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You want to be in the Hangout, please add your name below in the comments section.

This is an Telecoms in Africa update with +Jonathan Hoehler and +Andrew McHENRY.

#mobileinafrica #tmcair
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Well they are now over 19,000, nice going guys
I will be mobile from 12 - 1 going to join from my Galaxy Tab, need to test first though
Cool, will come hang out
I am in a meeting until 12 and will join shortly thereafter
For the Hangouts "uninitiated", what do I need to do?
I will invite only the people in Hangout +David Graham. So everyone who will be in the Hangout will get a link in their stream, which will take you to the Hangout.

Only those people invited can join the actual hangout.

The video will also be embedded into for anyone who wants to watch.
i would also like to check it out pls.
Couldn't figure out. Haven't been on Google+ for, um, a year?
+Hein Koen You should have a link in your stream - will open up hangot and let you in
Any questions tweet out #mobileinafrica hashtag or ask in comments
Guys - thanks for all who participated :)
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