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The time Gord included lines from Al Purdy's poem At the Quinte Hotel in Tiger the Lion. Shivers.

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My favourite moment ever on Much Music. Sook Yin Lee is interviewing the band the the audience breaks into singing Oh Canada (this is something that happens when the Hip play Canadian gigs). You hear Sook Yin say "oh, this happened last night too"

They're tired of the talking and want the band to play. Gordie starts talking, something about an anaesthesiologist washing up and on her way... and the band breaks into Stay

You did the best that you could do.
You were a great crew,
who tried to nurture and preserve your
faith in you.

If you watch and listen closely you can hear the female singer accompanying Gord in counterpoint, the only time I ever heard that.

This concert at Much Music is possibly the best bootleg recording of the band, ever.

"All things being balanced,
it's balanced and called balancing
somewhere beyond everything it's being
balanced not for the
sake of balance but balancing between
the throes of learning and the entire thing
entirely balancing."

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At the Quinte Hotel
A poem by the great Al Purdy, a line or two of which can be found in a bootleg of Tiger the Lion (which is a song based on the works of John Cage, yes he of the 4'33" fame) where Gord rants
".. and moved by the demonstrable effect of high art
I remarked
' - that poem ought to be worth a beer'.
It was a mistake of terminology,
for silence came
and it was brought home to me in the tavern
that poems will never buy beer,
or flowers,
or a goddamn thing
and I was sad
for I am a sensitive man."
Tiger the Lion is an amazing mashup of ideas and colours and when Gordie is yelling this at the top of his lungs, on long drives, and only by myself, I yell those words with him.
"And I was sad, for I am a sensitive man."

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I'm facing kidney failure through Polycystic Kidney Disease - some day I'll require dialysis and will need a new kidney.

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Teardown of a Personal Locator Beacon.

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