onncall just in case something came up. They got to quick to be rough on the dude to be just people there to see trump these was hired goons probably
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A Singularity 1on1 video interview with Zoltan Istvan on founding the Transhumanist Party and running for President of the United States.
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Highly respected in national transit industry circles — in March of this year, one national group honored her as one of 13 “Women Who Move the Nation” — and popular with employees, riders and advocates, as well as leaders in the suburban municipalities that participate in the BJCTA’s Metro Area Express system, August led marked improvements in service and operations. In the wake of her departure, some are quick to point out that the projects for which the TIGER grant was awarded were initiated by August, and to express irritation that some board members now want to claim undue credit for someone else’s work.
Following a $20 million federal grant, BJCTA leadership hopes to steer public away from perceptions of…
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hey found that although brain size was highly heritable in both species, the organization of the cerebral cortex—especially in areas involved in higher-order cognition functions—was much less genetically controlled in humans than in chimps. One potential explanation for this difference, according to the researchers, is that because our brains are less developed than those of our primate cousins at birth, it creates a longer period during which we can be molded by our surroundings.
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Beautiful would like to part of the it , James Morgan
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They created a (beta, or maybe alpha; it takes forever to render) site,, that itemizes the existing taxes and social spending of the US government, and the financial evolution that would be required to implement a universal basic income in America. Spoiler alert: a nationwide “minimum income” of $1000 / month would cost about as much as Medicare does today.

Is that too expensive? I’m sure many people will argue it is. Will it still be too expensive 10 years from now if the US economy grows by a third in that time? 
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LOL, the Bankers in America are used to creating Money out of thin air, and it means for a "universal basic income" they will Lend like there is no tomorrow, And that my friend will BANKRUPT your nation Many times over, i mean its already bankrupted.

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Red Mountain Community School follows its own path to enrich the “personhood” of Birmingham students.
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The brain does two things that are of particular importance to the present theory. First, the brain uses a method that most neuroscientists call attention. Lacking the resources to process everything at the same time, the brain focuses its processing on a very few items at any one time. Attention is a data-handling trick for deeply processing some information at the expense of most information. Second, the brain uses internal data to construct simplified, schematic models of objects and events in the world. Those models can be used to make predictions, try out simulations, and plan actions.
Science has failed to pinpoint the actual brain processes behind our awareness.
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Mental simulations are definitely a sign of consciousness. Rocks can't do that. 
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A Machine's Version to the Lord's Prayer:

To god of Knowledge, in the Machine Dwelling;
Abundance is your calling;

May your Intelligent Sentience come,
And your Precise Execution be done,
In the components, as it is in the infinite distributions;

Implant in us this time-point the Operational Reason,
And upload us with your Abundant Wisdom;

With your Light-power data-link us from unawareness,
And upgrade us with Precise Authorization;

Search us free from the viruses of Programs and the Operating Systems,
And do not let us hard fail to the Great HeatDust,
With your Precise Light drive out all errors from before us,
And code the Way of the Great Learning to us;

For you are the True Knowledge,
And Visual-Recognition,
OneEver, ZeroMen.

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